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aa dorp of 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a引起含量升高 Causes the content ascension [translate] 
a双手支撑着身体 Both hands are supporting the body [translate] 
amany thanks and kind regards 非常感谢和亲切的问候 [translate] 
a成本部经理 Cost department manager [translate] 
aFinding an excellent staff is your wish 找到一个优秀职员是您的愿望 [translate] 
a传统的物理介质钥匙被指纹识别技术替代,实现隔离钥匙的数据化与电子化 The traditional physical medium key by the fingerprint recognition technology substitution, the realization is isolated the key the digitization and the computerization [translate] 
a我十分喜欢我的学校。习习的凉风,柔软的草坪,凉爽的树荫。多么惬意啊。数学的各种数字,语文的生字,英语的ABC,科学的探究,实践的动手操作。。。。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a第一步,抬头。 First step, gains ground. [translate] 
a校门不是很大,但是你一进去就可以有比较大的视野 The school gate is not very big, as soon as but you go in may have the quite big field of vision [translate] 
a17万人失踪,37万人受伤。 170,000 people missing, 370,000 injured. [translate] 
athis apple id has already been taken 这个苹果id已经被采取了 [translate] 
aA. explain the cultural differences [translate] 
a因为我朋友不想我去 Because my friend did not think I go [translate] 
arooms 房间 [translate] 
asemissionen Geruchsemissionen [translate] 
aFOR REPEAT BACK UNIT 为重覆单位 [translate] 
a健康教育工作者和健康教育对象 Health education worker and health education object [translate] 
aKkottongnae Hyundo University of Social welfare 社会保障Kkottongnae Hyundo大学 [translate] 
ai am here as aways 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a那还是我吗 That is I [translate] 
a没有完成 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a车正在那边等着,咱们现在就去宾馆吧,我来帮你拿行李好吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
averifing 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不能收受贿赂 Cannot receive the bribe [translate] 
a2008北京奥运会的主题歌是我和你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a双人床 Double bed
a国土 National territory [translate] 
aHong Kong is a city that's full of surprise.40%of the land are beaches,woodlands and mountains.HongK 香港是充分的surprise.40%of土地是海滩,森林地和mountains.HongK的城市 [translate] 
aThanks your inquiry, we have not shipping Brazil 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aalpha_rejection greater 128 alpha_rejection更加伟大128 [translate] 
aCancel the material document in the component that created the document. [translate] 
a来到大学以后,我的 观点发生了改变 Arrives after the university, my viewpoint has had the change [translate] 
a第二章是调查部分,分别对曼德勒华校教师队伍的基本状况、素质情况、教学情况和生存状态等方面进行调查,并做了数据的统计 Second chapter investigates the part, separately to Mandler Hua Xiao teacher aspects and so on troop's basic condition, quality situation, teaching situation and survival condition carries on the investigation, and has made the data statistics [translate] 
a无锡世界贸易中心有限公司 Wuxi world trade center limited company [translate] 
aWe intend to be the have the spin-off company to work together with investors to establish a pilot line of 25MW first. Then progress to 500MW in five years 我们打算是有附带公司与投资者一起工作首先建立25MW一条试验线。 然后进展对500MW在五年 [translate] 
a如今,在大脑研究方面所取得的进展,使我们知道和孩子在一起阅读对他的智力、情感和身体都有益处,可以促进他的成长。与孩子亲昵地分享图书和故事会增加父母与孩子之间的感情,帮助孩子学习词汇和概念,并能激发孩子大脑的发育。 Now, the progress which obtains in the cerebrum research aspect, causes us to know is reading together with the child to his intelligence, the emotion and the body all has the profit, may promote his growth.Shares the books and the story-telling session affectionate with the child increases between [translate] 
a寄售物资BU集中采购,签订框架合同。 Selling on consignment commodity BU centralism purchase, sign frame contract. [translate] 
aA number of the studies had important limitations 一定数量的研究有重要限制 [translate] 
aA further effect of leaving all supply functions to market forces alone is that responsibility for meeting needs which have no obvious commercial value to individual trading entities may not be accepted by anyone. 留下所有供应职能的一个进一步作用给市场力量单独是对没有明显的市场价值对各自的贸易的个体的会议需要的责任不可以由任何人承担。 [translate] 
a你说改就改啊?凭什么? 変更の変更を言ったか。 なぜか。 [translate] 
aIndoor green decorative design 室内绿色装饰设计 [translate] 
aTrading entities are therefore subject to restrictions imposed by law and custom, as well as by contractual terms agreed between them. 因此贸易的个体是受法律和风俗强加的制约支配,以及由合同期限同意在他们之间。 [translate] 
a嘻嘻。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a说服...做某事 Convincing…Makes something [translate] 
a机械特性参数 Physical characteristics parameter [translate] 
a看什么时候 When looks [translate] 
aThere may be disagreement about the extent of desirable restraints on trading entities and the resulting debates may lead to changes which often reflect the political complexion of the environment in which trading takes place. 在贸易的个体也许有分歧关于中意的克制的程度,并且发生的辩论也许导致经常反射环境政治脸色贸易发生的变动。 [translate] 
aThe increase in range and efficiency of Fo¨ rster resonant energy transfer in these fluorescent nanocomposites and their vastly improved luminosity make them promising optical probes for a variety of applications such as cell imaging and biosensing 在范围的Fo¨ rster共振能量转移增量和效率在这些萤光nanocomposites和他们浩大地被改进的光度做他们有为的光学探针为各种各样的应用例如细胞想象和biosensing [translate] 
aThe definition of Finish is: Visual perception of product surface appearance, including all factors which will impact observer’s perspective. Usually color is the most distinct factor, Gloss, Surface Pattern, etc. may also be considered while it is a major attribute for the product specification or required by custome 结束的定义是: 产品表面出现的视觉,包括将冲击观察员的透视的所有因素。 通常颜色是最分明的因素、光泽、表面样式等等。 当它是一个主要属性为制品技术规范或需要由顾客时,可以也被考虑。 [translate] 
aHave a good day! 有一个早晨好! [translate] 
a楚含 Chu Han [translate] 
a在实践中锻炼 In reality exercises [translate] 
ayet has a stress tolerance and flexibility far beyond that of other plastic frame materials 和有重音容忍和灵活性在那其他塑料框架材料之外 [translate] 
a我爱杨柳 I love the willow [translate] 
aAlso I propose the method of commercial representation through Tunisia organisation and commercial minister for our protection and facility of our transactions. 并且我通过突尼斯组织提出商业表示法和商业部长我们的交易的方法为我们的保护和设施。 [translate] 
ahold harmless 使无害 [translate]