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aECORATE ECORATE [translate] 
aher hair is blond,curly she has brown,bigeres. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAttack your limitations 攻击您的局限 [translate] 
a从1993年中专毕业后,通过自学完成了武汉大学的英语专业的专科学习,后用3年时间读完了华中科技大学的工程管理专业。 After 1993 the specialized middle school graduation, through studied independently has completed Wuhan University's English specialized faculty study, latter has read off Huazhong University of Science and Technology's project management specialty with 3 years time. [translate] 
a近年来,学者们为了进一步提高SVM分类性能,提出了支持向量分类器集成方法,其应用结果表明:与单一SVM相比,SVM集成可以获得更好或者至少同等的分类能力[7]。常用的SVM集成算法是基于投票策略的,无法评价各个子分类器输出信息对于最终判决的重要程度,而基于模糊积分的SVM集成则是通过模糊积分对不确定信息的测量,把非线性的客观现象与SVM输出重要性的主观评价结合起来,改进基于投票策略SVM集成方法中的缺陷,使集成分类器具有更强的泛化能力 [translate] 
aDo you think too much? 您是否太多认为? [translate] 
aThen walk straght for there minutes. 然后步行straght那里分钟。 [translate] 
a技术的 Technology [translate] 
aThis message and any attachments are confidential and intended solely for the addressees. If you receive this message in error, please delete it and immediately notify the sender. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any unauthorized use, copying or dissemination is 这则消息和所有附件是机要和单一地打算供收信人使用。 如果您收到这则消息错误,请删除它和立刻通知发令者。 如果这则消息的读者不是预期的接收人,您特此被通报所有越权应用,复制或者传播被禁止。 电子邮件是易受改变。 两者都不Polyconcept香港有限公司。 亦不它的辅助者或会员中的任一 [translate] 
a一个室内游戏 In a room plays [translate] 
a你中途放弃真可惜 你中途放弃真可惜 [translate] 
aAt home and watch TV 在家和手表电视 [translate] 
a未检修 Has not overhauled [translate] 
a你们应该在货物运到后立即付款 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a!总结报告 ! Summary report [translate] 
aComprehension C & D [translate] 
aBut the meeting I will attend is postponed 但我将出席的会议被延期 [translate] 
a在一个良好 的环境中 In a good environment [translate] 
a有感而发吗? Explodes not without reason? [translate] 
aI want to have a love affair which will never have a break-up 我想要有不会有终止的风流韵事 [translate] 
a湿度报警 The humidity reports to the police [translate] 
abenchmark interest rates 基准利息比率 [translate] 
aSome were taken last summer and last winter. ( brrrrr cold ) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a主要表现为:统一色系,搭配和谐,运用进店时尚元素,剪裁合体 The main performance is: The unified color department, the matching harmony, utilizes the shop fashion element, the tailor synthesis [translate] 
aex officio 根据职权 [translate] 
a流量分度 現在の容量インデクシング [translate] 
a去年照的照片 Illuminated last year picture [translate] 
a而是一种人人都无法摆脱的巨大空虚感。 But is the huge void feeling which one kind of everybody all are unable to get rid. [translate] 
aNowadays, chopsticks are not only a meal tool. According to a foreign research, chopsticks can help to develop the muscles and brains while eating by them. What a delicate exercise machine! 现今,筷子是不仅膳食工具。 根据外国研究,筷子可能帮助开发肌肉和脑子,当吃由他们时。 精美锻炼机器! [translate] 
aВ ответе на претензионное письмо необходимо указать следующее 在答复不折不扣要求表明以下是必要的 [translate] 
aThere’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears.----- 比通过泪花奋斗的微笑没什么美好。----- [translate] 
aLINTEL 'B' LINTEL ‘B’ [translate] 
a我想你应该知道中国人是很传统的 I thought you should know the Chinese is very the tradition [translate] 
aOriginal invoice attested by local Chamber of Commerce and legalised by Arab Chamber of Commerce in China. arab商会证实由地方商会和合法化的原始的发货票在中国。 [translate] 
aA severe case of high cervical spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality. 高子宫颈脊髓伤害严厉事例没有幅射线照相的反常性的。 [translate] 
aBy the way, the agent will not charge us for add Dr. Kettler’s information. They will go ahead to set up HK company first. 顺便说一句,代理不会充电我们为增加博士。 Kettler的信息。 他们将继续首先设定HK公司。 [translate] 
aElbow90,Hast.C276,S40,BW,100NB 12 NO [translate] 
aI'wonder'how'we'can'survive'this'romance.but'in'the'end'if'I'm'with'you,I'll'take'the'chance. I'wonder'how'we'can'survive'this'romance.but'in'the'end'if'I am'with'you, I will'take'the'chance。 [translate] 
a取款機 Draws money machine [translate] 
awhat is the total amount your parents will spend to support your study and living in the USA? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a丽水大剧院 Lishui big theater [translate] 
a战列舰是人类创造出的最庞大和最复杂的武器系统之一,在其20世纪初到第二次世界大战,战列舰是唯一具备远程打击手段的战略力量 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aRubber adhesive,For reparing and bonding HEISSNER Pro pond liner. Bond liners together with a 15 cm overlap; sufficient for 10 metres of glued seam. 橡胶黏剂,为reparing和结合HEISSNER赞成池塘划线员。 政券划线员与15 cm交叠一起; 充足10米被胶合的缝。 [translate] 
athere is no ifs and buts 没有ifs和buts [translate] 
a密封容器内にエフゲンと被消毒物を入れるとエフゲンから放出されるホルムアルデヒド(ガス)が容器内に充満し 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asmall buck 小大型装配架 [translate] 
aI am setting out at once and arrive about 12:30. 我立即开始并且到达关于12:30。 [translate] 
aHINGE BOLTS 铰链螺栓 [translate] 
a很少,心情很好的时候会表扬孩子 Very few, mood very good time can praise the child [translate] 
aMECHANICS, ELECTRONICS: 机械工,电子: [translate] 
aStrong was crowned King 坚强被加冠的国王 [translate] 
a一本 [translate] 
aDirty Weekend In London 肮脏的周末在伦敦 [translate] 
aVStorage should appear in VMDC tray VStorage应该出现于VMDC盘子 [translate] 
aabsenteeism 旷工 [translate] 
aIs there a risk of serious environmental emergencies 有严肃的环境紧急状态的风险 [translate] 
aWe visited lots of places . 我们参观了许多地方。 [translate]