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Only the environment is good, for people to live better


Only the environment is good, for people to live better


Only the environment is good, for people to live better


Only environment had changed for the better, people can live better


Only then the environment improved, the people can live well
aWho knows Miss limit far longer than spending time, whether it is a dream or sleep you are in my heart 谁比消费时间长期知道小姐极限,它是否是梦想或睡觉您是在我的心脏 [translate] 
a我想你累了 I thought you were tired [translate] 
a我是真的为你哭了 英文翻译 I was have really cried for you English translation [translate] 
a因为那里很美 Because there is very beautiful
aREuire 30 to 48 machine of Sulzer Ruti Greufer Web machines with Stabuli Dobby Type 2660.005 with 4 color weft insertion atleast REuire 30到48 Sulzer Ruti Greufer网机器机器与Stabuli多臂机类型2660.005与4种颜色纬纱插入atleast [translate] 
aThe history of Luodai Ancient Town can date back to Han Dynasty when it was called "Wanjing Street". Thousands of years' history and multicultural exchange have assimilated diverse culture, variious historical sites and Hakka architecture in this small town. 当它称“Wanjing街道”, Luodai古老镇的历史可能建于汉朝。 数以万计几年的历史和多文化交换在这个小镇同化了不同的文化、variious历史站点和海达族建筑学。 [translate] 
aI have not spat blood now 我现在未吐血液 [translate] 
a2. You will not make 40 thousand dollars a year right out of high school. You won’t be a president with a car phone, until you earn both.. 2. 您不会做40一千美元年在高中外面。 您不会是一位总统用汽车电话,直到您赢得两个。 [translate] 
acalibration device is 0.02°. The tilt sensor is fixed on the tilt calibration device to 定标设备是0.02° [translate] 
a英 语 English [translate] 
a我是新员工申请电话 I am the new staff apply for the telephone [translate] 
a梦之蓝 Blue dream [translate] 
a我常常和爸爸一起去田野里放风筝、摘野果。 I frequently together go to in the field with the daddy to fly a kite, to pick the wild fruit. [translate] 
aNome e tipo da organização de ensino ou formação 教育组织或形成的名字和类型 [translate] 
aTO BE REVIEWED BY LDP [translate] 
a化工基础实验室 Chemical foundation laboratory [translate] 
aA. opportunity B. access C. path D. requirement E. assignments A. 机会 B. 通入 C. 道路 D. 要求 E. 任务 [translate] 
a国际集团有限公司 International ring limited company [translate] 
aBefore actual implementation, system engineers today need to be able to validate the whole system behavior as early as possible in the development- cycle and at different abstraction levels. 在实际实施之前,系统工程师今天需要能尽早确认整体系统行为在发育周期和在不同的抽象水平。 [translate] 
a但他比我更高更强健.而我比较安静 But he is strong than my Gauguin. But I quite am peaceful [translate] 
aat a new workplace [translate] 
a老婆你放学了吗 The wife you was on vacation from school [translate] 
aBased on the laboratory in Higher Vocational College Practical Teaching Research on the course of" Photoshop" 基于实验室在更高的职业学院实用教的研究对" Photoshop "路线 [translate] 
a土长城,杏花节 Earth Great Wall, apricot blossom festival [translate] 
aTea is popular in the world, but more than three hundred years ago most of the people in Europe did not know anything about tea. [translate] 
aserrise serrise [translate] 
a加入团 Joins the group [translate] 
aMy home computer, I am now in the Internet cafe. 我的家庭计算机,我现在是在互联网咖啡馆。 [translate] 
aour university has built a few apartment buildings in recent years 我们的大学近年来修建了几个公寓 [translate] 
a气候冬冷,夏热,全年湿润 The climate winter is cold, the summer is hot, whole year is moist [translate] 
a审计工作是一项很重要的工作,与我们的生活息息相关 The audit work is a very important work, is closely linked with ours life [translate] 
ai picking some stuff up 拾起一些材料的i [translate] 
a政府的主动介入和强制仲裁对避免劳资争端给国民经济带来损失发挥了极大的作用,同时也保证了政府在调节劳资关系方面的主动权 Government's initiative involvement and the compulsion arbitration to avoided the labor conflict the national economy bringing the loss for to play the enormous role, simultaneously has also guaranteed the government in the adjustment labor management relation aspect initiative [translate] 
adelay in order to observe 延迟为了观察 [translate] 
a喝一辈子酒 Drinks for a lifetime the liquor [translate] 
aHappiness is much more contingent on out state of than on status or the state of out bank account. Happiness is much more contingent on out state of than on status or the state of out bank account. [translate] 
ait is currently not known whether the variables affecting the expression at different intervals are constant through the experiment. 它当前不知道影响表示在不同的间隔时间的可变物是否通过实验是恒定的。 [translate] 
a其他的什么都不重要 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我会努力学习,不会让你们失望。 I can study diligently, cannot let you be disappointed. [translate] 
aPlace in a blur of people have a vague thoughts I always take part! 地方在人迷离有我总参与的隐晦的想法! [translate] 
a鲁婷 Lu Ting [translate] 
abe bold.prepare youself well,work hard and dowhat you do with passion.if you have passion for your work,good things will happen to you.best of luck. 艰苦很好是bold.prepare youself,工作,并且您做与passion.if您有激情为您的工作的dowhat,好事将发生在运气you.best。 [translate] 
a你喝醉了吗? 飲まれて得たか。 [translate] 
a每次说好了不再吵架,学会去体谅你,结果还是没变化,老是无理取闹的 Each time reached an agreement no longer quarrelled, the academic society forgave you, the result has not changed, always created a scene [translate] 
aThe Client must notify in writing to the Incubator without undue delay after the time when the Client becomes aware or should have become aware of the existence of a possible liability in damages. If the notice is not put forward in due time, The Client will lose his right to hold the Incubator liable in damages. 客户在损伤必须通报以书面方式给孵养器,不用过度的延迟在时候以后,当客户发觉或应该发觉了一个可能的责任的存在。 如果通知到时没有提出,客户将丢失他的权利拿着孵养器有义务在损伤。 [translate] 
a所以国家制定法律来保护弱者 Therefore the national formulation law protects weak one [translate] 
aVESTAS 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我没有一个哥哥。 I do not have an elder brother. [translate] 
a十月二十日学校将组织全校学生去北京自然博物馆参观 On October 20 the school will organize the entire school student to go to the Beijing Natural history museum visit [translate] 
aA. inescapable A. 逃不脱 [translate] 
a表演小鸭 Performs the small duck [translate] 
aD. inevitably [translate] 
aInternal Injections 内部射入 [translate] 
a失恋33天 Unrequited love 33 heaven [translate] 
abrown and warm 褐色和温暖 [translate] 
a只有环境变好了,人们才能生活的更好 Only then the environment improved, the people can live well [translate]