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I am crack a joke say
a国内海上开发规模最大的油田 Domestic marine development scale biggest oil field [translate] 
a要是不告诉你呢? If does not tell you? [translate] 
aIsn't it? I do not feel! 不它? 我不感觉! [translate] 
aselect a Gabor filter of appropriate size,orientation,frequency and phase for each pixel 为每个映像点选择适当的大小、取向、频率和阶段Gabor过滤器 [translate] 
aSay Goodbye 言再见 [translate] 
asanto domingo 圣多明各 [translate] 
a第一章介绍多光子电离与解离的研究背景 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMarx was born in Germany and German was his native language So did Engles 马克思出生在德国,并且德语是他的母语 如此做了Engles [translate] 
a动起来 Moves [translate] 
a首先,我们看到的是我们的图书馆 First, we saw is our library [translate] 
aComes out, I can contact with you 出来,我可以与您接触 [translate] 
a小食品 Pot food [translate] 
a松动现象 Loose phenomenon [translate] 
a党委副书记 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a平移门 Translation gate [translate] 
alocal remote selection switch 地方遥远的选择开关 [translate] 
a老实说,尽管阴雨绵绵,所有参加艺术节的同学无不为周到的安排、精彩的表演所深深打动。 To be honest, although the rain is continuous, all attends the art festival schoolmate the for thoroughest arrangement, the splendid performance deep moves deeply.
a愈来愈严重 Increasingly serious [translate] 
a放入外箱 Outside puts in the box [translate] 
aBut I also used to be the most impolite because I never thought about my manners 因为我未曾考虑我的方式,但我也曾经是最无礼的 [translate] 
ahappens 发生 [translate] 
aDaguerreo Daguerreo [translate] 
aI am reading now 我现在读 [translate] 
aI operate individual clinics 我操作各自的诊所 [translate] 
akeep refrigerated 被冷藏的保留 [translate] 
aI hate you Sun Tao and hate you for the rest of your life, and hate. 我太阳恨您陶并且恨您为你的后半生,并且恨。 [translate] 
a美国人一天睡几个小时? How many hours does the American one day rest? [translate] 
aSpend time writing a convincing cover letter and share it with your coauthors for their input. 花费写一个令人相信的说明附件的时间并且与您的共同执笔者分享它为他们的输入。 [translate] 
a有效值 Effective value [translate] 
a回油装置 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ato reduced health symptoms 到减少的健康症状 [translate] 
aresistance unbalance 抵抗失配 [translate] 
aThe commodity house the purchaser purchased is presale commodity house. 商品房子采购员被购买是予售商品房子。 [translate] 
aPlease access the video with below link on our Share Folder. We add Remco’s speech with txt play. Any question please free to let me know 请访问录影以下面链接在我们的份额文件夹。 我们增加Remco的讲话与txt戏剧。 任何问题请释放告诉我 [translate] 
a重点突破 主進歩 [translate] 
a三千个祝福 3000 blessing [translate] 
amainly serves to accommodate additional traffic and functions 主要服务容纳另外的交通和作用 [translate] 
aThe more ambitious a legal system is in the development of such contractual collateral obligations for the protection of interests already existing independent from the direct performance expectations formed by the contract, the more practical weight is given to the respective concurrence of actions rules, which give d 越雄心勃勃的法制系统是在发展的这样契约抵押义务为兴趣已经存在的保护独立免受合同形成的直接表现期望,重量越实际被测量行动规则各自同时发生,提供合同责任关系细节以平行的弯曲的责任。 [translate] 
aThe definition of Finish is: Visual perception of product surface appearance, including all factors which will impact observer’s perspective. Usually color is the most distinct factor, Gloss, Surface Pattern, etc. may also be considered while it is a major attribute for the product specification or required by custome 结束的定义是: 产品表面出现的视觉,包括将冲击观察员的透视的所有因素。 通常颜色是最分明的因素、光泽、表面样式等等。 当它是一个主要属性为制品技术规范或需要由顾客时,可以也被考虑。 [translate] 
a适用年龄:1岁以上宝宝 包胶幼儿汤叉匙组-5106 [translate] 
a公文写作,礼仪,会务知识,与人沟通 Archives writing, the etiquette, the conference affair knowledge, communicates with the human [translate] 
a让我们一起去打扁他 Let us hit together is flat he [translate] 
a电话号码是不可用的。 The telephone number is not available. [translate] 
a课程实习 Curriculum practice [translate] 
aplantworms plantworms [translate] 
aperseveing perseveing [translate] 
aleft column inner 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aselamlar 问候 [translate] 
aA further effect of leaving all supply functions to market forces alone is that responsibility for meeting needs which have no obvious commercial value to individual trading entities may not be accepted by anyone. 留下所有供应职能的一个进一步作用给市场力量单独是对没有明显的市场价值对各自的贸易的个体的会议需要的责任不可以由任何人承担。 [translate] 
apurchasing incoming goods storage 购买接踵而来的物品存贮 [translate] 
ajinshi shall use the same degree of care as used in its own comparable affairs to keep confidential all information received hereunder . jinshi将使用同一个照管程度象用于它自己可比较的事理保留机要在此之下获得的所有信息。 [translate] 
aI fundus of sadness, except for you who can see I悲伤fundus,除了能看的您 [translate] 
a周末你可以和我们一起玩,没有关系的,我给你介绍朋友 Weekend you may play together with us, do not have the relations, I give you to introduce the friend [translate] 
a小孩的个性和梦想会被扼杀 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们都知道2012年奥林匹克运动会在伦敦举行 We all knew in 2012 Olympics games is held in London [translate] 
acomparable affairs to keep confidential all information received hereunder . 保留机要所有信息的可比较的事理在此之下获得。 [translate] 
a我是开玩笑说的 I am crack a joke say [translate]