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To next year to celebrate their birthday


To next year to celebrate their birthday


To next year to celebrate their birthday


We should be celebrating his birthday next year


Will want the next year to be able to celebrate a birthday
a哈尔滨领航健身”作为民族新秀 Harbin navigates the fitness” to take the nationality is beautiful [translate] 
anucleosome positions31 compared with 32 ^ 1% expected by chance, nucleosome positions31比较32 ^偶然期望的1%, [translate] 
aI have to help my parents ______ yhe housrwork 我必须帮助我的父母______ yhe housrwork [translate] 
aThe genetic superiority of these replacement gilts is predicted to be around .25 pigs per litter. 这些替换镀金面基因优势被预言是大约每件废弃物.25猪。 [translate] 
aWe are all good children 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a自贡市俊鸿鞋业有限公司 Zigong Handsome Great wild goose Shoe industry Limited company [translate] 
a而伟大的艺术家偷别人的作品,他会分析作品从构思开始到完结的每一个步骤,自我取舍,形成自己的一套方式方法,这不可耻,因为大家都是站在巨人的肩膀上走过来的。而在创作过程中又创造了自己的一套体系,我们称之为伟大。 But the great artist steals others work, he can analyze the work to start from the idea to termination each step, the self-choices, form own set of ways and means, this is not ignominious, because everybody is stands on giant's shoulder walks.But has created own set of systems in the creation proces [translate] 
aSyncabies Syncabies [translate] 
a周末他们通常干啥 What weekend do they usually do [translate] 
a水质稳定化处理 Water quality stabilizing processing [translate] 
a不愿直截了当地说,而是闪烁其辞, 拐弯抹角, 迂回曲折, 用与本意相关或相类的话语来代替。 Is not willing to say straightforwardly, but is equivocal, beats around the bush, tortuous, with replaces with the original intention correlation or the resembling words. [translate] 
aSteel pipe and seal plate, cone head form rods, the ends of full-penetration butt weld seam, open pipe ends shall be 30 ° bevel, and should be selected according to the design requirements of the appropriate welding electrodes, welding in order to seam root penetration, assembly fixed joints and the first skin weld ele La placa de acero de la pipa y del sello, barras principales de la forma del cono, los extremos de la costura de la autógena de extremo de la lleno-penetración, los extremos de pipa abiertos será el ° 30 biselado, y se debe seleccionar según los requisitos del diseño de los electrodos de soldadura a [translate] 
a第一,开拓负债业务资金来源。汇丰银行分别针对个人储蓄存款、企业存款采用了不同的营销策略。对于个人储蓄存款,汇丰针对储户的需求开发了新的银行产品,使得存款种类多样化,给顾客以有更多的选择,比如汇丰银行推出的利率指数挂钩保本投资理财产品正是满足了顾客高收益的需要,在保值的同时实现财富的增殖。另外,在顾客办理业务的过程中,要为顾客提供高效优质的服务,对高端客户,汇丰银行的卓越理财中心,对广大的客户,设立了客户服务中心,这使得顾客能够高度满意。而对于企业存款,它们的存款动机不同于个人储蓄存款客户的动机,汇丰银行与他们建立了全面的财务策划业务关系,为企业量身定做金融产品,这会稳定和扩展企业的存款。同时,汇丰银行利用自身的资金优势来让企业以存定 [translate] 
aThere are no specific requirements in the rules for this archive.However,inPt.4 Ch.9 requirements for SW version control makes it mandatory to have an archive system 没有具体要求在规则的这个档案。然而, SW版本管理的inPt.4 Ch.9要求使它必须有档案系统 [translate] 
a乌龟看见鹰在空中飞翔,便请求鹰教他飞行。鹰劝告他,说他不能飞行。可乌龟再三恳 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aFirst line mgr 最重要的mgr [translate] 
a我很高兴能成为一名志愿者 I very happy can become a volunteer [translate] 
a地税 Land tax [translate] 
aKraft series, we therefore excluded the observations 因此卡拉服特系列,我们排除了观察 [translate] 
a人们往往凭第一印象去判断一个人,虽然有时第一印象并不可靠 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a上周妈妈带我去公园le Last week mother led me to go to park le [translate] 
a身处困境 Places the difficult position [translate] 
aa dog walk 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我打算带你爸爸和他朋友去(海心沙)玩 I planned leads your daddy and his friend goes to (sea heart sand) to play [translate] 
a脆弱的 Frail [translate] 
aYet according to the recent Global Poverty Report, the proportion of the world population living in poverty has declined from 29% in 1988 to 26% in 1998 根据最近全球性贫穷报告,在1998年居住在贫穷的世界人口的比例从29%下降了1988年到26% [translate] 
a跳整天的舞玩耍整片屏幕 [translate] 
again growth inhabit 获取成长居住 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的Raffermissant Please input Raffermissant which you need to translate [translate] 
aI have no video ok 我没有录影ok [translate] 
a下周早上老师要我去买一套学习资料 Next week early morning teacher wants me to buy a set of study material [translate] 
aWhen VCC goes back up again, an internal reset is released automatically after a delay of 32768 clocks. 当VCC再时再回升,内部重新设置在32768个时钟以后延迟自动地被发布。 [translate] 
a公司信誉 Company prestige [translate] 
apush too hard 太艰苦推挤 [translate] 
a要学会保护你的爱人,不容许别人侮辱和伤害他,因为对你而言,他很重要。 Must learn to protect you the spouse, did not allow others insult and injures him, because of speaking of you, he is very important. [translate] 
a你们是不是快要小孩了呀 Were you soon the child [translate] 
aWorld is roundish 世界是稍圆的 [translate] 
aPlease kindly find the attached contract and proforma invoice for your group on 29 Jan - 2 Feb 2012 (4 nights). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我对他不会说谎 I cannot lie to him [translate] 
aalways tomorrow 总明天 [translate] 
a如果我们的国家不稳定,那么我们的家庭也不会稳定。 If our country is unstable, then our family cannot stabilize. [translate] 
aBut you are very busy right now 但您现在是非常繁忙的 [translate] 
a我不知道怎么过来 I did not know how comes [translate] 
aincorporating and holding fat 合并和拿着油脂 [translate] 
a今天很累。理解我。 Today very is tired.Understands me. [translate] 
a小伙子性格内向,不善言辞,他不知道如何向女孩子表达他的爱慕之情。写情书罢,小伙子是学理工的,一直搞技术工作,满脑子的图形,就是没有一句有文采的话。小城也没有鲜花店,电视上常见的送花那一套也无从说起。至于直截了当地告诉女孩子说“我爱你”,小伙子就更没有那胆量了。 The young fellow disposition introversion, the bad words, he did not know how expresses his sentiment of admire to the girl.Writes the love letter, the young fellow is studies technical, does the technical work continuously, the full brain graph, does not have one to have the literary talent speech. [translate] 
aThe passage is mainly aimed to persuade the government 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a去我的办公室,继续我的游戏 Goes to my office, continues my game [translate] 
a分享零能耗建筑案例 Share zero energy consumption construction case [translate] 
aSorry Seems To Be The Hardest 抱歉似乎是最坚硬 [translate] 
a我性格热情开朗,待人友好,为人诚实谦虚。工作勤奋,认真负责,能吃苦耐劳,尽职尽责,有耐心。具有亲和力,平易近人,善于与人沟通。 学习刻苦认真,成绩优秀,名列前茅。品学兼优,连续三年获得学院奖学金。 My disposition warm open and bright, treats people in a friendly way, manner honest modest.Works diligently, is responsible earnestly, can bear hardships and stand hard work, fulfills duty fulfills responsibility, has the patience.Has the affinity, amiable, is good at communicating with the human. S [translate] 
a设计实验 Design experiment [translate] 
aMAX810 MAX810 [translate] 
aI’ll sing without you [translate] 
a明星在电视广告和其他媒介代言产品已经是家喻户晓的事情。其代言有利也有弊。 The star spoke on another's behalf the product in the television advertisement and other media already was the widely known matter.It speaks on another's behalf advantageously also has the shortcoming. [translate] 
a要明年才能过生日 Will want the next year to be able to celebrate a birthday [translate]