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(A) 组工作给学生与其他共同努力学习的机会。




a私は永遠に忘れません 私用はの永久にには忘れているれませんを [translate] 
aI am a Chinese with unusually white skin complexion and have inherited the best of both parents. At age 16, I scored first place in the entrance exam to a key university in Beijing. I am beautiful inside and out. 我是中国人与异常地白色皮肤脸色和继承了最佳两个父母。 在年龄16,我计分了冠军在入学考试对在北京的一所关键大学。 我里里外外美丽。 [translate] 
aSorting Complete [translate] 
aRead the information above and then press any key to exit 读信息上面然后按所有钥匙退出 [translate] 
aIf you love me.I will love you use my life.what do you want 如果您爱我。我将爱您使用我的life.what您要 [translate] 
a我是和老师同学一起去的。我们阅读英语报刊,发现许多有趣的文章和语法。并开始练习口语,组织同学学唱英文歌曲,那真是太有趣了! I am and teacher schoolmate go together.We read English publication, discovers many interesting articles and the grammar.And starts to practice the spoken language, organizes schoolmate to study sings English song, that really was too interesting! [translate] 
ai will go with you into the aisle 我将进与您入走道 [translate] 
a事实上,你的眼神让我神魂颠倒, In fact, your look lets me not be oneself, [translate] 
ahe worked himself to death 他工作自己到死亡 [translate] 
a在以后的曰子里 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athis character representation is called the the ASCII code. 这个字符表示法称ASCII代码。 [translate] 
adeemphasis 降低重要性 [translate] 
a开断额定转移电流 Opens breaks the fixed shift electric current [translate] 
asupplier Pre-qualification form 供应商前资格形式 [translate] 
a上班以后就没再学过! Will go to work later not to have has studied again! [translate] 
a不礼貌的行为 Not politeness behavior [translate] 
a于是我捡起了那个塑料瓶,将它丢进了垃圾桶,临走之前我还写下了一段标语贴在垃圾桶上 Therefore I picked that plastic bottle, threw it the trash can, just before leaving before I also wrote down section of slogans to paste in the trash can [translate] 
a鱼是健康食物吗? The fish is healthy food? [translate] 
aThe value of life lies not length of days, but in the use of we make of them. 生活的价值说谎几天的不是长度,但在用途对我们做他们。 [translate] 
a调管 Adjusts the tube [translate] 
a高速公路不断地建设和延伸, The highway constructs unceasingly and extends, [translate] 
aB ultra consulting room 10 B超诊疗室10 [translate] 
aNowadays, chopsticks are not only a meal tool. According to a foreign research, chopsticks can help to develop the muscles and brains while eating by them. What a delicate exercise machine! 现今,筷子是不仅膳食工具。 根据外国研究,筷子可能帮助开发肌肉和脑子,当吃由他们时。 精美锻炼机器! [translate] 
aOctober 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM ET 2011年10月31日在11:59 PM东部时间 [translate] 
aLINTEL 'B' LINTEL ‘B’ [translate] 
a网络文化与社会身份 Network culture and social status [translate] 
a而是一种人人都无法摆脱的巨大空虚感。 But is the huge void feeling which one kind of everybody all are unable to get rid. [translate] 
aoff course let me say I am agent for selling of a china brush cutter and mower in my country witch is import by one of my Friend to Iran . 路線讓我說我是代理為賣瓷灌木清除機,并且刈草機在我的國家巫婆是進口由我的一個朋友對伊朗。 [translate] 
aAs reported by Talens et al. Exergy Flow Analysis provides 如由Talens等报告。 放射本能流动分析提供 [translate] 
a主要表现为:统一色系,搭配和谐,运用进店时尚元素,剪裁合体 The main performance is: The unified color department, the matching harmony, utilizes the shop fashion element, the tailor synthesis [translate] 
a流量分度 現在の容量インデクシング [translate] 
a我的英文不好,我觉得很尴尬 My English is not good, I think very awkwardly [translate] 
aUPPER CLAMPS 上部钳位 [translate] 
a商场的东西要相对的比网上超市更贵 The market thing wants the supermarket to be more expensive than relatively the net on [translate] 
awhat colour are your trousers 什么颜色是您的长裤 [translate] 
atension bar 拉杆 [translate] 
a他是一个你可以信赖的人 He is the human who you may trust [translate] 
a我相信你一定会在计算机领域取得成功, I believed you can certainly obtain the success in the computer domain,
aimage today design source 图象今天设计来源 [translate] 
a各国派出救援队 The various countries send out the rescue crew [translate] 
a最好 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a[D] having a family and children [D)有家庭和孩子 [translate] 
a脑有三个基本功能系统: 1、调节紧张度或觉醒状态的联合区;   2、接受、加工和保存来自外部信息的联合区;   3、制定程序,调节和控制心理活动的联合区。   神经系统在进化过程中,结构变得愈来愈复杂,对机体的生存显示出愈来愈重要的作用。人脑是高度发展的组织,接受和处理来自体内、外环境的信息,并根据这些信息通过调控保持内环境的稳定,并指导自身行动,达到适应环境和作出有利于机体自下而上的反应。为此,脑对传入的各种信息必须进行适当的处理。信息处理是脑的主要功能。人脑为了有效地处理信息,把加工任务集中到大脑皮层等,可以把不同类信息作综合处理。皮层化使人脑具有强大的信息处理能力。   脑的整体结构就是为有效收集信息并作精巧的综合处理。各种感 [translate] 
a特等奖学金 Top grade scholarship [translate] 
a白云国际会议中心 White clouds international conference center [translate] 
a这条河流经五个省。 This rivers after five provinces. [translate] 
aokazaki 冈崎 [translate] 
a虽然我只在贵公司工作一个暑假,但我相信,只要你聘用了我,你不会后悔 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a化学药剂加入量 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt would always be together 它总一起是 [translate] 
a原以为, 走了的还会回来; [translate] 
aFollow my heart tightly,or it will lose its way. 紧紧追随我的心,否则它将迷路。 [translate] 
a首先,我遇 到的困难是英语四级考试 First, I meet the difficulty is the English four levels of tests [translate] 
aif you are a minority supplier QS9000 certified, ISO9000 certified, or have a quality manual,please provide a copy of you latest certificate or manual by the information repiy date shown at the top of this page 如果您是少数供应商QS9000被证明,被证明的ISO9000或者有质量指南,请提供拷贝的您最新的证明或指南不迟于信息repiy日期显示在这页上面 [translate] 
a上海祥杰物流 Shanghai auspicious outstanding physical distribution [translate] 
a多国积极帮助海地 The multi-countries help Haiti positively [translate] 
a(A) Group work gives pupils the opportunity to learn to work together with other. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]