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Networked culture and social identity


Networked culture and social identity


Networked culture and social identity


cultural and social identity network


Network culture and social status
a同时,可以改善公司整体的竞争环境,提升公司的竞争优势。 At the same time, may improve the company whole the competition environment, the promotion company's competitive advantage. [translate] 
aStart your gamemode, go ingame and login as RCON-admin. 开始您的gamemode,去ingame和注册作为RCONadmin。 [translate] 
a同学们:嘿嘿,你们看,难以置信 !原来他们是同性恋!真恶心(S与V都在尴尬中) Schoolmates: Heh heh, you looked, unbelievable! Originally they are the homosexuality! Really disgusting (S and V all in awkwardness) [translate] 
a听他讲大学生活是一件很有趣的事情 Listens to him to speak the university life is a very interesting matter [translate] 
aAD board (part no. T.VST26.7X Europe) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a省电、便携、多功能 Province electricity, portable, multi-purpose [translate] 
a我们要以更宽的视野、更高的境界、更大的气魄,广开进纳有才干人的路, We must by a wider field of vision, a higher boundary, a bigger breadth of spirit, advance broadly accept have the talent person's road, [translate] 
a想去的店 店行きたいと思う [translate] 
a你跟王颖关系还不错? You relate with Wang Ying are also good? [translate] 
a一旦确定了目标,就该全力以赴实施行动计划了。 Once had determined the goal, this whole-heartedly implemented the planning for action. [translate] 
a我先下线了 I first winding [translate] 
a530 not logged in. 没登录的530。 [translate] 
a葱绿的森林 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aby virtue of its superior quality,this item has met with a warm reception in most European countries.We deem it to your advantage to buy this item for a trial sale in your market. 由于它的优秀品质,这个项目在多数欧洲国家会见一个温暖的招待会。我们在您的市场上视为它到您的好处买这个项目为试验销售。 [translate] 
a你和我还有向日葵的未来 You and I will also have sunflower's future [translate] 
a有大游泳池或靠近海的地方 Has the big swimming pool or depends on the offshore place [translate] 
ashe left me. i could not stop her. i have no idea of where to look for her. 她留下我。 我不可能停止她。 我在哪里不知道正在寻找她。 [translate] 
apassfeed passfeed [translate] 
aVacuum control is used from the start of the run to the time OMP is observed 真空控制使用奔跑到时间OMP从开始被观察 [translate] 
aice sports 冰体育 [translate] 
aNowadays, chopsticks are not only a meal tool. According to a foreign research, chopsticks can help to develop the muscles and brains while eating by them. What a delicate exercise machine! 现今,筷子是不仅膳食工具。 根据外国研究,筷子可能帮助开发肌肉和脑子,当吃由他们时。 精美锻炼机器! [translate] 
a微笑的机会 Smile opportunity [translate] 
a而是一种人人都无法摆脱的巨大空虚感。 But is the huge void feeling which one kind of everybody all are unable to get rid. [translate] 
aB ultra consulting room 10 B超诊疗室10 [translate] 
a(A) Group work gives pupils the opportunity to learn to work together with other. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aJust don't give up, Russia are then buchibuqi 就是不要放弃,俄国是然后buchibuqi [translate] 
a主要表现为:统一色系,搭配和谐,运用进店时尚元素,剪裁合体 The main performance is: The unified color department, the matching harmony, utilizes the shop fashion element, the tailor synthesis [translate] 
aOctober 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM ET 2011年10月31日在11:59 PM东部时间 [translate] 
aoff course let me say I am agent for selling of a china brush cutter and mower in my country witch is import by one of my Friend to Iran . 路線讓我說我是代理為賣瓷灌木清除機,并且刈草機在我的國家巫婆是進口由我的一個朋友對伊朗。 [translate] 
abenchmark interest rates 基准利息比率 [translate] 
aふうん 方式它是 [translate] 
a商品重量:0.5200Kg Commodity weight: 0.5200Kg [translate] 
aNo particular friend, fuck off the more sun more, 特殊朋友,更不滚开更多太阳, [translate] 
a诚挚邀请 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有些相逢不过是生命中的一瞬 As soon as somewhat meets by chance is in the life flickers [translate] 
a我会给你你想要的 I can give you you to want [translate] 
a个性的, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a但是我担心在上海没人认识的情况下你再次把我赶出来 But I worried you catches up with once more in the Shanghai nobody understanding situation me [translate] 
a固定板 Stationary plate [translate] 
a加入屋顶将功能体块组织成为整体 Joins the roof the function body block organization into whole [translate] 
aSince the establishment of the manual club development 从手工俱乐部发展的创立 [translate] 
aSTORE BELOW 30 商店在30以下 [translate] 
awith comma delimiter 与逗号符号 [translate] 
aat least every 2 years checkable by a label on the deviece e.g. extinguishers, fire hose reel, fire extinguishing pump; inspection must include the operative readiness 至少每2年checkable由一个标签在deviece即。 灭火器,灭火水龙带卷轴,灭火的泵浦; 检查必须包括有效的准备 [translate] 
aSince the establishment of the Handmade Club was development and expansion, 因为手工制造俱乐部的创立是发展和扩展, [translate] 
amy QQ no is 1420343256, please add me 我的QQ没有是1420343256,请增加我 [translate] 
ain-person 在人 [translate] 
aFarah might not have felt so out of place once she returned from the hospital. She would simply have been happy to be home. Her family would have seen her more and would not have felt the need to accommodate her. They would have had time to get used to her disability and they might have expected more from her. 一旦她从医院,回来了Farah也许没有感到很不恰当。 她简单地会是愉快家庭。 她的家庭会看见她更多和不会感到需要容纳她。 他们将有时间习惯她的伤残,并且他们也许已经期望了更多从她。 [translate] 
a四万六千八百 46,800 [translate] 
aphasing of the work 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a客供品 Guest offering [translate] 
aBy the way, for item … 顺便说一句,为项目… [translate] 
a快消行业 Disappears quickly the profession [translate] 
aUberwachungsorganisation Uberwachungsorganisation [translate] 
ayou've given me up and then wish me happiness. 您放弃了我然后祝愿我幸福。 [translate] 
a网络文化与社会身份 Network culture and social status [translate]