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Laughing foolishly
a是不是矛盾的开始 Is the contradictory start [translate] 
a春天来了,生活无限好。 Spring has come, life infinite good. [translate] 
athat we turly trust 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在我六岁的时候,受我父亲的影响,我接触到了围棋 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asuper aqua loton 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a具备听说读写能力,熟练阅读翻译专业文献。 Has heard the read-write ability, reads the translation specialized literature skilled. [translate] 
aOn Saturday,I will go to a birthday party.My friend will be 14 years old.All of my friends from school will be at the party.I will bring a present for my friend.At the party,we will do many funny things.We will sing,dance and play games.The party will havemany delicious things to eat.We will eat cakes,and have some ice 在星期六,我将去生日聚会。我的朋友将是14年。所有我的朋友从学校将是在党。我将带来一个礼物为我的朋友。在党,我们将做许多滑稽的事。我们将唱,跳舞并且演奏比赛。吃的党意志havemany可口事。我们将吃蛋糕,并且有一些冰淇凌。我认为它将是非常乐趣。我必须等待三天,然后它将是党的天。 [translate] 
aI have never failed to fail. 我从未未出故障。 [translate] 
akate的文具盒和nacy的一样大 kate stationery case and nacy equally big [translate] 
a适宜 Being suitable [translate] 
aHello Feank 你好Feank [translate] 
a我怎么称呼您 How do I call you [translate] 
a库位描述 Storehouse position description [translate] 
a很久以前,有三只小猪离开了妈妈,独立生活,猪老大建了一间稻草房子,猪老二建了一间木头房子,只有猪老三最勤快,建了一间砖头房子。有一天,来了一只大灰狼,来到猪老大的房子前,吹了一口气,猪老大的房子便倒了。猪老大便跑到猪老二的家里,大灰狼有跑到猪老二的房子前,用身体一撞,猪老二的房子也倒了。于是,它们俩就跑到猪老三的家里去,任凭大灰狼怎么撞,怎么吹,也不倒。于是,大灰狼便爬进猪老三家的烟筒里,从里面钻进去,结果给烫死了! Very before long time, some three young pigs left mother, the independent life, a pig old lunar month with thirty days straw house, the pig second child has constructed a wood house, only then the pig third child was most diligent, has constructed a brick house.One day, has come a timber wolf, arriv [translate] 
a假作真时真亦假,真作假时假亦真 Fakes the true time really also to assume, really counterfeits when vacation also really [translate] 
aIf you give up the right, anything you will say can and will be against you in a court of law 如果您放弃权利,您将说能和反对您在法庭的任何 [translate] 
aAlthough various class 1 integrons that convey MBL genes have been reported from a variety of gram-negative bacterial species isolated from different geographical regions 虽然各种各样转达MBL基因的类1 integrons从与不同的地理区域隔绝的各种各样革兰氏阴性的细菌种类报告了 [translate] 
a将这些问题合理组合起来 Combines reasonably these questions [translate] 
a每个月25号后停止付款便于账务处理 After each month 25 stop payments are advantageous for bookkeeping processing [translate] 
aCAER OFFERS HIGHLY CAER高度提供 [translate] 
a关键是你的英语口语怎么样? How is the key your English spoken language? [translate] 
alisted below. Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file, [translate] 
anasty gril 讨厌 gril [translate] 
amostvoluntary muscles are hooked to bones. mostvoluntary肌肉被钩到骨头。 [translate] 
acan be retrieved for repairs rather easily by the use of divers 能为修理宁可容易地被检索由对潜水者的用途 [translate] 
a会下一些新单下来吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有扎实过硬的电子硬件知识,对集成电路的接触比较多,参加过电子设计大赛 Has electronic hardware knowledge which stands up to the most rigorous test solidly, quite are many to the integrated circuit contact, has attended the electronic design big game [translate] 
aココロノカタチ [kokoronokatachi) [translate] 
a一个柔弱之躯,却用努力争取了机会,用行动诠释了自己,她的付出超出我们所能想象的程度 Delicate qu, used to strive for the opportunity diligently actually, with motion annotation own, she the degree which paid surpasses us to be able to imagine [translate] 
aFree commitment will you disappear from the sight of others. 自由承诺意志您从其他的视域消失。 [translate] 
a  i could shed another million tears, a million breaths, [translate] 
a你好大卫 Your good David [translate] 
a赫拉克勒斯 Hercules [translate] 
a工程进度受到影响 The project progress comes under the influence [translate] 
a你父亲有一台电脑吗? Your father has a computer? [translate] 
a迈克和海伦正在做回家作业 Mike and Helen is doing goes home the work [translate] 
a皮肤Ⅱ度GVHD 2例 SkinⅡGVHD 2 examples [translate] 
ablue flow 蓝色流程 [translate] 
a这是...的结果 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTypically, entries are changes in processes made throughout the organization that have led to improved processes. 一般,词条是在导致了被改进的过程的过程上的变化被做在组织中。 [translate] 
aregard。。。 扫视 [translate] 
a热缩套管 Pyrocondensation drive pipe [translate] 
a两人以上的有限公司只是在股东出资额范围内对公司债务承担责任。 Two human of above limited companies only are undertake the responsibility in the shareholder spending limit scope to the corporate debt. [translate] 
a通过这件事 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的英文比你好 My English than hello [translate] 
a你应该有你自己的想法,她的想法听起来不错 You should have your idea, her idea sounds good [translate] 
a我不知道怎样和同学相处 I did not know how is together with schoolmate [translate] 
a每个工作人员上岗前都是需要培训的,需要在约定的时间内把产品送达并且企业内部什么时间做什么也是要求准时的 Before each staff gos on duty all is needs to train, and when needs the enterprise interior to do in the agreement time the product delivery any also is the request punctual [translate] 
a他每次都能钓有大有美味的鱼 He each time all can fish has has the delicacy fish greatly [translate] 
a香草精 Vanillin [translate] 
aas a rule ,americans think f time as a road stretching into the future 概括来说,美国人认为f时间作为舒展入未来的路 [translate] 
a保证充足的睡眠,多喝水、勤锻炼。 Guaranteed the sufficient sleep, drinks water much, the industrious exercise. [translate] 
a你不洗澡吗 You do not take a bath [translate] 
aNo matter how much I feel lost and hesitated now.I need to live the way I want at least. 无论我感觉失去和现在犹豫。我需要居住我至少要的方式。 [translate] 
apink ball.purple ball. 桃红色ball.purple球。 [translate] 
a8级地震袭击了汶川 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a憨笑 Laughing foolishly [translate]