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a我希望你学好中文 I hoped you learn Chinese [translate] 
a找个外国妞处对象 Ищет чужой маленький предмет места девушки [translate] 
a数据仅做参考 The data only makes the reference [translate] 
aUn livre souvent très mince qui raconte une histoire avec des illustrations et du texte. 告诉历史与例证和文本经常的一本非常稀薄的书。 [translate] 
aHanoverian Exhibition Centre, Hanoverian, Germany Hanoverian陈列中心, Hanoverian,德国 [translate] 
aDo not use in children age under 3 不要使用对于儿童年龄在3以下 [translate] 
a私も同じ 我是同样 [translate] 
atouch screen 触摸屏 [translate] 
aThese is a photo of my family on the wall. 这些是我家相片在墙壁上。 [translate] 
aBecause he had no penis 由于他没有阴茎 [translate] 
a历史上的进步人士 In historical progressive personages [translate] 
atoday is Tus 今天是Tus [translate] 
aОтправка грузов осуществляется автомобильным, железнодорожным, авиационным и морским транспортом. 送装载由卡车、路轨、航空和海运输达到。 [translate] 
aprikken 刺 [translate] 
a因为公主很漂亮还经常穿这漂亮的裙子 Because princess is very attractive also frequently puts on this attractive skirt [translate] 
a以为上了大学就不用学习了 Thought went to college does not need to study [translate] 
a我穿着棕色的鞋子 I am putting on the brown shoe [translate] 
aKeeping room 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我不知翻译什么好 I did not know translates any well [translate] 
a读你的是好激动好感动 Reads you is the good excited good move [translate] 
aIt is quite obvious that the organization of such a computer becomes rather complex, since one must insure that a mix-up does not occur among all the various problems and that the correct information is available for the computer when it is called for, but if not the computation will wait until it is available. 它是相当显然的这样计算机的组织变得相当复杂,因为你必须保险混合不在所有各种各样的问题之中发生,并且正确信息为计算机是可利用的,当它呼叫要求时,但如果不计算将等待,直到它是可利用的。 [translate] 
aGrammar was glaringly wrong 语法闪耀炫目地是错误的 [translate] 
ait bounces off its armor from the front.www.13aini.com 它弹起它的装甲从front.www.13aini.com [translate] 
a在西方国家也存在这方面的例子 Also has this aspect in the Western country the example [translate] 
a可以展现创造力和想象力 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. 服务器临时地无法为您的请求服务由于维护停工期或容量问题。 请再试试以后。 [translate] 
a因为我要上班啊 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a高 速 自 动 切 管 机 高速自动切管机 [translate] 
a好吧.原谅你了. Good. Forgave you. [translate] 
a自上而下的沟通 Top-down communication [translate] 
aThebestwishforyou!!Ihopeyouhaveahappytime,too。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a虽然我国进入重化工业为主导的经济发展阶段,重工业对经济增长的贡献率高于轻工业和服务业,但是无论产业结构以重工业为主,还是以轻工业、服务业为主,将传统的粗放型经济增长方式转变为高效率的集约化的经济发展方式都是经济结构调整和产业结构升级的关键所在,而要转变经济发展方式就必须提高高新技术对传统产业的渗透程度,利用技术进步推动产业结构调整,从长期来看,这是推动产业结构调整和优化的主要动力。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe right decision 正确的决定 [translate] 
aNokia 6210 Navigator [translate] 
aAfter that, our dialog, as follows: 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我真的快心烦死了,不想憋在心里,我用英语,因为你根本看不懂,所以我的不开心你不会知道,你也就开心不起来! I really felt satisfied have died bothersomely, did not want to suppress in the heart, I used English, because you could not understand, therefore I was unhappy you not to be able to know, you also happy did not get up! [translate] 
a梁媛 Liang Yuan [translate] 
a2)il manuale che volete inviarmi assieme alk caricabatterie è c come quello presente nello scatolo o è un vero manuale che spiega tutte le funzioni del telefono? 2)您要一起送到我alk caricabatterie的手册是c像那样礼物在scato一它或是说明电话的所有作用的一本真实的手册? [translate] 
aWhen the need to explain very clearly, do not use reason to all who who 当需要非常清楚解释,不使用原因对所有谁 [translate] 
a逻辑功能图 Logical functional diagram [translate] 
aThis order is pending. Please contact orders@strawberrynet.com with any questions regarding this order 这顺序是即将发生的。 请与orders@strawberrynet.com联系以任何问题关于这顺序 [translate] 
a剑圣 Sword saint [translate] 
aThe structural characteristics of functional differentiation based on research and development compared to marketing, leadership style characterized by a consideration compared to initiating style, and higher levels of decentralization are associated with participative budgeting. 根据研究与开发功能分化的结构特征与行销比较,考虑描绘的领导风格与创始样式比较和更高的水平的分权同参赛预算联系在一起。 [translate] 
a谢谢你还在我身边 我爱你。冉璐。 Thanks you also I to love you in my side.Ran Lu. [translate] 
aDo not have in hand, what to say 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在此表达我最真挚的感谢 Expresses I most sincere thanks in this [translate] 
apunchline 警句 [translate] 
aiwellbebackforyou iwellbebackforyou [translate] 
a你想和张先生预约见面吗? You want to make an appointment with Mr. Zhang meet? [translate] 
a并以一个实践项目来深入理解Android原理。 And penetrates by a practice project understands the Android principle. [translate] 
aDecentralization is associated with the MCS characteristics of aggregation and integration. 分权同族聚和综合化联系在一起的MCS特征。 [translate] 
a我不想出错,要确认一下 I do not find out wrong, must confirm [translate] 
aso that i can contacted with my sisters and friends as well as my family members through it. thanks for my sisters 因此我能与我的姐妹和朋友接触并且我家成员通过它。 感谢我的姐妹 [translate] 
a͟ʿի ͟ʿ ի [translate] 
a她在去汽车站的路上碰到了凯莉 She in went to the motor station on the road to bump into triumphant Li [translate] 
amore foreigner know china can change nothing. Only Chinese can china. 更多外国人知道瓷什么都不可能改变。 中国人仅罐头瓷。 [translate] 
a.invaluable .invaluable [translate]