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You buy something


You have to buy anything


You are buying any thing
a我曾经去过日本一次 I have gone to Japanese one time [translate] 
aessential serum 根本清液 [translate] 
aresearch consider the translation from theory and research 研究考虑翻译从理论并且研究 [translate] 
aIdeal for all types of flexible duct and suitable for different size with different length strip 理想为灵活的输送管的所有类型和适当为另外大小与另外长度小条 [translate] 
aeveryting will be fine everyting将是美好的 [translate] 
ai still do not know if i will be allowed to stay here? my boss says she will make a decision this week 我仍然不知道我是否将允许呆在这里? 我的上司说她将做决定这个星期 [translate] 
a篮球服 Basketball clothing [translate] 
apour un resultat optimal,utiliser matin et soir sous votre soin lancome habituel 为一个优选的结果,使用早晨和晚上在您的通常关心lancome之下 [translate] 
a你曾经在乎过我么? You have cared about me? [translate] 
a很多体育收藏品 Very many sports collector [translate] 
a病人处于治疗位后,打开氧气源和笑气源阀门开关; After the patient is in the treatment position, opens the oxygen source and the laughing gas source valve switch; [translate] 
aWhat is your primary job function? What is your primary job function? [translate] 
aOnce trained, the model could recognize and generate grammatical sentences, even if they were not learned. 一旦训练,模型可能认可和引起语法句子,即使他们不是博学的。 [translate] 
a我认为个人理财的工具包括 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahowever,if feelings of homesickness and depression persist as a result of college dorm life,make sure you talk to someone about them 然而,由于学院宿舍生活,如果乡思和消沉的感觉坚持,确定您谈话对某人关于他们 [translate] 
aSpend life with the people who make you happy, not the people who you have to impress. 度过生活与使您愉快的人民,您必须打动不是的人民。
a为了能让管理者更好的管理合同,我要给他一些建议: In order to can let the superintendent better management contract, I must give him some to suggest that, [translate] 
a1425 GMT: The earthquake in Japan and its catastrophic aftermath is expected to have a notable negative impact on first-class and business travel air for February and March, according to the International Air Transport Association. The group also cites unrest in Egypt, Libya and North Africa as reasons for the decline 1425格林维志时间: 地震在日本和它的灾难后果预计根据国际空运协会有对头等和企业旅行空气的著名的负面地影响2月和3月。 小组在埃及、利比亚和北非也援引不安作为衰落的原因在国际旅行。 [translate] 
astromschienen 母线 [translate] 
a成功的秘诀不过是无论干什么都把它干好 The success secret is regardless of does anything to do it [translate] 
aAs a service to our customers and in an effort to protect their HSBC [translate] 
aHurricane Candle Holder with pillar candle 飓风蜡烛台与柱子蜡烛 [translate] 
a思想动态 Thought tendency [translate] 
a不管你人到了哪 No matter your person arrived [translate] 
aThe values of the saponins 价值的 皂草苷 [translate] 
asince then 从那以后 [translate] 
a我会带你享受不同的小吃 I can lead you to enjoy the different snack [translate] 
aSorry for any inconvenience caused 抱歉为导致的不便任何 [translate] 
ayour instruction has been accepted and will be processed according tou our cut-off times 您的被接受了和被处理达成协议tou的指示我们的切除时间 [translate] 
a处于事业的衰退期,对国债、定期储蓄的需求大 Is in the enterprise the winter, to the national debt, the regular deposit demand is big [translate] 
awithout any deduction 没有任何扣除 [translate] 
a不怕他 Does not fear him [translate] 
asmart failure predicted on hard disk 0 聪明的失败在硬盘0预言了 [translate] 
aThis section provides information on ongoing and past public consultations. 这个部分在持续和过去公开咨询提供信息。 [translate] 
aLast Name* 前Name* [translate] 
a从各个角度考虑 From each angle consideration [translate] 
a人类创造了灿烂的文化 The humanity has created the bright culture [translate] 
a请稍等下 Under please wait a bit [translate] 
a随着我国对外经济贸易的发展,国民经济得到了迅速增长。但是 , 在我国对外经济贸易发展的过程中,存在着一些不良因素。本文分析了从02年到09年我国对外经济贸易发展面临的挑战以及金融危机后我国外贸发展的有利条件和积极因素,以此说明我国未来对外贸易的发展任重而道远,还需坚持可持续方针,转变外贸发展方式,向贸易强国迈进。 Along with our country foreign economical trade development, the national economy obtained the rapid growth.But, in our country foreign economical tra [translate] 
adomain wmm.com.hk MX query return retry.(domain wmm.com.hk MX query return retry) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a她很开心,因为一切都在她的意料之中 She is very happy, because all during hers anticipation [translate] 
aPaper cup carriers : L-CR01 to 02 纸杯载体: L-CR01到02 [translate] 
aThe movie was very boring and only a few people finished it 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHot Wheels 热的轮子 [translate] 
a买了很多假期作业 Has bought the very many vacation work [translate] 
aPositive Streamers in Transformer Oil 正面飘带在变压器油 [translate] 
aTake a cloth bag when you go shopping 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a大气层 Atmosphere [translate] 
aWe’re delighted with the excellent ratings you’ve given us and for the confirmation that the employee magazine fulfills your expectations. For example, the overwhelming majority of readers are in favor of the division into a group section and a separate inside section for each group company. A large majority find both 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a什么都不想说,我的心已经被伤到极点 Anything does not want to say that, my feelings are already hurt to the extreme [translate] 
ahundred.changes hundred.changes [translate] 
aCOSMETICS EFFECT 化妆用品作用 [translate] 
aglobal harmonization 全球性和谐 [translate] 
aother picture all sample explanation-how to make sample 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aJust tell me you will never leave again。 请告诉我您再不会离开。 [translate] 
a饮食与文化密切相关,不同的民族和国家孕育了不同的饮食文化,所以饮食文化具有浓郁的民族性和多样性的特点。中国与英美等西方国家对饮食的观念、宴会礼仪、烹饪方式以 及菜式命名等方面都存在着显著的差异。 The diet and the cultural close correlation, the different nationality and the country has bred the different diet culture, therefore the diet culture has the rich national characteristic and the multiple characteristics.Western countries and so on China and Britain and America to aspects and so on [translate] 
a你在买什么东西 You are buying any thing [translate]