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Column foot ledger wall
aMimi is my friend too It a cat Mimi太是我的朋友它`s猫 [translate] 
aSmile sometimes than cry still tired, and I always laugh. 微笑比仍然疲倦的啼声和有时我总笑。 [translate] 
awisselgeld wisselgeld [translate] 
aGot me out here in the water and I Got me out here in the water and I [translate] 
a还适应吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a它具有低成本,低消耗,高质量的优点 It has the low cost, the low consumption, high grade merit [translate] 
ahigh limit temperture controller 高い限界の温度調節器 [translate] 
aYou are the apple in my eyes 您是苹果在我的眼睛 [translate] 
a湖附近的那个绿色的建筑是我的小学 Nearby the lake that green construction is my elementary school [translate] 
ahe has a lot of fun with his family and friends in his house. 他获得很多乐趣与他的家庭和朋友在他的房子。 [translate] 
aAny question,pls kindly contact me freely! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a唯独 Only [translate] 
aUberwachungsorganisation Uberwachungsorganisation [translate] 
aAll amendments to this contract shall be done in writing and are to be confirmed by both parties. This contract shall come into force from the signing date. This contract is made in two (02) English copies and having equal value. Each party keeps one (01) copy. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLT e t al. LT和t [translate] 
a有一群值得信赖的朋友 群集は信頼する友人の価値がある [translate] 
aincreased the poverty rate for families in the Palestinian territories by 65.8% 为家庭在巴勒斯坦疆土增加了贫穷率65.8% [translate] 
a很多成功人士都没有高学历,有的甚至放弃上学而创业 Very many successful public figures do not have the high school record, some even givings up go to school start an undertaking [translate] 
asuction device 吸设备 [translate] 
aProfiling Autoimmunity 描出自体免疫 [translate] 
a:I put down my dignity,personality and obstinacy for the sake of someone who I am unable to give up :我为我无法放弃的人放下我的尊严、个性和赌气 [translate] 
aNo pages were found containing "8712400105415 ". 页没被发现包含“8712400105415”。 [translate] 
aYou have reached the Selective Service System from outside the United States. Due to heightened security requirements, registration is only accessible in a fillable pdf format. 您从美国外面到达了义务兵役系统。 由于被升高的安全要求,注册只是容易接近的在fillable pdf格式。 [translate] 
arise of the planet of the apes 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acan you wait 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
areferral from other workers 提及从其他工作者 [translate] 
a接下来我将给你说说我大学的有趣的事 Will meet down me to you will say my university the interesting matter [translate] 
a除了星期天就只有寒假了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adisplay racks 展览架 [translate] 
a如何大胆地讲英语? How speaks English boldly? [translate] 
aThe Board will keep _PERCENT of the overall budget in the Reserve budget for the season. 委员会在储备预算将保留整体预算的_PERCENT为季节。 [translate] 
a快乐的气氛在人群中蔓延,那是多么的美好。 The joyful atmosphere spreads in the crowd, that is the how happiness. [translate] 
a少计较 Little haggled over [translate] 
a脱离生命危险 Is out of the life danger [translate] 
a间隙超过0.3mm判为不良品 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a第一次世界大战无疑是世界性的灾难,可唯独美国在宣布中立到参战的四年中,充分利用这场战争,大大推进了美国经济的发展。当欧洲国家因战争不得不削减市场规模的同时,美国却大幅度增加对外贸易额,迅速成为世界市场的主要工厂。同时,美国工业,尤其是对军事工业影响较大的造船业、化学工业、汽车工业、铁路业,受大战刺激发展迅速。因此,纽约取代伦敦成为世界金融中心,债务国瞬间变成了债权国。美国经济的发展增加了就业机会,妇女就业体现了社会发生的深刻变化。美国战时经济的成功,关键的原因在于政府对经济的大规模调控。第一次世界大战期间的经济发展,为20年代的繁荣奠定了一定的基础 The First World War is the worldwide basis disaster without doubt, but only US in the announcement neutrality to in four years which enters a war, uses this war fully, advanced the American economy development greatly.Because when the European country the war can not but reduce the market scale at t [translate] 
a你不应当把你的宠物单独留在家太久。 You do not have alone to remain yours pet the family too to be long. [translate] 
ai made a mistake 我犯了一个错误 [translate] 
a两台机器今天离开上海的计入几月的销售? How many months do two machines leave Shanghai to include today the sale? [translate] 
a责任方 Responsibility side [translate] 
aModel Name 式样名字 [translate] 
a在呼和浩特市,哪里有出售关于鄂尔多斯市土特产? In Huhhot, where has the sell about the Erdos local product? [translate] 
aIt is his wife which left him without saying goodbye 它是留下他,无需说再见的他的妻子 [translate] 
aIf she _______, tell her I will call her back when I return 如果她_______,告诉她我将告诉她,当我返回的 [translate] 
a中国地图 Chinese map [translate] 
a声を掛けたり 它使用声音, [translate] 
aI,ll steak my neck out for nobody .you are the only one for me. I, ll牛排我的脖子为没人.you是只那个为我。 [translate] 
a从两个儿子出生后,我就没有举行过生日聚会。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIf you want to update information in our records about your purchase or agreement, we’re here to help 如果您在我们的纪录想要更新信息关于您的购买或协议,我们这里在帮助 [translate] 
a8月1日 8月1日 [translate] 
a学习环境是我们学习的基础 The learning environment is a foundation which we study [translate] 
agentle ingredients ideal for babies first tastes 柔和的成份理想为婴孩第一口味 [translate] 
awarcraft111 was unable to initialize directx.please ensure you have directx 8.1 or newer installed and that your display drivers are current dirctx may be found on your warcaft III install CD under options 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a让人堕落 Let the human degenerate [translate] 
aI was a fool 我是傻瓜 [translate] 
aby virtue of its superior quality,this item has met with a warm reception in most European countries.We deem it to your advantage to buy this item for a trial sale in your market. 由于它的优秀品质,这个项目在多数欧洲国家会见一个温暖的招待会。我们在您的市场上视为它到您的好处买这个项目为试验销售。 [translate] 
aColumn sole Column foot ledger wall [translate]