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(副) 激烈地; 热情地
aPlease find attached an important announcement which is being made today by ColorMatrix Group. 附上由ColorMatrix Group今天做的一个重要公告。 [translate] 
aThe one in the 那个在 [translate] 
aI wanna be your jackpot hot spot wide open road in a candy apple rag top [translate] 
a他经常和他的朋友们练习踢足球그와 그의 친구들은 종종 축구 연습을 재생 He frequently and his friends practices to play the soccer 그 와 그 의 친 구 들 은 종 종 축 구 연 습 을 재 생 [translate] 
amentioning the ball in Little League 在小职业棒球联盟提及球 [translate] 
aDispatch of Clean Coal of desired quality to the proposed out loading bunker of 期望质量的干净的煤炭急件对提出的装载的地堡 [translate] 
aBut the one million people of the city.who thought little of these events,were asleep as usual that night 但被认为一点的city.who的一百万个人这些事件,是睡著和平常一样那夜 [translate] 
a Fax your surveys.  电传您的勘测。 [translate] 
aIn order to meet their objectives within their centralized-decentralized philosophy, managers have a control tool kit at their disposal. Depending on the situation managers face,they select a subset of the most appropriate tools depending on the salespersons’ influence strategies they intend to follow, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a祝你们婚姻幸福美满 Wishes your marriage happily content [translate] 
aThis time fo sho, Gonna let you know, [translate] 
acan you pick them up of us? 您能否接他们我们? [translate] 
a他总是惹妈妈生气 He always annoys mother to be angry [translate] 
a有时在交通繁忙时期走路甚至比开车更快 Sometimes walks in the transportation busy time even compared to drives quickly [translate] 
a저희가 직접 아는 곳은 아니고 다른 곳을 통해서 연락 받았습니다. 我们带领了,并且知道它知道的对直地方,我们与联系的另外地方。 [translate] 
a给我十分钟的时间,可以吗? For me ten minutes time, may? [translate] 
a我不知道你是谁 ? I did not know who you are? [translate] 
aElectronic Shipping Info Received, August 26, 2011 信息被接受的电子运输, 2011年8月26日 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!实习生 Intern [translate] 
aDrivel:None Drivel :无 [translate] 
a地板上有一些水 On the floor has some water [translate] 
a他是一位真正的勇士 He is a genuine brave warrior [translate] 
a赵老师告诉我们明天不要迟到 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aremouve from transtfer list now remouve从现在transtfer名单 [translate] 
a你好!收到你的来信我很高心 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aremember this 记住此 [translate] 
a我渐渐的明白打折总是有借口的 I gradually put crease in it clearly always have the excuse [translate] 
ahello again 你好再 [translate] 
a自己承担忧愁 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a主要有 主要有 [translate] 
a我觉得自己好笨 我觉得自己好笨 [translate] 
a不,我现在和你聊天是依靠翻译工具帮忙的 No, I now and you chat am depend upon the translation tool to help [translate] 
a我也希望 I also hoped [translate] 
a钥匙在抽屉里 Key in drawer [translate] 
aOn this basis, should organize inspection teams often in-depth village line, and farms, in strict accordance with the relevant standards on agricultural product quality and safety, environment, quality and safety inspection of agricultural inputs, concentrate on environmental quality standards, good manufacturing pract [translate] 
aIn all respects the Client is responsible and liable that the work, which the Client has requested the Incubator to perform, does not infringe any third-party rights 在各方面工作,客户请求孵养器进行,不违犯任何第三方权利的客户是负责任和有义务的 [translate] 
aKitty个子很高,但她不苗条 The Kitty stature is very high, but she is not slender [translate] 
acamoList VPN: supports all websites and programs, unlimited bandwidth, no ad camoList VPN : 支持所有网站和节目,无限的带宽,没有广告 [translate] 
ascience,because I am different from it 科学,因为我是与它不同 [translate] 
amiss is avoided disappea 错过是被避免的disappea [translate] 
a后来,月宫里美丽的仙女嫦娥的神话故事赋予了它神话色彩 Afterwards, in the moon the beautiful female celestial Chang E's myth story has entrusted with it the myth color [translate] 
ai want tonight. but he must get room. i cannot host 我今晚要。 但他必须得到室。 我不可能主持 [translate] 
aSince then, everything has changed for me. When I do anything, I try to tell myself to be sure and I will find myself. This is true not only for a person but also for a country. [translate] 
aYou will sleep best both when you are in good health and when you don't eat too much or too little. No worries and a comfortable place to sleep are important, too. They advise against two in bed. 您最将好睡觉两个,当您是在身体好,并且,当您太不少许吃太多或。 忧虑和睡觉的一个舒适的地方不是重要的,也是。 他们劝告反对二在床。 [translate] 
aI'll reply you tomorrow night. 我明晚将回复您。 [translate] 
aolpmpic olpmpic [translate] 
a新兴市场 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ainstead of keeping track of the local conditional probability distribution of each node in the network 而不是记录每个结的地方有条件概率分布在网络 [translate] 
a我很荣幸能站在这里做一个演讲报告 I am honored very much can stand make a lecture report in here [translate] 
a无论多么频繁的修订 Regardless of how frequent revision [translate] 
a我碰巧在街上遇见了我以前的英语老师,但他假装没看见我 I by chance met I beforehand English teacher on the street, but he disguises not to see me [translate] 
aWhat are you going to do? 您做什么? [translate] 
athe supermarket provides customers with plastic bags for free 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDaniel篮球打得好,他是校篮球队的成员 The Daniel basketball hits well, he is the school basketball team's members [translate] 
a英国妇女运动发展经历了三次浪潮:第一次浪潮:19世纪至20世纪末,以争取妇女"投票权"、"已婚妇女财产权"为斗争目标的女权运动,使妇女初步取得了政治上的平等地位。第二次浪潮:60年代的早期,以争取与男子同样的工资收入和受教育权利为主要目标,并要求政府出资给予幼儿免费入托,制止家庭暴力、性虐待,给予女性堕胎权、避孕权。这次运动规模极大,涉及多个国家。第三次浪潮:90年代发起的以实现英国妇女"政治、经济生活中实际的平等权利"为斗争目标的一次女权运动。这次运动由于各学派主张各异,所代表的妇女阶层关注的利益不一,而出现了分裂,被视为是一次"个人化"的女权运动。 The England women's movement development has experienced three tides: First tide: The 19th century to 20 century's ends, take strive for woman " voting right ", “married woman prop [translate] 
aBe carefully to keep RESET pin active for at least 10ms in order for a stable clock. 仔细地是保持重新设置别针活跃为至少10ms为了一个稳定的时钟。 [translate] 
aIntensely 强烈地 [translate]