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May 31 - Millie Vina Dean, "Titanic" was the last survivor (97 years)


May 31 – Millie weina·Dien, "Titan, Nick", the last survivor (age 97)


May 31 – Millie weina·Dien, "Titan, Nick", the last survivor (age 97)


May 31 - Milly vina Deane, "Titanic" finally one of the survivors (97 years old)


On May 31 - - Mi Liwei elegant · Dene, “Titanic” last survivor (97 years old)
apaladin;conviction 战士; 信念 [translate] 
a陈晨,对不起,我爱你 The Chen early morning, sorry, I love you [translate] 
aquestioned why, given the nature of my writings, I continue to call myself [translate] 
a想想我就觉得恶心 Thinks I think disgusting [translate] 
a受过培训的人员将帮助您确定是否是硬件问题及应采取什么必要的措施来解决问题。 Has been helped you the training personnel to determine whether will be the hardware question and should take any essential measure to solve the problem. [translate] 
a众所周知,校园情侣在大学校园里不是什么陌生或是稀奇的人群,他们是随处可见的。大学生都处于20出头的年龄,出于正常心理或生理的需要,寻找情侣是可以理解的。在大学校园这种轻松甚至无聊的氛围里,我们谈一场恋爱可以充实生活,也可以体会人生及陶冶情操。 It is well known, the campus lover in the university campus is not strange perhaps the strange crowd, they are find at everywhere.The university students all are in 20 over ages, stemming from normal psychological or the physiological need, seeks the lover is may understand.In university campus this [translate] 
aStudents check their writing in the model test paper. First individu-ally, the, check in pairs. 学生在式样试纸检查他们的文字。 第一individu- [translate] 
a新的建筑,新的铁轨 New construction, new railway rail [translate] 
adifficult class? 困难的类? [translate] 
a1951年,中华人民共和国教育部和中华全国总工会共同商定,将教师节与“五一”国际劳动节合并一起作为我国教师节。由于种种原因,教师节实际上并未实行。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a3. Verify the explain about the Vector Displacement Map, hold the cursor over the options and observe the tooltips 3. 核实解释关于传染媒介位移地图,拿着游标在选择并且观察tooltips [translate] 
a你来广州多久了? How long did you come Guangzhou? [translate] 
a好心态 好生活 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a亲爱的,我现在在接电话当中..... Dear, I in answer in the middle of now the telephone ..... [translate] 
a我保证既做好家务活,又不耽误学习 I guarantee both complete the housework to live, and does not delay the study [translate] 
ado you have any friends or relatives in Singapore? 您是否有任何朋友或亲戚在新加坡? [translate] 
awwysuzi@gmail.com Google Account, click the link below: wwysuzi@gmail.com Google Account, click the link below: [translate] 
a特种汽车 Special vehicle [translate] 
athief took 窃贼采取了 [translate] 
a全县总人口88万,其中农业人口占93.8%,有18个民族,世居民族有汉、彝、回、苗、壮等。全县辖7个镇、17个乡、372个村委会。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
areservatio reservatio [translate] 
a你才是畜牲 You are the domestic animal [translate] 
a格林先生会游泳吗 Mr. Grimm can swim [translate] 
a读完请讲这封信归还 Reads off please do speak this letter restore [translate] 
a我们是对手也是朋友 We are the match also are the friend [translate] 
a大气循环 General circulation [translate] 
a对谁要求严格 Requests strictly to who [translate] 
aI agree that the information collected via this registration form (including my photograph, if applicable) may be subjected to digital processing by L’Oréal S.A. and its worldwide subsidiaries (list available here). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adrinking a juice 喝汁液 [translate] 
a“Upon my death, please forward this box and its contents to Jack Bernett. It’s the thing I valued most in my life.” A small key was taped to the letter. His heart racing, and tears filling his eyes. Jack carefully unlocked the box. There inside he found a beautiful gold pocket watch. Running his fingers slowly over the “在我的死亡,请寄这个箱子和它的内容给杰克Bernett。 它是我重视多数在我的生活中的事”。 一把小钥匙不折不扣录音了。 他的填装他的眼睛的心脏赛跑和泪花。 杰克仔细地打开了箱子 [translate] 
a与 联系 With relation [translate] 
a独自呆在旅店里 Alone stays in the inn [translate] 
aThe most popular mobile phone shop of a a最普遍的移动电话商店 [translate] 
a生物安全问题已经成为影响整个国家、整个世界政治、经济、安全与和平的关注焦点。 The biological security problem already became the influence entire country, the entire world politics, the economical, the security and peace attention focal point. [translate] 
awish my smile clear off the sky,off all days 祝愿我的微笑明白天空,所有天 [translate] 
a张大锤呀张大锤,操精液 Opens a sledgehammer sledgehammer, holds the seminal fluid [translate] 
a春宵一夜值千金!不要错失良机 A spring evening night of value daughter! Does not want the error good opportunity [translate] 
aЧе за хрень [che)为[khren) [translate] 
a登陆之后上网的时候找到ie,并为它建立一个快捷方式到桌面上,右键单击快捷方式,选择“以其他用户方式运行”点确定!要上网的时候就点这个快捷方式,它会跟你要用户名和密码这时候你就输入user2的用户名和密码!!!好了,现在你可以使用这个打开的窗口去上网了,可以随你便去放心的浏览任何恶毒的、恶意的、网站跟网页,而不必再担心中招了! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a朋友们都给我带来了礼物,并且送上生日快乐。到了中午,我们吃了喝饮料,吃美味的食物,谈话声,笑声,热闹极了 The friends all have brought the gift to me, and delivers the birthday to be joyful.To the noon, we have eaten have drunk the drink, eats the delicacy food, the buzz of conversation, the laughter, lively extremely [translate] 
a就业指导中心助理 Career guidance center assistant [translate] 
a祝你们一路顺风,半路失踪 Wishes your Bon Voyage, the halfway is missing [translate] 
aknow, I can't stay with you forever. I know, I can only do remote missing. I only wish you happy. 知道,我不能永远和您呆在一起。 我知道,我可以只做遥控失踪。 我只祝愿您愉快。 [translate] 
aBorn Free Drinking Cup, Colors May Vary 出生自由水杯,颜色也许变化 [translate] 
aA) motivation B) perspective C) impression D) impact A)刺激 B)透视 C)印象 D)冲击 [translate] 
a服务时间是早上 The service time is the early morning [translate] 
aInvalid first name 无效名字 [translate] 
ait seems that he was here last wek 看起来他这里在前wek [translate] 
a我的父母出差 My parents business trip [translate] 
aFrom Mastery to Drift 从精通到漂泊 [translate] 
aan approach to 一种方法 [translate] 
a我一提到他的名字,母亲就变得很不开心 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你可以保留自主选择的权利,但作为一个成年人,你做事不要冲动 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait seems that he was here last 看起来他这里在前 [translate] 
a我们不期望敷衍工作 We did not expect is perfunctory the work [translate] 
a闷骚男 Stuffy show male [translate] 
a5月31日——米莉维娜·迪恩,“泰坦尼克”号最后一名幸存者(97岁) On May 31 - - Mi Liwei elegant · Dene, “Titanic” last survivor (97 years old) [translate]