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Convincing ... To do sth




Convincing…Makes something
aUnit 3 This my friend 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
alt usually takes 20 minutes to finish his homework after school lt通常需要20分钟在学校以后完成他的家庭作业 [translate] 
amany people would take the day off to go shopping 许多人会需要休息日去购物 [translate] 
a供应商的对账 Supplier to account [translate] 
ahimself obtain all necessary information as to risks, contingencies and other 他自己得到所有必要的信息至于风险,意外情况和其他 [translate] 
a希望你可以好好学习 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a孕妇仍可坚持上班,但要避免重活和长时间站或坐,因为增大的子宫压迫静脉回流,会造成下肢静脉曲张和痔疮。 The pregnant woman still might persist to go to work, but had to avoid the heavy labor and the long time stands or the seat, because increased the womb oppression vein backflow, could create the lower limb varicosity and hemorrhoids. [translate] 
aout of the way 偏僻 [translate] 
aWell, he shouldn't be long. He said he was just going to [translate] 
a“欧洲文化”是用英语讲授的三个学分的课程 “The European culture” is three school grades curricula which teaches with English [translate] 
a1、本工程基础设计依据:中国建筑技术集团有限公司于2010年10月提供的“赤道几内亚马拉博财政部国库办公楼《岩土工程勘察报告》(详勘,报告编号:ZJ12-CJKC-20101023;补充详勘,报告编号:ZJ12-CJKC-20101127)” 本工程±0.00相当于绝对标高详建施。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a推出的电视情景喜剧,迄今为止已经播出十个拍摄季。该剧目前是欧美最受欢迎的情景喜剧,收视率常居榜首,播出以来一直为NBC电视网的招牌戏之一,多次获得艾美奖的提名并数次获奖。 Promotes the television scene comedy, already broadcast until now ten photography seasons.This play at present is the scene comedy which Europe's and America's most receives welcome, the reception of TV usually occupies the first place, since broadcast always has been one of NBC television network's [translate] 
aSo was I 如此是I [translate] 
aPhone: 电话: [translate] 
aYour sessinon has timed out. 您的sessinon计时了。 [translate] 
a我没想到汤姆会被选为学生会主席 I had not thought Tom can elect for student association president [translate] 
a工作有些忙 The work is somewhat busy [translate] 
a提防和惩治诈骗分子,除需要依靠社会的力量和法治以外,更主要的还是大学生自身的谨慎防范和努力,认清诈骗分子的惯用伎俩,以防止上当受骗。 [translate] 
a工程造价就是将设计在图纸上建筑,通过算量、套价,得出建设这样一栋建筑需要花费的资金,以便于成本核算。它需要我们细心且有耐心,才能做到准确无误。 The project construction cost is designs constructs on the blueprint, through calculated the quantity, the wrap price, obtain construct the fund which this kind of building needs to spend, is advantageous for the cost accounting.It needs us careful also has the patience, can achieve accurately unmis [translate] 
a沉浸在爱里 Immersion in love [translate] 
aZeus 我想要做您震动高兴地! [translate] 
a他的教学水平低 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe children are playing in the field. 孩子充当领域。 [translate] 
aThat divisional headquarters does not involve itself in transfer activities hosted by older subsidiaries can be explained by the 划分总部在更旧的辅助者主持的传送活动不介入自己可以解释用 [translate] 
awe can go ahead with clearance 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我宁愿买些书,也不愿意买零食 I rather buy a book, also is not willing to buy the between-meal snack [translate] 
aFusing temperature control 熔化的温度控制 [translate] 
a优质针织罗纹棉+羊羔毛 High quality knitting Luo Wenmian + lamb wool [translate] 
ars=osy cheeks rs=osy面颊 [translate] 
a生活有了色彩 The life had the color [translate] 
alove you so much 爱您非常多 [translate] 
a石墨挡坎 The graphite keeps off the ridge [translate] 
a根据主机需要配置好的液压泵站要平稳、牢固、 The hydraulic pressure pumping station needs to dispose which according to the main engine must steady, reliable, [translate] 
aWhere have you been while traveling in China? 您在哪里,当旅行在中国时? [translate] 
aself-lumination 自已lumination [translate] 
a订座信息 L'information de réservations [translate] 
aThis study describes the preparation and characterization of novel multilayer core-shell nanoparticles displaying metal-enhanced Fo¨ rster 这项研究描述显示金属改进的Fo¨ rster的新颖的多层核心壳nanoparticles的准备和描述特性 [translate] 
aIs it crazy? Is it dummy? 它是否是疯狂的? 它是否是假的? [translate] 
a我佩服你 I admire you [translate] 
aSuch a big resrviore 这样一大resrviore [translate] 
asuccess belong to the per seveing 成功属于每seveing [translate] 
a嘻嘻。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你说改就改啊?凭什么? 変更の変更を言ったか。 なぜか。 [translate] 
aThere may be disagreement about the extent of desirable restraints on trading entities and the resulting debates may lead to changes which often reflect the political complexion of the environment in which trading takes place. 在贸易的个体也许有分歧关于中意的克制的程度,并且发生的辩论也许导致经常反射环境政治脸色贸易发生的变动。 [translate] 
a2007-1——2009-1越南凤凰画材有限公司 综合部经理 [translate] 
ahold harmless 使无害 [translate] 
aTrading entities are therefore subject to restrictions imposed by law and custom, as well as by contractual terms agreed between them. 因此贸易的个体是受法律和风俗强加的制约支配,以及由合同期限同意在他们之间。 [translate] 
aThe increase in range and efficiency of Fo¨ rster resonant energy transfer in these fluorescent nanocomposites and their vastly improved luminosity make them promising optical probes for a variety of applications such as cell imaging and biosensing 在范围的Fo¨ rster共振能量转移增量和效率在这些萤光nanocomposites和他们浩大地被改进的光度做他们有为的光学探针为各种各样的应用例如细胞想象和biosensing [translate] 
a产生干涉条纹 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a看什么时候 When looks [translate] 
aViruses are obligate parasites of Eukarya, Archaea and Bacteria.Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus (APMV) is the largest known virus; it grows only in amoeba and is visible under the optical microscope.Mimivirus possesses a 1,185-kilobase double-stranded linear chromosome whose coding capacity is greater than that of num 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aUsually, the fruiting body of G. frondosa is dried to extend 通常, G.子实体。 烘干frondosa延伸 [translate] 
a第二,多写日记,多练字 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a学习笔记 Study note [translate] 
a你隻需要讓DHL安排出貨即可 You only need to let DHL arrange to produce goods then [translate] 
a我们的爱一直到永远永远 Our love arrives continuously forever forever [translate] 
a说服...做某事 Convincing…Makes something [translate]