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v. (Trad=再出現, Pinyin=zai4 chu1 xian4) reappear
a没有人关心我。 Nobody cares about me. [translate] 
a我从事销售工作四年 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a很多事情我可能会害怕,因为我很单纯,感情的事情我害怕。。。很多。。。 Very many matters I possibly can be afraid, because I am very pure, the sentimental matter I am afraid.。。Very many.。。 [translate] 
aThe Story About How It Began: Some legends, a little 关于怎样的故事它开始了: 有些传奇,一点 [translate] 
a给人们造成不方便 Creates to the people not conveniently [translate] 
aFire Protection System 防火系统 [translate] 
a你不因该再早餐时看电视 When you not this again breakfast watches the television [translate] 
a微调旋钮 Vernier adjustment knob [translate] 
asnatched 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a大卫把每张图片都研究了两遍,又仔细地阅读了图片说明。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我感觉有点累了,我要休息了。我们下次再聊? I felt has been a little tired, I had to rest.We will next time again chat? [translate] 
adid a survey 做了勘测 [translate] 
a如果你们有什么问题,请随时举手 If you have any question, please as necessary raise hand [translate] 
aAttachment is the updated report from Coplate, 附件是更新报告从Coplate, [translate] 
aAdd me another number 增加我另一个数字 [translate] 
a沿着这条街直走并左转 Goes straight along this street and counterclockwise [translate] 
aShipment Date : 26-Oct-2011 发货日期 : 2610月2011 [translate] 
a中国对世界来说意味着什么? China meant to the world what? [translate] 
aOriginal invoice attested by local Chamber of Commerce and legalised by Arab Chamber of Commerce in China. arab商会证实由地方商会和合法化的原始的发货票在中国。 [translate] 
agreen tea pure lotion 绿茶纯净的化妆水 [translate] 
aact and thing 行动和事 [translate] 
aThis new type of comedy. 喜剧的这个新型。 [translate] 
athere is a pictere in my room 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的不良作风不是向老师的纪律进行挑战,我也挑战不了 My not good attitude is not carries on the challenge to teacher's discipline, I also could not challenge [translate] 
aContact Information Form 联络信息形式 [translate] 
aでっ、なんの?(笑) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a裸体相片 Naked photograph [translate] 
a经过询问 After inquiry [translate] 
awishlucky wishlucky [translate] 
a我的想法有点单纯 My idea is a little pure [translate] 
aIn this study, using a decoding-based analysis, we investigated multi-unit activities in the auditory cortices of anesthetized rats to elucidate how a tone frequency is represented in the spatio-temporal neural pattern. 在这项研究,使用基于解码的分析,我们在被麻醉的鼠听觉皮层调查多单元的活动阐明怎么口气频率在spatio-temporal神经系统的样式代表。 [translate] 
a红椒、生姜洗净切碎 The red pepper, the ginger cleaning cuts to pieces [translate] 
aI want to have a love affair which will never have a break-up 我想要有不会有终止的风流韵事 [translate] 
a是否有足够的人参加比赛 Whether has the enough person to attend the competition [translate] 
a广告主题、广告创意及表现形式; Advertisement subject, advertisement creativity and manifestation; [translate] 
aWhen burner components are opened, any flames occurring may cause clothing to catch fire. 当打开时燃烧器组分,任何火焰发生也许造成衣物捉住火。 [translate] 
aDoes a management or security personnel control issuance of all locks and keys?* 管理或安全人员是否控制所有锁和钥匙发行?* [translate] 
a齐齐哈尔骏发集团 The Tsitsihar steed sends the group [translate] 
aTaking the time to organise yourself and your baby's belongings can make a huge difference to how you feel and manage. 需要时间组织自己和您的婴孩的财产可能产生巨大的变化对怎样您感觉并且处理。 [translate] 
aThis module enables Google Checkout for your store 这个模块使能Google结算离开为您的商店 [translate] 
a端盖开合及联锁 The end cover opens and closes and the interconnection [translate] 
aThe Gaelic and Anglo-Irish cultures of medieval Ireland embraced two very different and 中世纪爱尔兰的盖尔和Anglo爱尔兰文化拥抱了二非常不同和 [translate] 
aI am a fan fan 我是风扇风扇 [translate] 
aThus, seeks one effect to be similarly remarkable, in the processing cost inexpensive method elimination water the metallic ion is extremely essential. 因此,寻求是一个作用相似地卓越的,在加工成本低廉方法排除水中金属离子是极端根本的。 [translate] 
a星火公司 Spark company [translate] 
amy eng is poor but you know my means [translate] 
asignboard 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aOUR LOVE IS VERY SIMPLE 我们的爱是非常简单的 [translate] 
a你为什么不去找房产经济人? Why don't you look for the real estate economic man? [translate] 
a最后通过实例解析深入简出的阐述传统饮食文化与当代餐饮空间设计在实际设计中的运用 Finally elaboration tradition diet culture and contemporary dining space design which leaves through example analysis thorough Jan in actual design utilization [translate] 
aFor life or for death, however separated, To our wives we pleadged our word. We held their hands;--- We are to grow old together with them 在生活或为死亡,分离,对我们的妻子我们pleadged我们的词。 我们握他们的手; --- 我们将变老与他们一起 [translate] 
a感谢你帮寄来排版机的SENSOR,我已经收了, Thanks you to help to mail typesetting machine SENSOR, I have already received, [translate] 
aSDR selected approximately a quarter of the windows, and SDR-identified window patterns led to significantly better decoding than spatial patterns, in which temporal structures were eliminated, or high-spike-rate patterns, in which windows with high spike rates were selectively extracted. SDR比空间图案选择了近似地窗口四分之一和被带领的SDR辨认的窗口样式极大改善解码,世俗结构被消灭,或者高钉率仿造了,窗口以高钉率有选择性地被提取。 [translate] 
aAlthough the boiler is very well insulated against heat loses, individual system components may reach very high operating temperatures. 虽然锅炉很好被绝缘反对热丢失,单个系统组分也许到达非常高操作温度。 [translate] 
aIs each Customer Tool properly tagged and numbered? 每个顾客工具适当地被标记并且被编号? [translate] 
a复合纱线 Compound yarn [translate] 
a再出现 Again appears [translate]