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Have you seen the rainbow? When did you see the rainbow? What you see is the color of the rainbow?


Have you ever seen the Rainbow? When did you see the Rainbow? You can see what color is the Rainbow?


Have you ever seen the Rainbow? When did you see the Rainbow? You can see what color is the Rainbow?


Have you ever read Rainbow? When did you see the rainbow? You can see what is the color of the rainbow?


Do you have have looked at the rainbow? When do you are see the rainbow? You saw what color the rainbow is?
aThis acknowledgment must be signed by the main applicant and each 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a已经回上海了,开心的话 我会一直呆在这里,呵呵 Already returned to Shanghai, the happy speech I could stay continuously in here, ha-ha [translate] 
a在工作学习中 In work study [translate] 
aMELAMINICO BIANCO SP.18mm 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我父母的年收入是20万。 My parents' yearly income is 200,000. [translate] 
a德国航空航天中心科研负责人彼得·普罗伊说:“这是一次完美的发射,一切都非常、非常成功。” Germany aerospace center scientific research person in charge Peter · proletariat Iraq said that,“This is a perfect launch, all extremely, extremely successful.” [translate] 
a我要改变自己 Je dois me changer [translate] 
a醉蟹 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a当我问起信的事,他既然什么都不知道,当我问阿丽时,阿丽脸色都变了,他说他不知道,我感到非常的惊讶 When I ask the letter the matter, since he anything did not know, when I asked when Arab League Li, the Arab League Li complexion has all changed, he said he did not know, I feel unusual surprised [translate] 
aReminder: You must login to your account in order to activate it. 提示: 您必须登录到您的帐户为了激活它。 [translate] 
aHappy the most important 愉快最重要 [translate] 
awhen i say to you i liek to relax naked hope you not feel mad, but its just natural way here, habit , when in teh hosue 当我对我喜欢放松赤裸希望您没有这里感觉疯狂的您,但是它的正义自然方式说,习性,当在hosue [translate] 
a礼崩乐坏 The ritual collapses is wild with joy [translate] 
a您好,欢迎来到我们的网站,如果您有任何问题或疑问,可以点击一位客服进行咨询,我们将竭诚为您服务,谢谢您的合作 You are good, welcome to arrive our website, if you have any question or the question, may click on a guest clothing to carry on the consultation, we wholeheartedly will serve for you, thank your cooperation [translate] 
a帮助他人是件非常开心的事 Helps other people is an extremely happy matter [translate] 
a但是读书是很重要的,对于学生来说。读书可以陶冶情操,增加词汇量。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a也许咱们真的是有缘无分吧 Perhaps we really are predestined friends unqualified [translate] 
alate night parties, noise neighbours, vehicles,planes and helicopters and large radios all adds 夜间党、噪声邻居、车、飞机和直升机和大收音机全部增加 [translate] 
a严格要求学生并使课生动 Requests the student strictly and causes the class to be vivid
a省流量   Province current capacity [translate] 
aHiddenPeak HiddenPeak [translate] 
a屏盗碑 The screen robs the tablet [translate] 
aFlexible shaft-motor coupling must be provided, suitable for FVD drive. Gears coupling are not 必须为FVD驱动提供灵活的轴马达联结,适当。 齿轮结合不是 [translate] 
a哦 中国茶可以作为中药治疗很多疾病,常喝但是每次都不要喝过量,可以慢慢的调养身心的,不妨让你朋友试试。 But oh the Chinese tea may take Chinese native medicine treatment very many diseases, Chang He each time all do not have to drink excessively, may the slowly recuperation body and mind, might as well let your friend try. [translate] 
athe well-rounded education in it provides and its high regard for academic excellence 圆满完成的教育在它提供和它的极其尊重学术优秀 [translate] 
a计提 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHow do you do! I am a Chinese Ms Jenny, I hope to be your friend, and through the Yahoo link contact. Please do not refuse! 你好! 我是中国女士Jenny,我希望是您的朋友,和通过雅虎链接联络。 不要拒绝! [translate] 
a中国会发展的 China can develop [translate] 
a医疗设备 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTarget Branding 目标烙记 [translate] 
aBean property 'widgetParamService' is not writable or has an invalid setter method. Does the parameter type of the setter match the return type of the getter? 豆物产‘widgetParamService’不是可写也没有一个无效安装员方法。 安装员的参量类型是否匹配吸瓦斯剂的回归类型? [translate] 
a你认为汽车发动机的发展趋势 You think the motor car engine the trend of development [translate] 
aTruck shuttles and drayage operations, 卡车梭和马车拖运操作, [translate] 
aP thundercliffe Oasis motor services 3a bridgeturn avenue wolverton milton keynes,Buckinghamshire,mk12 5Pl United Kingdom P thundercliffe绿洲马达为3a bridgeturn大道wolverton米尔顿keynes, Buckinghamshire, mk12 5Pl英国服务 [translate] 
aconverted 转换 [translate] 
a你和我交谈要用英语 You and I converse must use English [translate] 
aShe speaks Japanese with a Chinese fluent 她与中国人讲日语流利 [translate] 
aVendor code 供营商代码 [translate] 
a装修垃圾 Repair trash [translate] 
a6.5 The Buyer has the right to appoint their representative(s) or nominate agency at their cost to witness weighing, sampling, and analysis at loading port; 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDo the analysis of counter space productivity; take actions to increase the counter sales 做对逆空间生产力的分析; 增加逆销售的采取行动 [translate] 
adisclosure or was after such disclosure lawfully obtained from a third party without any obligation to keep confidential,or 透露或是在从第三方合法地获得的这样透露以后没有任何义务保持机要或者 [translate] 
a分子生物学实验室 Molecular biology laboratory [translate] 
aThe minute you think of giving up,think of the resson why you held on so long. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDoes factory control the raw material which may impact final product finish in IQC with applicable inspection method, sampling plan and acceptance criteria? 工厂是否控制在IQC也许冲击最终产品结束以可适用的检查方法、抽样检验方法和验收标准的原料? [translate] 
aTravel Document Number: 旅行文件编号: [translate] 
a混凝反应 Coagulation response [translate] 
a亲爱的,你休息去吧 Dear, you rest [translate] 
a阿里巴巴也是骗子 Ali also is anxiously the swindler [translate] 
ain einigen anspruchsvollen Anwendungsgebieten, wie zum Beispiel der Roheisenerzeugung oder der Äthylen- [translate] 
a他紧张的一句话也说不出来 A his tense speech also cannot say [translate] 
aIn unserem umfangreichen Lieferprogramm für Hochleistungsarmaturen sind seit 1992 die Produkte der [translate] 
aGood afternoon! my Husband . I miss you now. 你好! 我的丈夫。 我现在想念您。 [translate] 
a...bei Th. Jansen-Armaturen GmbH [translate] 
a由部门分解计划 Decomposes the plan by the department [translate] 
aUnable to create a new virtual machine: Access to "D:虚拟机Windows XP Home Edition.vmx" failed due to file system permissions issues. Unable to create a new virtual machine: Access to “D: Virtual machine Windows XP Home Edition.vmx” failed due to file system permissions issues. [translate] 
a你有没有看过彩虹?你是什么时候看到彩虹的?你看到的彩虹是什么颜色的? Do you have have looked at the rainbow? When do you are see the rainbow? You saw what color the rainbow is? [translate]