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In 1951, the People's Republic of China Ministry of education and the all-China Federation of jointly agreed, teacher's day and the "labor day" labour day merged together as teacher's day in China. For various reasons, teacher's day does not actually implemented.




aDuring the time when she was___away to avoid being caught by the Nazis,Anne Frank made her___her best ___,___she expressed her desire for___and normal___. 在时候,当她was___away避免由Nazis, Anne坦率的做的her___her捉住最佳的___, ___she表达了她的欲望for___and normal___。 [translate] 
away force be with you 方式力量是与您 [translate] 
astaffing team 翻译 staffing team translation [translate] 
ageneral qualification 一般资格 [translate] 
aStudents check their writing in the model test paper. First individu-ally, the, check in pairs. 学生在式样试纸检查他们的文字。 第一individu- [translate] 
aDEBIT INVOICE 借方发货票 [translate] 
a3. Verify the explain about the Vector Displacement Map, hold the cursor over the options and observe the tooltips 3. 核实解释关于传染媒介位移地图,拿着游标在选择并且观察tooltips [translate] 
a众所周知,校园情侣在大学校园里不是什么陌生或是稀奇的人群,他们是随处可见的。大学生都处于20出头的年龄,出于正常心理或生理的需要,寻找情侣是可以理解的。在大学校园这种轻松甚至无聊的氛围里,我们谈一场恋爱可以充实生活,也可以体会人生及陶冶情操。 It is well known, the campus lover in the university campus is not strange perhaps the strange crowd, they are find at everywhere.The university students all are in 20 over ages, stemming from normal psychological or the physiological need, seeks the lover is may understand.In university campus this [translate] 
a5月31日——米莉维娜·迪恩,“泰坦尼克”号最后一名幸存者(97岁) On May 31 - - Mi Liwei elegant · Dene, “Titanic” last survivor (97 years old) [translate] 
a你还记得我吗?? You also remember me?? [translate] 
a亲爱的,我现在在接电话当中..... Dear, I in answer in the middle of now the telephone ..... [translate] 
a新的建筑,新的铁轨 New construction, new railway rail [translate] 
a你来广州多久了? How long did you come Guangzhou? [translate] 
asupervisor password is 监督员密码是 [translate] 
asell these pictures for a lot mo money 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a通过降低法定准备金比率,进而降低存款性资金成本,让存款性机构更容易地进入资本市场,降低法定存款准备率可以让商业银行更加自主地发放贷款。 Through reduces the legal reserve fund ratio, then reduces the deposit fund cost, lets the deposit organization enter the capital market easily, reduces the legal deposit preparation rate to be possible to let the commercial bank provide the loan even more independently. [translate] 
aCan you help me think things through 可您帮助我反覆考虑事 [translate] 
aIt is definitely necessary to 它确定地是必要的 [translate] 
ametabolism in root nodules, and fat conversions in seeds. The enzymes Basic Structure, Basic Functions 新陈代谢在根瘤和肥胖转换在种子。 酵素基本的结构,基本的作用 [translate] 
a如果你不介意,我想和你永远在一起,永远永远 If you did not mind, I want with you forever in the same place, forever forever [translate] 
ajohn是我爸爸的哥哥 john is my daddy's elder brother [translate] 
aLet us live the lives of souls surrended to God. 让我们居住向上帝投降的灵魂生活。 [translate] 
a发一张你的照片 发一张你的照片 [translate] 
a期待中 In anticipation [translate] 
a城市居民生活垃圾;垃圾分类;分类收集;可行性;必要性 The city peoples live trash; Trash classification; Classified collection; Feasibility; Necessity [translate] 
a我们感到很有趣 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAll the things you hide from me ,all the shit that you do。 您从我掩藏的所有事,您的所有粪。 [translate] 
a预煮 Boils in advance [translate] 
aQuality evaluation of Radix Astragali through a simultaneous determination of six major active isoflavonoids and four main saponins by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with diode array and evaporative light scattering detectors. 根值Astragali的质量评价通过六主要活跃isoflavonoids和四主要皂草苷的同时决心由高性能液相色谱加上二极管列阵和蒸发光散射探测器。 [translate] 
aQuarterly Bonus 季度奖金 [translate] 
aSo hence my caution.Learning is that its learning but I never seem to learn ha ha .So lets hope we can move forward to new pastures .My son His girl friends father died this week end so not a good time for them at this time . [translate] 
aand shall not open or disassemble samples received hereunder 并且不会打开也不会拆卸在此之下被接受的样品 [translate] 
a普通产房 Ordinary delivery room [translate] 
aGlaub& an mich& Glaub&在mich& [translate] 
a那我拆了,明天给你 Then I have opened, will give you tomorrow [translate] 
awith pla 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI will carefully handle the emotional problems 我将仔细地处理感情问题 [translate] 
aset into garment 设置入服装 [translate] 
aMAX.wiper current in case of malfunction MAX.wiper潮流在故障的情况下 [translate] 
a合肥市西南城区中心区城市设计 Southwest Hefei city central area city layout [translate] 
a我忙了 I was busy [translate] 
a負責做好生產設備.擬定本部門目標 Completes the production equipment responsibly. Draws up this department goal
a怡乐路8巷6号207房 Joyful music road 8 lane 6 207 [translate] 
a57 CUTTABLE WIDTH 57个CUTTABLE宽度 [translate] 
aOne Hit Kills 一被击中的杀害 [translate] 
a美国人:为什么要救我,我开始是那么地歧视你们, American: Why has to rescue me, I starts that discriminates against you, [translate] 
aGoing home 回家 [translate] 
a附件是我们给您的订单,请查收。有问题欢迎联系我们 The appendix is we gives your order form, please search and collect.Has question welcome to contact with us [translate] 
a武汉倍斯康生物科技有限公司 Wuhan time of Si Kang biotechnology limited company [translate] 
a平衡构型 Balanced configuration [translate] 
aQQ QQ [translate] 
a把膨润土和tio2复合 Bentonite and tio2 compound [translate] 
aPull through the space when possible in parking lots 通过空间拉扯,当可能在停车场时 [translate] 
aDesign and Preparation of Business Plan 经营计划的设计和准备 [translate] 
a破产清算 Bankrupt settlement [translate] 
ain yellow 以黄色 [translate] 
a1951年,中华人民共和国教育部和中华全国总工会共同商定,将教师节与“五一”国际劳动节合并一起作为我国教师节。由于种种原因,教师节实际上并未实行。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]