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ahole depth 孔深度 [translate] 
a柳市镇 Liu Shizhen [translate] 
a543 reject by dgproxy13-smtp2(ID:1319006059.23878)(time:Wed Oct 19 14:35:24 2011) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain breach of clause 3 (privacy)of the code of practice. 在条目3 (保密性)突破口编码应用。 [translate] 
a办公用品 事務用品 [translate] 
aClient against the pledge 客户反对承诺 [translate] 
aAdjustment for share-based compensation 调整为基于份额的报偿 [translate] 
a女人心、海底针 Female will of the people, seabed needle [translate] 
a特长技能: Special skill skill: [translate] 
aCrijins Crijins [translate] 
a施工完成验收后 After the construction completes the approval [translate] 
a他承若帮助我们买下那房子,但有点勉强 He receives if helps us to buy that house, but a little reluctantly [translate] 
a他很粗心,总是碰倒我的蜡烛 He is very careless, always bumps but actually my candle [translate] 
a即使天气不好,我们也要做一次旅游 [translate] 
a你可以把司机电话告诉chirs,她下午会找你确认cishi You may tell the driver telephone chirs, she can ask you in the afternoon to confirm [translate] 
a开证明 Has the proof [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!1. Which of the following best characterizes the main feature of the nursing system at Beth Israel Hospital? [translate] 
aLinited Linited [translate] 
a静电除尘 Static electricity dust removal [translate] 
a(pursuant to and duly authorised by its Board of Directors) in the presence of: 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aCan I do rely on you for a lifetime 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThanks for telling me your gender, w s z g r. You are a " he". 感谢告诉我您的性别, w s z g r。 您是“他”。 [translate] 
a因为一些其他的事情我没能参加广交会,感到很遗憾没有见到您。我同事说您和我们老板谈的很好。 Because some other matters I have not been able to attend the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair, felt very regrettable has not seen you.I work together said you and our boss discusses very well. [translate] 
aleft and turn walk minutes about ten 左边和轮步行分钟大约十 [translate] 
a最直观的表现力 Most direct-viewing expressive force [translate] 
a村民们倾尽全力去救他 The villagers lean do one's best rescue him [translate] 
aohh well i guess none of that matters , since were talking now ... unless your busy, but hey if not i can use your company 我猜测的ohh井那都不事关,从现在谈话… 除非您繁忙,但嘿如果不我可能使用您的公司 [translate] 
aleft few traces on modern English 左边少量踪影在现代英语 [translate] 
aS.P S.P [translate] 
a去年这个时候,我们已经考完了期中考试 This time, we already tested the midterm examination last year [translate] 
aI told him that I view him as a younger brother and a good friend #well...in the rare occasions we contact each other and discuss philosophy, Buddhism and human nature - neither of us really know much about either, to be honest but it's pretty fun anyway!# He said he wants to visit Bangkok. So I said next year when the [translate] 
a你的学生:李睿懿 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我不会依赖任何人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a谁你们班每天骑车上学? Who your class does ride a bicycle to go to school every day? [translate] 
a1、选择盗号模式 [translate] 
a无论如何,这个决定必须明天执行,哪怕会招来多数人的反对。 In any event, this decision will have tomorrow to carry out, even if will be able to incur comes the most person's opposition. [translate] 
a走过高山、森林、田野 Passes through the mountain, the forest, the field [translate] 
aHe also discussed some actions needed to be taken by tour operators and pilgrims to solve such problems 他也谈论了必要的一些行动由旅行社和香客采取解决这样问题 [translate] 
askin repairing snallcream 修理snallcream的皮肤 [translate] 
aperform checks 执行检查 [translate] 
a我国非金融部门对外直接投资涉及商务服务业,采矿业,制造业,批发和零售业,交通运输业,房地产,建筑业和电力煤气及水的生产等众多领域 The our country non-finance department foreign direct investment involves the commercial service industry, mining industry, manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail trade, transportation shipping industry, real estate, architecture industry and electric power coal gas and water production and so [translate] 
abob,please bring a math book, pencil,Id care,ruler,dictionary to school. 突然移动,请带来算术书,铅笔, Id关心,统治者,字典教育。 [translate] 
ain the Shaft Cell 在轴细胞 [translate] 
aThe adsorption capacity of particle surface is strengthened, and the ionic exchange and replacement ability are also enhanced. The surface free energy changes the electric charge into free radical, exoelectron emission etc, so that causes the reaction rate to enhance greatly. 微粒表面吸附容量被加强,并且离子交换和替换能力也被提高。 表面自由能变化电荷到自由基, exoelectron放射等里,因此起因很大地提高的反应率。 [translate] 
a他的笔记本在桌子上吗 His notebook on table [translate] 
a一杯橙色的玻璃杯装的用橙色的橙子榨出的橙色的橙汁 A cup of orange drinking glass installs the orange orange juice which extracts with the orange orange [translate] 
a工作认真努力,责任心强并具有较强的协调、沟通能力和良好的团队精神,熟悉汽车汽场行情、团队建设、新闻采访、客户服务等工作。 Works earnestly diligently, the sense of responsibility strong and has the strong coordination, communication ability and the good team spirit, the familiar automobile steam field quotation, the team construct, work and so on news interview, customer service. [translate] 
a老师给学生念课文 Teacher reads the text to the student [translate] 
anature-lover 自然恋人 [translate] 
a珍藏越久的酒越值钱 The collection more long liquor is more valuable [translate] 
aDear friend We are going to have a food festival ,we have great specials English food and Chinese food. [translate] 
alinewidth 行距 [translate] 
a你也应该尽可能多花时间练习说英语 You also should the multi-flowered time practice to speak English as far as possible [translate] 
a我国通货膨胀的成因有多方面,属于混合型通货膨胀,治理难度相当大。 Our country inflation origin has various, belongs to the mixed type inflation, the government difficulty is quite big. [translate] 
ai feel naught when i see your photos 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acooked for a long time 长期烹调 [translate]