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ashit fuck you 粪交往您 [translate] 
aKarlovy Vary, Czech Republic Karlovy变化,捷克 [translate] 
a沉迷网络会使我们失去自我 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中国纺织品进出口公司的翻译 Chinese Textile Import-export company's translation [translate] 
a发展的战略性 Development strategic [translate] 
a觉得他是一个伟大的人 考えられて彼はすばらしい人である [translate] 
a为什么你每天都在线? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a车里有 照片 Che Liyou picture [translate] 
a材质简介 Material quality synopsis [translate] 
ainside of the garment 在服装里面 [translate] 
a在它的南,在那的东侧 In its south, in that east side [translate] 
a我儿子会在星期四的早上一个人坐飞机去瑞士 My son can go to Switzerland on a Thursday early morning person take plane [translate] 
a我们国家以前被称为一个自行车国家 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afranchise 特权 [translate] 
a平平淡淡才是真的 Light is real [translate] 
a他是教我们化学的 He teaches us chemistry [translate] 
aWhen VCCIO is 3.3 V, a MAX 3000A device can drive a 2.5–V device that has 3.3–V tolerant inputs. 当VCCIO是3.3 V时, MAX 3000A设备可能驾驶有3.3-V宽容输入的2.5-V设备。 [translate] 
aIn a remote corner of eastern Rwanda, farmer Louis Ntiricakeza hacked at the trunk of one of his banana trees with a small, rusty machete. 在东卢旺达的一个遥远的角落,农夫路易斯Ntiricakeza被乱砍在树干他的一棵香蕉树用一小,生锈的大砍刀。 [translate] 
a密封完全 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我英文不好...所以請不要跟我說英文...謝謝 My English not good…Therefore please do not have to speak English to me…Thanks [translate] 
aMrs Gage ChiKiTa [translate] 
aSo much for the cliche of Wall Street versus Main Street, the greedy 1% versus the hard-done-by 99%. That may be the core conviction of Occupy Wall Street and its fellow-travelers, and it may be a slogan in nearly every Democratic campaign next year, including President Obama's. Whether or not that's smart Democratic p [translate] 
a这是自1994年现行个人所得税法实施以来第3次提高个税免征额。2006年,免征额从每月800元提高到1600元;2008年,免征额从1600元提高到2000元。此次修法涉及的减税额是最大的一次。 This has been since 1994 the present individual income tax law implementation the 3rd enhancement tax exemption volume.In 2006, the exemption volume enhances from each month of 800 Yuan to 1600 Yuan; In 2008, the exemption volume enhances from 1600 Yuan to 2000 Yuan.This time repairs the law to invo [translate] 
a重金属污染物主要来源于生活垃圾、矿物废弃物等,这些废弃物经日晒、雨淋等作用可使废弃物中的各种污染物进入大气、水体和土壤等各环境介质,如图2.2 所示。重金属污染物中的汞受热后容易挥发到大气中,进入大气的重金属污染物又可通过重力及干湿沉降的作用重新回到土壤中,其它的重金属污染物由于挥发性不强而基本上都滞留在土壤中,滞留在土壤中的重金属污染经淋溶之后可随着地表径流流到河流中,有些污染物随着渗滤液向下渗透到更深的土壤层中甚至到达地下水中,造成土壤的更严重的污染,而且进入地下水的重金属污染物会引起地下水的污染,治理更加困难,对人类的饮水安全产生重大的隐患。 [translate] 
a好吧!大家小心,自我保护 Good! Everybody careful, protects oneself [translate] 
a希望你还会回来 Hoped you also can come back
a失败不是命运 The defeat is not the destiny [translate] 
a但他给我印象深的不是球技 But he gives me deeply the impression is not the skill in ball games [translate] 
a二千元 2000 Yuan [translate] 
aexam oriented education 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNo refunds and disputes 没有退款和争执 [translate] 
a叫孩子们去厨房拿鸡 Is called the children to go to the kitchen to take the chicken [translate] 
aThe night before he had to return home, Jack and his Mom stopped by to see the old house next door one more time, which was exactly as he remembered. Every step held memories. Every picture, every piece of furniture … Jack stopped suddenly. [translate] 
a肥胖问题 Obese question [translate] 
a昨天下午和你再见后,我去练了一小时瑜伽。 After yesterday in the afternoon and you goodbye, I have practiced an hour yoga. [translate] 
a动身去其地 Leaves its place [translate] 
a发展前景 Prospects for development [translate] 
aInvalid first name 无效名字 [translate] 
a月薪呢? Monthly salary? [translate] 
a服务时间是早上 The service time is the early morning [translate] 
a饭后散步有助于消化 After the food takes a walk is helpful to the digestion
a坐旋转木马 Sits the merry-go-round [translate] 
amost of chinese company divise buildings 大多中国公司divise大厦 [translate] 
a祝你们一路顺风,半路失踪 Wishes your Bon Voyage, the halfway is missing [translate] 
aselect what to launch when tapping on 当轻拍时,选择什么发射 [translate] 
awe also use cotton handkerchiefs and not paper ones 我们也使用而不是棉花手帕纸一个 [translate] 
a朋友们都给我带来了礼物,并且送上生日快乐。到了中午,我们吃了喝饮料,吃美味的食物,谈话声,笑声,热闹极了 The friends all have brought the gift to me, and delivers the birthday to be joyful.To the noon, we have eaten have drunk the drink, eats the delicacy food, the buzz of conversation, the laughter, lively extremely [translate] 
a尊敬的住户,你好! The respect inhabitant, hello! [translate] 
a二、必须使用超级管理员登陆的时候,保证不使用和运行任何除了操作系统自带的工具和程序之外的任何东西,而且所有维护都只通过开始菜单里的选项来完成,甚至连使用资源管理器去浏览硬盘都不! 只做做用户和系统的管理和维护就立即退出,而决不多做逗留!(这也是微软的要求,微软最了解自己的东东,他的建议是正确的。浏览硬盘的事,在其他用户身份下你有大把的机会,在超级管理员的身份下还是不要了!!这应该事能完全作到的)。 [translate] 
aAny closed, isolated, and their means of self-isolation practices are eliminated. 隔绝和自已隔离实践他们的手段消灭结束的其中任一。 [translate] 
a赤くなった入力欄の値が不適切です。ご確認ください 变得红色输入专栏的价值是不充分的。请核实 [translate] 
aobjects of legal protection 法律保护对象 [translate] 
a您有几个包裹要办理托运 You have several packages to have to handle consign for shipment [translate] 
a挂档 Hangs the files [translate] 
a:Hey hey hey i miss u. A little bit cold in shabghai. Happy next trip we will go together :嘿嘿嘿我错过U。 稍微寒冷在shabghai。 愉快的下次旅行我们将一起去 [translate] 
apervade 弥漫 [translate]