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aalways i miss U always i miss U [translate] 
aFlowers are same year after year,but people are different year by year. 花年复一年是同样,但人们逐年是不同的。 [translate] 
a如果你有机会,你会怎样做选择 If you have the opportunity, how you can make the choice [translate] 
a这个铺位合同到期后,还要续期3个月 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a巴基斯坦伊斯兰共和国英语位于南亚,东与印度比邻,南面是印度洋,西与伊朗接壤,西北和阿富汗相连,东北面可通往中国的新疆。在乌尔都语中,“巴基斯坦”这个源自波斯语的字的意思为“圣洁的土地”或“清真之国”。从前首都在卡拉奇,现在首都位于伊斯兰堡。 Pakistani Islam republic English is located South Asia, east with the Indian neighbor, south side is Indian Ocean, west borders on with Iran, northwest is connected with Afghanistan, the northeast side may lead to China's Xinjiang.In Urdu, “Pakistan” this source from Persian character meaning is “th [translate] 
aSize of area is small which is almost 70.5 squares kilometers and is controlled by Israel and deters any development and construction. 是差不多70.5正方形公里和是由以色列控制的并且阻止所有发展和建筑区域的大小是小的。 [translate] 
aMy keys ( )in my backpack.Those in the lost and found case ( )my keys. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
arespect to the risk of out of zone injection. Several commercial simulators are able to model tensile, bi-wing and planar fracture [translate] 
afloorfliier floorfliier [translate] 
aDo the analysis of counter space productivity; take actions to increase the counter sales 做对逆空间生产力的分析; 增加逆销售的采取行动 [translate] 
asugar dream 糖梦想 [translate] 
a带走你 Carries off you [translate] 
a员工宿舍 Staff dormitory [translate] 
a据说他高考落榜了 It is said his college entrance examination failed an admissions examination
a我只是开个玩笑 I only am crack a joke [translate] 
a你是否还爱我? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在桌子傍边有一些书 Approaches side the table has some books [translate] 
aThe heart is sensitive, so never play with someone's heart. Now, talking to you, do you really know who you are giving your heart to? 心脏那么从未是敏感的,戏剧与某人的心脏。 现在,谈话与您,您是否真正地知道谁您给您的心脏? [translate] 
aself-fulfill 自已履行 [translate] 
aWhen you have completed the above assignments, you will be well-prepared to understand the lectures and participate in discussions in class. 当您完成了上述任务,您将是准备充分的了解演讲和参加讨论在类。 [translate] 
alucy is xourtee lucy是xourtee [translate] 
aa tentender 一tentender [translate] 
a我将成为一个有成就事业的人,还有一个相爱的妻子和一个或两个可爱的孩子,一起过着幸福的日子,这只是一个很平凡而又简单的梦想,只要努力奋斗,梦想就会实现。 I will become one to have the achievement enterprise person, but also some will fall in love the wife and or two lovable children, will be crossing together the happy day, this only will be one very ordinary and the simple dream, so long as will struggle diligently, vainly hoped for will be able to [translate] 
a期待您的尽快回复 Anticipates your as soon as possible reply [translate] 
alearning, understanding and solving problems is definitely a lot of fun. [translate] 
a在地震时,在危难中,我们没有放弃过拯救我们的同胞,大家的资助使得它变得美丽,现在的它比起三年前的它简直是天壤之别 When earthquake, in the danger, we has not given up save us the compatriot, everybody subsidization causes it to become beautiful, present it compares three year ago it is simply the huge difference
a穿校服 Puts on the school uniform [translate] 
a像之前提到过的 In front of elephant has mentioned [translate] 
a好好地在一起 Well in same place [translate] 
a#Man fuck you too) [translate] 
a今晚我们举行聚会一起庆祝吧 Tonight we hold the meeting to celebrate together [translate] 
a除尘设备 Removes dust the equipment [translate] 
aI just want Depth of field 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aVacuum Cleaner 吸尘器 [translate] 
a廖仁滔 Liao Rentao [translate] 
a一旦你看见它,就很难忘记 Once you see it, very is difficult to forget [translate] 
aAlready a Member? Log in here! 已经成员? 这里注册! [translate] 
aI wanna know u closer, so write me something 我想要知道u更加接近,因此写我某事 [translate] 
a感受着你的温柔与迁就 Feels you with to give in gently [translate] 
aI made an unintentional purchase what can I do? 我做了有意无意的购买我能做什么? [translate] 
a案例 Case [translate] 
a当我问起信的事,他既然什么都不知道,当我问阿丽时,阿丽脸色都变了,他说他不知道,我感到非常的惊讶 When I ask the letter the matter, since he anything did not know, when I asked when Arab League Li, the Arab League Li complexion has all changed, he said he did not know, I feel unusual surprised [translate] 
a我认为无论做什么事,都不能急于求成,要踏踏实实的走好每一段路程。 I thought regardless of makes any matter, all cannot finish in a hast, wants to walk steadfastly each distance. [translate] 
a物流量 Physical distribution quantity [translate] 
a我不是十分能看懂你的来信 I am not can understand your incoming letter extremely [translate] 
a对电梯的运行实行操纵和控制,同时完成选层、平层、测速、照明工作。 Implements the operation and the control to the elevator movement, simultaneously completes chooses the level, the even level, to measure, the illumination work fast. [translate] 
aparty in zhongyuan 党在zhongyuan [translate] 
a左右不对称 About is asymmetrical [translate] 
aI'm afraid of the dark,but you aren't stay with me 我害怕黑暗,但您不是和我呆在一起 [translate] 
aHow much longer will I wait before you shou up 多少更长的意志我在您之前等待shou [translate] 
a若调整无效,通常是输出压力偏低的气体已用尽,需要更换气源。 If adjusts invalid, usually was the discharge pressure somewhat low gas has exhausted, needed to take a breath the source. [translate] 
axiaogen xiaogen [translate] 
a起拱严重 The camber is serious [translate] 
aYou have reached your daily text sending limit. Subscribe now to increase the limit 您到达了您的送极限的每日文本。 现在订阅增加极限 [translate] 
aHowever, this age-related change in temporal attitude 然而,在世俗态度上的这个与年龄有关的变化 [translate] 
aC- Foreve3 C- Foreve3 [translate] 
aSTEP:DEVICE INITIALIZE 步:设备初始化 [translate]