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You recommend that we improve the quality of service


Your suggestions to improve our quality of service


You recommend that we improve the quality of service


Let us improve the quality of your proposals


Your suggestion lets us improve the grade of service
aI learned from ***** that your company is offering a positing for a secretary,and it’s a great pleasure for me to write to explore the possibility of seeking the job. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a  2、革新对比   2nd, innovation contrast [translate] 
a倩倩..你知道我很爱你...但是我不能体现那么早 你要理解我好吗? Beautiful. You knew I love you very much…But I cannot manifest you to have to understand me well that early? [translate] 
a我甚至不和他说话,更不用说和他讨论事情了 I do not even speak with him, say nothing of and he discussed the matter [translate] 
aGinger tea 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acracks in the web of the main steel beams have been discovered. 镇压在主要钢粱的网被发现了。 [translate] 
a真诚待人 Treats people sincerely [translate] 
a你最近有来中国吗? You had China recently? [translate] 
acounseling of this kind aims to help students work out their personal problems if there are any ,such as problems in their family life or in their relationships with others 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a(γ > 1.3), the decrease of σB is caused by breaking down of [translate] 
anatsu ando natsu Iの歩行 [translate] 
a只有少数学生知道如何保护自己 Only then the minority student knew how protects oneself [translate] 
aCONDENSING UNIT SUPPLY 1 凝聚的单位供应1 [translate] 
a或许这是我们最美好的结局 Perhaps this is we happiest result [translate] 
aThere is too much furniture in the house where Marc has been staying. 有许多套家具在房子里,果渣停留。 [translate] 
a说题 Said the topic [translate] 
atermostato [translate] 
aisotropy 各向同性现象 [translate] 
awhat i want to learn 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a周末;他有时和弟弟打篮球 Weekend; Sometimes he plays the basketball with the younger brother [translate] 
a另一些同学认为网络语言缺乏思想性,过多使用它会使人不解甚至不解 Another some schoolmates thought the network language lacks the ideological nature, excessively uses it to be able to cause the human relentlessly even relentless [translate] 
a电池插槽位于底部,由 7号AAA碱性电池供电,底座质量重,重心低,因而麦克风整体稳固,鹅管可随意转动底座不侧翻和仰翻,底部四角设有四个软胶垫,防止滑动。 The battery slot is located the base, by 7 AAA alkaline battery power supply, the foundation quality is heavy, the center of gravity is low, thus the microphone whole is stable, the goose tube may rotate the foundation not to lean at will turns with turns supinely, the base four jiao are equipped wi [translate] 
aThe traditional physical distribution idea is take the factory product as the starting point, the enterprise always tries hard to seek the expense least ways, delivers the product in the customer hand.This idea is take the existing product as the central supply idea, already fell behind the time development. The modern 传统实体分配想法是作为工厂产品作为出发点,企业艰苦总设法寻找费用最少方式,交付产品在顾客手。这个想法是作为现有的产品作为中央供应想法,在时间发展之后已经下跌。 现代市场营销理论强调和主动的贷物流通管理“市场后方服务想法”。 因为起点考虑问题,市场服务想法不是作为企业现有的产品作为出发点,而是作为市场需求。 第一在市场消费者的每必须考虑需要,然后按这需要再安排工厂一系列的工作,企业的相关的实体分配活动全部到需要为满足顾客需要与提高市场营销成就服务。简而言之,是贯彻市场方向在贷物流通管理,这是市场服务想法精华。 [translate] 
a没有人回答你 Nobody replies you [translate] 
aSiIeot MOde SiIeot方式 [translate] 
a我有两个哥哥 I have two elder brothers [translate] 
a形成会员的销售模式 Forms member's sales pattern [translate] 
aYamamoto is arriving function-this might be our only chance. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你觉得用英文很了不起吗? You thought is very great with English? [translate] 
a360 browser 360浏览器 [translate] 
a我的英文怎么样 My English how [translate] 
aHow do you do! I am a Chinese Ms Jenny. I hope to be your friend and get your contact information, please do not refuse! 你好! 我是中国女士Jenny。 我希望是您的朋友,并且获得您的联络信息,不要拒绝! [translate] 
a广州市洛伊都实业投资有限公司 The Guangzhou Louie all industry invests the limited company [translate] 
a我可以独立领导团队做项目,有很好的领导力,我希望5年内有出国进修的机会,开拓自己的视野,在工作这块业绩能进前10% I may lead the team to make the project independently, has the very good leadership strength, I hoped in 5 years have the study abroad further education opportunity, develop own field of vision, are working this achievement to be able to enter 10% [translate] 
a电话号码是不可用的。 The telephone number is not available. [translate] 
ainterslice data interslice数据 [translate] 
a让我们一起去打扁他 Let us hit together is flat he [translate] 
a5个产品已经生产完工 5 products already produced finish [translate] 
a我们公司也将参加11月29日的北京展会。 Our company will also participate in November 29 Beijing to unfold the meeting. [translate] 
a老虎米黄 The tiger is cream-colored [translate] 
aThe more ambitious a legal system is in the development of such contractual collateral obligations for the protection of interests already existing independent from the direct performance expectations formed by the contract, the more practical weight is given to the respective concurrence of actions rules, which give d 越雄心勃勃的法制系统是在发展的这样契约抵押义务为兴趣已经存在的保护独立免受合同形成的直接表现期望,重量越实际被测量行动规则各自同时发生,提供合同责任关系细节以平行的弯曲的责任。 [translate] 
a水性涂料 Water paint [translate] 
a百合我最爱 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a三千个祝福 3000 blessing [translate] 
a因为家境贫寒,狄更斯从小就饱尝了生活的艰辛 因为家境贫寒,狄更斯从小就饱尝了生活的艰辛 [translate] 
aMOISTURE-RICH body lotion MOISTURE-RICH身体化妆水 [translate] 
aHeavenly king 天堂般的国王 [translate] 
a注意不要将机器的前后放反,确认OK后将机器放在规划区内排列整齐 The attention do not have to put machine around instead, after confirmed OK places the machine in the plan area to arrange neatly [translate] 
a城西医院集团的统一之路 West end hospital group's path of unification [translate] 
aruck shuttles and drayage operations, ruck梭和马车拖运操作, [translate] 
a有很多的科目,我最喜欢的是跳舞,它能给我带来乐趣。你快来到这里吧,我们一起欢乐。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a钱比友情重要 The money is more important than the friendship [translate] 
a公司成立于1998年10月 The company had been established October, 1998 [translate] 
a今生相爱 This life falls in love [translate] 
aWas publicly 公开地是 [translate] 
aAttractiveness of the prize of RMB 5000 (or equivalent value gifts) every day: The level of the grand daily prize of RMB 5000 achieved an 86.2% attractiveness rating, which was almost level across all income groups. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a您的建议让我们提高服务质量 Your suggestion lets us improve the grade of service [translate]