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Today we are going to São Paulo Museum of art look.


Today we are going to São Pau
aTO BE COVERED BY THE BUYER 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a行动开始。 Motion start. [translate] 
a在默认的状况下,当你删除大部分文件时,你并没有真正删掉了这些文件,实际上只是将它们移入了回收站,因此它们仍然占用磁盘空间。 Under default condition, when you delete the majority of documents, you truly have not erased these documents, in fact only was moved in them the recycling station, therefore they still took the floppy disk space. [translate] 
a学生们对待学习没有积极的态度 The students treat the study not positive manner [translate] 
aextra animations 额外动画 [translate] 
aI love the restautant and it's the first on my list when I eat out. 我爱restautant,并且它是一个在我的名单,当我出去吃饭时。 [translate] 
a你可知我为你买的戒指在我手上现在带了多久 How long could you know me the ring which bought for you the present to bring in my hand [translate] 
a阿德里安·布罗迪模仿达利惟妙惟肖  十几年前初读张爱玲,她在《张看》里提到自己中学时代写过一个《摩登红楼梦》的章回小说,说的是贾宝玉、林黛玉一行人来到民国游西湖吃冰淇淋的故事。当时觉得煞是新鲜有趣,如今才惊觉原来这就是“穿越”啊。 [translate] 
arepresentations. 表示法。 [translate] 
a我需要频繁地和多个组成员交流 我需要频繁地和多个组成员交流 [translate] 
a对所得结果进行归一化处理得 Carries on the normalization to the obtained result to process [translate] 
a配备相应品种和数量的消防器材及泄漏应急处理设备。 Provides the corresponding variety and quantity fire equipment and the divulging emergency handling equipment. [translate] 
a2.在固定导轨孔原有基础上深度打穿,安装长度螺栓增强拉紧力,外加备母锁死; [translate] 
astr str [translate] 
a节约能量 Saves the energy [translate] 
athe spring-loaded disc opposite the film transport knob is raised and rotated until thedesered mark is visible in the window,when it is released again 弹簧支撑圆盘在影片运输瘤对面被上升,并且被转动的,直到thedesered标记是可看见的在窗口,当再时发布它 [translate] 
a我们通常在我们的学校吃午餐 We usually have the lunch in ours school [translate] 
a脑有三个基本功能系统: 1、调节紧张度或觉醒状态的联合区;   2、接受、加工和保存来自外部信息的联合区;   3、制定程序,调节和控制心理活动的联合区。   神经系统在进化过程中,结构变得愈来愈复杂,对机体的生存显示出愈来愈重要的作用。人脑是高度发展的组织,接受和处理来自体内、外环境的信息,并根据这些信息通过调控保持内环境的稳定,并指导自身行动,达到适应环境和作出有利于机体自下而上的反应。为此,脑对传入的各种信息必须进行适当的处理。信息处理是脑的主要功能。人脑为了有效地处理信息,把加工任务集中到大脑皮层等,可以把不同类信息作综合处理。皮层化使人脑具有强大的信息处理能力。   脑的整体结构就是为有效收集信息并作精巧的综合处理。各种感 [translate] 
a最大的皇宫是北京故宫 The biggest imperial palace is the Beijing Imperial Palace [translate] 
aYour account is inactive 您的帐户是不活泼的 [translate] 
ajetzt sehe ich dein gesicht besser. 现在我更好看见您的面孔。 [translate] 
a校园保安人员应该严查外来人员进校 The campus security personnel should investigate rigorously the external personnel to enter the school [translate] 
a银行经理 Bank manager [translate] 
aNov.4 I will return to USA Nov.4 I将回到美国 [translate] 
aslender sapling 苗条树苗 [translate] 
a我们要介绍什么? Que voulons-nous présenter ? [translate] 
aThe dead person zero alignment, seems one after another in the wind the fallen leaf, next life goodbye 死人零对准线,在风逐个似乎下落的叶子,下生活再见 [translate] 
a前天,我爸爸和我一起去河里钓鱼 Day before yesterday, my daddy and I went to in the river to fish together [translate] 
aenlightening 启迪 [translate] 
aВечный благородных темперамент и всегда элегантно и чистым. 永恒高尚的气质和总是典雅和干净的。 [translate] 
amost of chinese company divise buildings 大多中国公司divise大厦 [translate] 
a他们总是说做你想做的吧,我们支持你 They always said is you to want to do, we support you [translate] 
a我们一定不能去人多的地方 We cannot certainly go to human many places [translate] 
a明天充满希望,期待 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a毫无疑问,开放永远是一个社会的经济发展、一个组织的成长、一所大学快步前进的动力。 Without a doubt, the opening forever is a society's economical development, an organization's growth, a university half step advance power. [translate] 
a足球内胆 In soccer gallbladder [translate] 
a这就是全文的大概 This is the full text general idea [translate] 
a只要人人都献出一份爱,世界将变成美好的人间 So long as everybody all offer up a love, the world will turn the wonderful world [translate] 
a最佳影片奖 Best movie prize [translate] 
aThe rooms with the best views to these peaks and the Li River are our 'Deluxe' style rooms while the other rooms also have some views to the peaks. 当其他屋子也有有些看法对峰顶时,屋子以最佳的看法对这些峰顶和李河是我们的‘豪华’样式房间。 [translate] 
aintransitive verb --- the bomb exploded, the balloon bursted... 不及物动词 --- 分解的炸弹,气球bursted… [translate] 
aYou can't walk aperson who is pretending to be asleep 您不可能走假装睡著的aperson [translate] 
aNo refunds and disputes 没有退款和争执 [translate] 
a于是我捡起了那个塑料瓶,将它丢进了垃圾桶,临走之前我还写下了一段标语贴在垃圾桶上 Therefore I picked that plastic bottle, threw it the trash can, just before leaving before I also wrote down section of slogans to paste in the trash can [translate] 
aRefunds dispute-free rate 退还无争执率 [translate] 
a二极管压降对输出波形的影响 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a詹红丹是个哈巴 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThat is her pen in the lost and found case 那是她的笔在失物招领处盒 [translate] 
a海盗一般不会攻击你 The pirate cannot attack you generally [translate] 
aperfect renew NIGHT TREATMENT 完善更新夜治疗 [translate] 
a她是80年代华语乐坛和日本乐坛的巨星 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe stock ticker tape 证券报价机磁带 [translate] 
a华新进出口有限公司 China recently export limited company [translate] 
aI did not compromise [translate] 
a你家里的事全都完成了啊?也希望如此. [translate] 
athere was a black in the pipe and the water could not flow away 有黑色在管子,并且水不可能流动 [translate] 
a今天我们要去圣保罗市艺术馆看看. [translate]