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Followed by the emergency room


Followed by the emergency room


Followed by the emergency room


Behind the first aid room


Behind is the first-aid room
a她获救,而他却死了 She is rescued, but he has died actually [translate] 
aFor all of the times that I tried for your smile 我为您的微笑尝试的所有次 [translate] 
a本文简单叙述了拉深得工艺过程 This article narrated the drawing to result in the technological process simply [translate] 
a密会不高兴吗 你有谈过女朋友吗 Secret meeting not happy you have have discussed the girlfriend [translate] 
a清爽可口 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abird flu 鸟流感 [translate] 
a我越长大,我越有责任心 I more grow up, I more have the sense of responsibility [translate] 
ais the key in the lost and found case 是钥匙在失物招领处盒 [translate] 
acommunicate information on the salience of the various objects on the news agenda. Repeated 传达信息关于各种各样的对象的突起在新闻议程中。 重覆 [translate] 
aLike many Americans,after September 1 I felt a bit safer buying Christmas presents over the internet rather than making a long journry to crowded shops. 象许多美国人,在9月1日以后我感觉更加安全的买的圣诞节礼物在互联网而不是做一长journry对拥挤商店。 [translate] 
a我期待你能在未来的学习和工作中取得更大更辉煌的成就 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不怕他 Does not fear him [translate] 
aHe read the phrase slowly. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asay the clever boy with a smile 聪明的男孩说以微笑 [translate] 
aYOU can sweep the person's feet away with your feet,or throw the person over your shoulder if you want to win someone 您能清扫外人的脚与您的脚,或者投掷人在您的肩膀,如果您想要赢取某人 [translate] 
aactually if you believe that will be true but if you dont ...so you can guess 实际上,如果将是真实的您相信,但,如果您不…,因此您能猜测 [translate] 
a拨打1254833找jany Dials 1254833 to look for jany [translate] 
aBlood electrolyte check 血液电解质检查 [translate] 
a蒜蓉黑椒烤小土豆 The garlic hibiscus black pepper roasts the small potato [translate] 
a铁饼抛出万千里 The discus ejects in the great amount [translate] 
anetwork setup 网络设定 [translate] 
aBrand awareness is positively related to brand equity in the B2B services context. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSymmetry-based signal processing circuit techniques play important roles in eliminating the spatial noise injection. Such concept can be extended to the correlated quadrant signaling(CQS) scheme employing an 2*2 array encoding of the signal using four redundant signal paths ao shown in figure 10.12. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你太棒了。你是我的偶像。我永远支持你! Usted era también bueno.Usted es mi ídolo.¡Le apoyo por siempre! [translate] 
aThe production equipment in FMS should be flexible enough to handle a limited variety of part designs 生产设备在FMS应该是足够灵活的处理部分设计有限的品种 [translate] 
aHow much do you miss me? How much do you miss me? [translate] 
a另一些人则认为年轻人没有义务给老人让座 Another some people thought the young people do not have the duty to offer one's seat to somebody to the old person [translate] 
aok, come in and sit down 好进来并且坐下 [translate] 
aso hard for me 那么艰苦为我 [translate] 
a单单在中国 Solely in China [translate] 
a病人处于治疗位后,打开氧气源和笑气源阀门开关; After the patient is in the treatment position, opens the oxygen source and the laughing gas source valve switch; [translate] 
a日本大阪市淀川区木川东3丁目5-15 The japanese Osaka city Yodogawa Ku wooden river 东 3 Chome 5-15 [translate] 
athe weather in Australia is different that of China 天气在澳洲是不同的中国 [translate] 
athis isn't your coat。then,whose is it? 这不是您的外套。然后,是它? [translate] 
a线是面的转折,速写就是无数面和线的转折组合而成。和中国画白描的线不一样,速写要在生活中积极观察生活,敏锐捕捉生活中的新鲜感受,在艺术上要表现出热情和欲望,另一方面又与艺术创作紧紧想连接,贴近生活,熟悉自然,增强默写能力和构图能力,为艺术创作打下一个良好的基础。 [translate] 
a教书是很繁重的工作,但我认为这份工作值得我全心投入 Teaching is the very arduous work, but I thought this work is worth my entire heart investing [translate] 
aaunts and uncles will all miss you! 伯母和伯父将所有错过您! [translate] 
arestart race 再开始种族 [translate] 
alanvender lanvender [translate] 
a为纪念 For commemoration [translate] 
a引导学生完成搭配连线 Guides the student to complete the matching segment [translate] 
a对于交通区,成份1解释的因子为铬、铜、汞、镍、锌;成份2解释的因子为镉、铅;成份3解释的因子为砷。铜、铅和锌主要来自交通污染,其中,锌来源于汽车轮胎的老化磨损、 汽油、车体的磨损等,铜污染大多因为汽油、车体的磨损等,铅来源于汽车尾气排放, 车灯汞灯等气体放电灯的广泛使用,这使得表层土壤中汞的含量远远超标。汞多用于汽车的燃煤因子,在燃煤过程中产生大量废气。与Hg污染来源相似,砷污染主要来源于燃煤源。 Regarding communication zone, ingredient 1 explanation factor for chromium, c [translate] 
a有一百多个来自世界的名胜古迹。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe are cool to the touch with thready pulses 他是凉快的到接触以细微的脉冲 [translate] 
aHow do they look not importantly, so long as we thought has been good, 怎么他们不重要地看,只要我们认为是好, [translate] 
aplease get ready to exit from the right side 请准备好从右边退出 [translate] 
a我们在那里打闹了很久 We have created a disturbance very for a long time in there [translate] 
astill have to go and make plays 仍然必须suppletion并且是戏剧 [translate] 
a我很爱我的爸爸,也很感激他为我做的一切 I love me very much the daddy, also is very grateful he all which does for me
a下面显示的是 Following demonstration is [translate] 
a危及自己的生命 Endangers own life [translate] 
a我已经无所适从的人们 I was already at a loss how to proceed people
afor how many nights? 多少夜? [translate] 
a我国的人口数量已经远远超出了土地的承载量 Our country's population quantity has already far exceeded the land load-bearing capacity [translate] 
a我认为我们对生活应该具有积极乐观,坚强的态度。同时还要注意低碳生活。 I thought we should have positively optimistic, the strong manner to the life.Simultaneously also must pay attention to the low-carbon life. [translate] 
a杨雪电话停机了 Yang snow telephone engine off [translate] 
a后面是急救室 Behind is the first-aid room [translate]