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The National Palace Museum has a long history, a former Emperor's residence and Office place


The National Palace Museum has a long history, a former Emperor's residence and Office place


The Palace has a long history in the past is that the emperor living and office space


The Imperial Palace history is glorious, before is emperor lives and the work place
a在实习期间严格要求自己,对各科室的常见病、多发病的发病特点、临 床表现、治疗方法有较全面的掌握。 In practice period requests strictly oneself, to various administrative offices common disease, frequently-occurring disease morbidity characteristic, the clinical manifestation, the method of treatment has comprehensive grasping. [translate] 
aBlack`Stockings 黑`长袜 [translate] 
a虽然这报道以事实为依据 但我们没有人相信 But although this report take fact as basis our nobody trust
aangola e um pais com paisagens di muita beleza natural e de recursos variados 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aOver the past 150 years,we have added huge amounts of certain gases,especially carbon dioxide to the air. 在过去150年,我们增加了巨额某些气体,特别是二氧化碳对空气。 [translate] 
a乘私家车 While private vehicle [translate] 
a随着不断成长 Along with grows unceasingly [translate] 
aWe were all surprised when he made it clear that he would leave office soon. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a罗伯特·赫尔曼(Robert Hellmann)是纽约一位就业指导,其最近接待的一名客户是一位高级人力资源经理,其简历令人印象深刻。这位客户已从业20年,上一份工作管理着30名员工,并支配着1,000万美元的预算。但是,他发觉自己现在不想再承受来自高级职位的压力。相反,他要争取一份只需要8年工作经验和极少管理职责的工作。 [translate] 
amarble fixing marble fixing [translate] 
a天空阴云密布 Sky overcast sky [translate] 
aBeijing Branch of Houlder China Insurance Brokers Ltd. Houlder中国有限公司保险经纪人北京分支。 [translate] 
aI promise you I"ll never hide [translate] 
a在公园得左边 In park left side [translate] 
a大阿拉伯利比亚人民社会主义民众国 Arabic Libya people socialism populace country [translate] 
alet is go 让去 [translate] 
a昨天下午,是她妈妈给她打得电话 Yesterday in the afternoon, was her mother makes the phone call to her [translate] 
a我代表全体员工向你表示歉意 I express the apology on behalf of all staff to you
a霸主 Overlord [translate] 
a这样的行为应该受到尊敬而不是鄙视 But such behavior should receive the respect is not despises [translate] 
aFull refund if cancelled more than 7 days before arrival 全部退款,如果在到来之前取消超过7天 [translate] 
a我们貌似不适合吧 We apparent do not suit [translate] 
a真正爱上一个人的时候,一切都那么值得,包括不可避免的伤害 真實地愛上人的時間,值得的所有,包括不可避免的傷害 [translate] 
al,long,have,hair l,长,有,头发 [translate] 
aNever sacrifice who you are because someone has a problem with it. Never sacrifice who you are because someone has a problem with it. [translate] 
a周末我们家里人可以一起去超市买东西 Weekend our family member may go to the supermarket to go shopping together [translate] 
a经济水平 Economical level [translate] 
a我们越忙,我们就越快乐 We are busier, we are more joyful [translate] 
a英语歌曲 English song [translate] 
a我爸爸在医院工作,医院离家很远,他每天开车去上班,大约花40分钟 My daddy in the hospital work, the hospital leaves home very far, he drives every day goes to work, probably spends 40 minutes [translate] 
al’m thinking ofyou l' m thinking ofyou [translate] 
a加强对醉酒驾车的检查 Strengthens inspection which drives to the alcoholic intoxication [translate] 
aIn effect, he has fallen on his sword for the Party. David Miliband said the priority was to allow his brother to make a success of leading Labour: “I believe this will be harder if there is constant comparison with my comments and position as a member of the shadow cabinet.” 实际上,他跌倒了他的剑为党。 大卫Miliband认为优先权是允许他的兄弟做成功主导的劳方: “我相信这将是更加坚硬的,如果有与我的评论和位置的恒定的比较作为影子内阁的成员”。 [translate] 
ado not misunderstand me 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLao是三十四岁 Lao is 34 years old [translate] 
amacintosh users prever to use skype and yahoo its saver macintosh使用skype和雅虎的用户prever它的救星 [translate] 
a材料:肥皂(也可用牙膏代替)、酒精(也可用含酒精的香水或白酒代替); Material: The soap (also available toothpaste replaces), the ethyl alcohol (also available replaces including ethyl alcohol perfume or white liquor); [translate] 
awhy doesn’t beth choose the blue suit 为什么beth不选择蓝色适合 [translate] 
athere is a something wrong with your hands 错误有某事用您的手 [translate] 
a尊敬父母是中华民族的传统美德,因为父母是养育我们、教育我们、在我们陷入困境时帮我们摆脱困境,给我们无微不至的关爱。所以我们应该回报父母。在父母生日时亲自做饭给他们吃;平日有空多帮父母做更多的家务;学会独立,别在外面惹事,少让父母为我们担心等 Respects the parents is Chinese nation's traditional moral excellence, because the parents are raise us, educate us, falls into the difficult position when us helps us to get rid of the difficult position, for us meticulous showing loving concern.Therefore we should repay the parents.When parents bi [translate] 
a这些年里,我见你一直努力学习,非常钦佩 In these years, I see you to study continuously diligently, admires extremely [translate] 
ado my best 做我最佳 [translate] 
a以下是我担任小记者参与的活动 The following is I holds the post of the activity which young reporter participation [translate] 
auntied dispatch 被解开的急件 [translate] 
a侵犯 Infringement [translate] 
a出生于1987年1月18日 Was born in January 18, 1987 [translate] 
a美国学生和中国学生应该取长补短共同进步 The American students and the Chinese student should make up for one's deficiency by learning from others' strong points progress together
a谁有时间谁就去干家务 Who has time who to do the housework [translate] 
a上帝是个女孩 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a下周五单车课 Next Friday bicycle class [translate] 
aunknown Hard Error 未知的硬错误 [translate] 
atype 类型 [translate] 
aOH!Money Money Go MY Home! OH! 金钱金钱去我的家! [translate] 
a愿你的青春美丽常在 Hopes your youth beautifully often in [translate] 
a我从梦中醒来 I wake from the dream
amarketer’s to-do list. 去市场的人的对列出。 [translate] 
a故宫历史悠久,以前是皇帝居住和办公的地方 The Imperial Palace history is glorious, before is emperor lives and the work place [translate]