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aVarious tests and testing machines are used to detemine the mechanical properties 其中一些物产是重音和张力之间的关系,弹性、力量、延展性、可锻性、坚硬、易碎性、蠕动和韧性。 [translate] 
aI care about myself 我对我自己关心 [translate] 
a麻烦你先去收费处交钱 Troubles you to go to the toll house payment first [translate] 
a位居三甲之列 한편으로는 생활의 가락은 가속화한다 [translate] 
amodern opto 现代opto [translate] 
a我是你什么 I am your any [translate] 
a我妈妈,一个善良,勤劳,脾气又好,疼爱孩子的人,为什么上天这么残忍要带她走 My mother, a goodness, industrious, the temperament also is good, dotes on the child the human, why ascends the sky such cruelly must lead her to walk [translate] 
a符号% Mark % [translate] 
a家承载着幸福、快乐。家,使我们成长的避风港。当我们遇到困难时,就跑回家向爸爸妈妈诉说自己烦恼,那时你会发现爸爸妈妈的眼睛里充满了鼓励和安慰,这会使你有充满了勇气和挑战困难的信心,这是你心里会说;有一个家真好啊。 Family load bearing happiness, joyful.The family, causes the haven which we grow.When we encounter the difficulty, paohui the family to father and mother related oneself worry, you could discover at that time in father and mother's eye has filled the encouragement and the comfort, this could enable [translate] 
awell,Mary,how are you 很好,玛丽,怎么样您 [translate] 
a叫贝拉 Calls Beira [translate] 
a重大危险源管理档案 Significant dangerous source management file [translate] 
a你在看什么电影 You are watching any movie [translate] 
aMixed Modeling 混杂塑造 [translate] 
aC Intermediate Language C中间语言 [translate] 
awoot!your device is rooted! woot! 您的设备根源! [translate] 
a我认为这种观点应该被改变 I thought this viewpoint should change [translate] 
acadinhos de cuarzo 石英cadinhos [translate] 
a我的世界我 My world I [translate] 
adeem to 视为 [translate] 
a从那时开始 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a难道昨天是个意外吗? Yesterday was an accident? [translate] 
a寺庙可提供给游客素餐,游客可以在寺庙过夜 The temple may provide to the tourist the vegetarian meal, the tourist may in the temple over night [translate] 
a悉尼歌剧院被认为是世界最独具创意的建筑设计之一,歌剧院从1957年开始,历时17年,耗资相当于12亿人民币建成。歌剧院分为歌剧院、音乐厅、戏剧院和游乐场和小型音乐演奏厅五部分,此外,还有展览、录音、酒吧、餐厅等大小房间900个。实际上是一座可以满足多种需要的文化中心。 Sydney Opera house was considered is the world is most alone one of creativity architectural designs, the opera house started from 1957, lasted for 17 years, the wasting assets is equal in 1,200,000,000 Renminbi completes.The opera house divides into the opera house, the music hall, the play theater [translate] 
a感情生活 感情生活 [translate] 
aPlease peel off this mask AFTER application after application compeleted 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhat do you think your family will do when you told them about me, I am not from Asia you know do you think it will be a problem for u 什么您认为您的家庭将做,当您告诉了他们关于我,我不来自您认识您认为它将是一个问题为u的亚洲 [translate] 
apeople who eat balanced diet should be healthier than those who only eat biscuists and hamburgers, shouldn't they 吃平衡饮食的人们比只吃biscuists和汉堡包的那些人应该健康,不应该他们 [translate] 
a我能和你办事吗 I can make love with you [translate] 
acostovertebral costovertebral [translate] 
a在世界5 大饮料产品中,可口可乐一家公司就占了4 个品种:可口可乐、健怡可口可乐、芬达和雪碧(另一家是百事可乐)。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a星期六我们七点半准时到校门口集合准备一起去野餐 Saturday our seven and half as punctually together go to the picnic as the school gate mouth set preparation [translate] 
aPhoto Competition 相片竞争 [translate] 
apermissive 许可 [translate] 
ahave some news to tell you 有一些新闻告诉您 [translate] 
a食堂怎么走 How does the cafeteria walk [translate] 
aAt first, reports of serious damage were received. These led to a sharp rise in the price of coffee, which had not been a highly profitable crop. Growers in other countries made extra efforts to increase their exports to profit from the expected shortage. However, they were hampered by smugglers who wished to avoid gov [translate] 
a叶儿耙 Ye Erba [translate] 
a我最喜欢的季节是秋天。 秋天的气候凉爽宜人,没有夏天那么热,也没有冬天那么冷。秋天还是丰收的季节,稻田里金黄的稻谷都成熟了。在阳光的照射下金灿灿的一片,枫树上掉下来了一片片红红的枫叶,像美丽的蝴蝶一样在空中翩翩起舞。秋天是美丽的,是快乐的!我喜欢秋天 Je les la plupart comme la saison est l'automne. Plaisant frais de climat d'automne, n'a pas l'été qui chauffent, également n'a pas l'hiver à être si froid.Automne ou la saison abondante de moisson, dans le paddy de riz le riz vêtu jaune d'or était tout mûr.Sous l'illumination de lumière du soleil p [translate] 
aDaudet Daudet [translate] 
a9. 报警器:在某一组气源低于0.2MPa或完全缺失时报警。 9. Alarm apparatus: Is lower than 0.2MPa or the complete flaw when some group of gas source reports to the police. [translate] 
apractical writing 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ablueberries 蓝莓 [translate] 
a太幸福了 Too happy [translate] 
ai love this place to kiss 我爱这个地方亲吻 [translate] 
a还有一位好朋友 Also some good friend [translate] 
amy house does not have a woman's touch 我的房子没有妇女的接触 [translate] 
a对于我们中的大多数人来说,一杯温馨的咖啡,仅仅是一种无害的享受方式,不多也不少。为了身体健康,我们要少喝咖啡。 Regarding us in the majority people, a warm coffee, are merely one kind harmless enjoy the way, are not many many also.For the health, we must little drink the coffee. [translate] 
a8:00 a.m.在校门口 8:00 a.m. in school gate mouth [translate] 
aNo matter what happens,don't forget breath 不管发生,不要忘记呼吸 [translate] 
a我林鸿芳要的快乐就是你快乐! My Lin Hongfang wants joyfully is you is joyful! [translate] 
aAn integrated Data Envelopment Analysis–Artificial Neural Network–Rough Set Algorithm for assessment of personnel efficiency 一种联合数据包封分析人为神经系统的网络粗砺的集合算法为对人员效率的评估 [translate] 
aNow a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts 现在一位教授在艺术的中央学院 [translate] 
a2.7.1亲水性乳化剂 2.7.1 water affinity emulsifier [translate] 
a清华大学 Qinghua University [translate] 
atake advantage of充分利用太阳能是节约能源的有效途径 take advantage of fully saves the energy effective way using the solar energy [translate] 
astudded with blueberries 散布用蓝莓 [translate]