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aThat word, disclosed by the banks late in Monday’s trading session, helped their share prices rebound somewhat on the Hong Kong stock exchange. 词,后透露由银行在星期一的贸易会议上,帮助了他们的股票行市反弹有些在香港证券交易所。 [translate] 
aHold.your.hand.and.grow.old.together.with.you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我有一个大西瓜 I have a big watermelon [translate] 
alet'S SMILE 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe love which consists in this that two solitudes protect and limit and great each other 在这中包括二孑然保护并且限制和伟大的爱 [translate] 
a所我i我们应该除去原先存在的一些错误毛病,正确对待这些观念 My i we should except some wrong problems which exists originally, treats these ideas correctly [translate] 
a计算机与通信工程学院 Computer and communication engineering institute [translate] 
a成分] 花蕾含挥发油,油中主要成分为丁香油酚,另为B一丁香烯,乙酰基丁香油酚等。并含鞣持、齐墩果酸、脂肪油等。[性味、归经] 辛,温。入脾、胃、肾经。 The ingredient) the flower bud contains the volatile oil, in the oil the principal constituent is the eugenol, is in addition B clove alkene, the acetazolamide eugenol and so on.And including tans holds, the uneven pillar tartaric acid, the fatty oil and so on.[Nature of a medicine, turns over to af [translate] 
athe minimization 低估 [translate] 
aEnamelled on one side with a mountainous riverscape beneath a long inscription in kaishu script, the reverse with a scholar at a window viewing white enamel plum blossom on spiky branches, one side beneath an elephant-head ring handle with a bird on rockwork, the other with a bird perched on a leafless branch. 上釉在一边与一多山riverscape在长的题字之下在kaishu剧本,相反与学者在窗口观看的白色搪瓷李子开花在尖刻的分支,一边在大象头圆环把柄之下与一只鸟在rockwork,其他与在一个不生叶的分支栖息的鸟。 [translate] 
a宣传政策 Propaganda policy [translate] 
a在20世纪50年代,最流行的服装风格有 In the 20th century 50's, the most popular clothing style has [translate] 
aWhich do I violate your privacy. 哪些我违犯您的保密性。 [translate] 
a大学并非中学,我们应该在不影响学习的情况下。应该进行一些课外活动,比如家教,勤工俭学,和一些娱乐。使我们大学生活更加精彩 [translate] 
a别介意 Do not mind [translate] 
aSaygilarimla Saygilarimla [translate] 
aMr. Chenn consulted for Avalon Health Care and joined the company in February of 2011. He has 18 years of experience working in Asia Pacific working for US multinational companies as Chief Financial Officer, Director of Operations and Asia Pacific General Manager. Mr. Chenn immigrated from Taiwan and became a US citi 先生。 Chenn为Avalon医疗保健在2月咨询并且参加了公司2011年。 他有18年经验运作在工作为美国多民族公司的亚太作为操作的首席财政官员、主任和亚太总经理。 先生。 1974年Chenn从%E [translate] 
a并机柜 And cabinet [translate] 
a体重是45 The body weight is 45 [translate] 
a要从书中学习 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSince then, everything has changed for me. When I do anything, I try to tell myself to be sure and I will find myself. This is true not only for a person but also for a country. [translate] 
awhat do u mean? 什么u手段? [translate] 
aten minute break 十周详断裂 [translate] 
abeaver palooza big 海狸palooza大 [translate] 
abig star 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aget 7 secs of continuous air 得到7秒连续的空气 [translate] 
awhat should I do also shouldn't I do? 我应该不应该也做什么我做? [translate] 
aOnchippower-on-reset Onchip [translate] 
aChanging Wagon 改变的无盖货车 [translate] 
a大家早上好。我很乐意向大家介绍我自己,我名字叫林祉君。 Everybody early morning is good.I am glad to everybody to introduce me very much, my name is called Lin Zhijun. [translate] 
athses ar thses [translate] 
amy friends will go to sleep. 我的朋友将去睡。 [translate] 
aWhen you come to my side. I can take you to the mountains. 当您走向我的边。 我可以把您带对山。 [translate] 
athis less he worried the better he worked 这他让的较少越好担心他运作 [translate] 
aSimilarly, Simple's (Alberto Culver) re-launched Simple Baby range is promoted the strength of the brand's 50 years' experience in facial skin care. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a6. Who can find it ? Please. Anyone? [translate] 
a一个单词改变一个世界 A word changes a world [translate] 
a这有来自世界各地200多个景点 This has comes from the world each place more than 200 scenic spots [translate] 
a本文通过收集1978—2010年福建省对世界主要国家和地区进出口数据,他国或地区的GDP,福建省GDP和福建省人均GDP国民经济指标资料 This article through collects 1978-2010 year Fujian Province to the world main country and the local import and export data, other country or local GDP, Fujian Province GDP and the Fujian Province average per person GDP national economy target material [translate] 
a[左] 530 Not logged in. [translate] 
a罗莫罗是一个极其勇敢的西班牙斗牛士 , The Luo morrow is an extremely brave Spanish matador, [translate] 
a,所以,我马上走过去对老奶奶说 Therefore, I walk immediately said to the father's mother [translate] 
aAdmittedly,star-worship does confer certain contribution upon the society,at least it boosts the prosperity of the industry of film,TV,and sports, creats more job opportunities,and facilitates the re-distribution of national wealth,however,in the long run,its harms outweigh its benefits,as is suggested by the following 诚然,星崇拜商谈某一贡献在社会,至少它促进影片、电视和体育, creats产业的繁荣更多工作机会,并且促进国家财富的再分配,然而,从长远看,它危害胜过它的好处,象由以下点建议。 [translate] 
a他是一位真正的勇士 He is a genuine brave warrior [translate] 
aWhat do you do,miss? What do you do, miss? [translate] 
aLIVE Redistributabie Setup 活Redistributabie设定 [translate] 
a那么你呢? Then you? [translate] 
a我们上数学课 我的数学作业没写 离上课还有二分钟 我赶紧向她借卷子抄一下 On us the mathematics course my mathematics work has not written to attends class also has two minutes me to hurry to her to copy taking advantage of the examination paper [translate] 
abe good for sb. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a深圳的富士康事件给我们带来了什么反省呢 Shenzhen's Fuji Kang event has brought any introspection to us [translate] 
a你不该穿不合适的衣服 You should not put on the inappropriate clothes [translate] 
a实验证明KMAD算法对实现电信客户的分类是可行的 The experiment proved the KMAD algorithm to realizes the telecommunication customer classification is feasible [translate] 
ajim does well in singing English songs 吉姆在唱很好做英国歌曲 [translate] 
aWhat did he say 什么他说 [translate] 
aAC Vector Controller AC传染媒介控制器 [translate] 
a法制不健全,社会保障体系不够完善 The legal system is not perfect, social security system insufficient consummation [translate] 
aListening to music and sports news is what I enjoy most. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]