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Oh, sorry, I found today was supposed to send me on Shanghai friend text messages sent to your mobile phone, and now want to know your text message says "can't read" is what, sorry


Oh, I am sorry that I have discovered that today was supposed to be able to send them to me in Shanghai friends short messages to the cell phone was on, I now know that you said "Unable to read a short letter" means, and what it's very sorry


Oh, sorry, I only then discovered today was originally needs to issue me the Shanghai friend's short information to send to on your handset, now thought only then knew your short note said “could not read” any which was refers, sorry extremely
a她们对我都很好 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aUsing an appropriate rock physics relationship among resistivity, saturation, and porosity, these data can be transformed to an equivalent seismically derived resistivity section. 使用一个适当的岩石物理关系在抵抗力、饱和和多孔性之中,这数据可以被变换对等值地震上获得的抵抗力部分。 [translate] 
asomelimes Iset the table somelimes Iset桌 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!从前有一只乌龟经常去偷吃邻居家的菜 Please input the text which you need to translate! Formerly had a turtle to steal food frequently the neighbor vegetable [translate] 
afor children2-4yrs 为children2-4yrs [translate] 
a招投标工作 Incurs the bid work [translate] 
a目的:通过黄芪多糖联合长春瑞滨对老年肺癌患者疗效的观察,探讨长春瑞滨在老年肺癌中的治疗效果以及黄芪多糖在治疗老年肺癌作用、提高患者免疫功能和减轻化疗药副反应的机制。 Goal: Unites the Changchun auspicious shore through the yellow qi polysaccharide to the old age lung cancer patient curative effect observation, discusses Changchun auspicious shore in old age lung cancer treatment result as well as the yellow qi polysaccharide in the treatment old age lung cancer f [translate] 
a偷偷爱你 Loves you secretly [translate] 
a在学校的日子过得不是很开心 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我也不清楚。”他手指着黑屏说 I am not clear.” His finger black screen was saying [translate] 
a难道没人知道段丽阳的QQ号码吗? Does nobody know Duan Liyang the QQ number? [translate] 
a沾酱青瓜 Moistens the sauce blue melon [translate] 
aresolution:not [translate] 
aTo find the root causes of failures in order to provide feedback and take corrective actions, if necessary, in 发现失败的起因为了提供反馈和如果需要采取惩治行为, [translate] 
anever transfer more liquid than is necessary 比必要的不要转移更多液体 [translate] 
aFAMILY MEMBER. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们能商量出去旅游的计划吗 We can discuss travels plan [translate] 
aaffiliate-reports 会员报告 [translate] 
a我会坚持回到家 I can persist gets the home [translate] 
afluids 流体 [translate] 
a现代测绘技术实验室 Modern mapping engineering laboratory [translate] 
a设计施工图纸应符合国家有关设计规范要求,经双方签字认可。 The design construction blueprint should conform to the national related design standard requirement, signs the approval after both sides. [translate] 
a这就是爱, This is a love, [translate] 
athe sesign is only one design sesign只是一个设计 [translate] 
a这里是公司的财务部门 Company's financial department [translate] 
aForgiving is easy. Trusting again, not so much. 原谅是容易。 不非常信任再。 [translate] 
a会带来一系列的麻烦 Can bring a series of troubles [translate] 
aAt each iteration step, we compute a list of DoAs obtained using a diagonal loading method 在每叠代步,我们计算DoAs名单得到运用一个对角装载方法 [translate] 
a我日你 My date you [translate] 
a每一种文化都有一种支柱,西方文化有科学,法律和宗教作为基础,而中国文化有两大基石,即道德和艺术。科学是一种理性行为,而艺术是一种感性行为。在人际关系上,西方文化强调个人本位,而中国文化则提倡人伦本位,这是由于中国是一个农业大国,是一种定居文化,需要的是一种稳定的文化和关系,而西方文化是一种商业化的,人与人的关系是易逝的,不稳定的,而商业文化是以个人为本位的,正因为如此,美国文化也倡导一种以个人为中心的个人主义,他们认为每个人都应该依靠自己,而不应该依赖他人,每个人都要对自己负责,他们总是把自己放于核心地位,而中国文化倡导,个人价值是通过个人对社会的奉献体现出来的,个人不仅要对自己负责,而且还要对别人及社会负责,所以中国人倡导人际关系 [translate] 
atravels 23:06:43 [translate] 
aFurther work will involve extensive field tests to understand the impact of specific occupancy patterns on the energy savings that may be realized. 进一步工作将介入广泛的field测试了解specific居住样式的冲击对也许体会的节能。 [translate] 
aColina, due May 30, 2009 6.20% 100 Currently callable 102 [translate] 
a别把事情往心里搁,要说出来 Do not put the matter toward the heart in, must say [translate] 
aThis was life, Only life hurt, feel tired ,want to give up,, 这是生活,只有生活创伤,感到疲乏,想要放弃, [translate] 
a主动沟通的能力 Initiative communication ability [translate] 
aFollow up customer qualification 继续采取的行动顾客资格 [translate] 
a小说中充满了痛苦的、迷惘的、非理性的思想情绪,这种情绪在海明威的整个创作中是贯穿始终的。 In the novel filled the pain, has been at a loss, the non-rational thought mood, this mood in Hemingway's entire creation was the penetration throughout. [translate] 
aThis Harley-Davidson genuine leather jacket was never worn, and is kept in a non-smoking home. Zip front closure. Zippers at the bottom of each sleeve. There are 2 zippered pockets in the front, and 2 zippered pockets inside, also a zippered pocket on front left side embroidered above with 'Harley-Davidson. Women's Si 这件Harley-Davidson真皮夹克在一个禁烟的家未曾被穿着和被保留。 邮编前面关闭。 拉链在每个袖子底部。 有2个被拉练的口袋在前面,并且2在前面拉练了口袋里面,也一个被拉练的口袋左边绣以上与‘Harley-Davidson。 妇女的大小MED。 它约为22 "长和20 "从腋窝到腋窝。 真正Harley-Davidson美国传奇。 黑衬里100%聚酯。 在您出价之前,请看图片并且问问题。 夹克将是被邮寄的快递邮件以交付确认和保险 [translate] 
awindows xp service pack 3 or later is required to install please update and try again Windows XP或以后要求服务组装3请安装更新并且再试一次 [translate] 
a接待客户。 Reception customer. [translate] 
a加快业务办理速度 Speeds up the service to handle the speed [translate] 
a鍛煉身體 Exercises the body [translate] 
a他宣告今天解放了 He announced today liberated [translate] 
adad,what can you do? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
arepay 回报 [translate] 
aSECTION 5 第5部分 [translate] 
a他宣称 He declared [translate] 
a使自己更健康 Causes oneself healthily [translate] 
a结果那天下午我肚子突然之间痛了起来,到晚上我开始拉肚子并不得不去医院。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a每个人都有自己的生活方式 Each people all have own life style [translate] 
a晚安9点半 Good night 9 and half o'clock [translate] 
aim really wet right now and want to do this quick with u im真正地湿现在和想要做这快以u [translate] 
aDEFINING LOTION 定义化妆水 [translate] 
aGo on,suck me 继续,吮我 [translate] 
aSignal Warrants 信号保证 [translate] 
a哦,对不起,我才发现今天本来是要发给我上海朋友的短信息发到你的手机上了,现在想起来才知道你短信说“读不懂”是指的什么,非常对不起 Oh, sorry, I only then discovered today was originally needs to issue me the Shanghai friend's short information to send to on your handset, now thought only then knew your short note said “could not read” any which was refers, sorry extremely [translate]