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a有,但是我是说中文 Has, but I mean Chinese [translate] 
aebony 3atm waterproof stainless steel 乌木3atm防水不锈钢 [translate] 
a你为什么不去找房地产经纪人? Why don't you look for the house agent? [translate] 
a每个人的心底都有属于自己的梦想 Each person's moral nature all has belongs to own dream [translate] 
a巴黎凯旋门坐落在巴黎市中心星形广场(现称戴高乐将军广场)的中央,12条大街以凯旋门为中心,向四周辐射,气势磅礴,形似星光四射。 The Paris Arc De Triomphe is situated in the Paris town center star type square (presently called General De Gaulle square) the central committee, 12 avenues take the Arc De Triomphe as the centers, to all around radiates, with overpowering momentum, takes the form of the star light four to shoot. [translate] 
a请拯救我 Please save me [translate] 
aalways moving music 总移动的音乐 [translate] 
ahousin 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSince then, not love 从那以后,不是爱 [translate] 
asorry , I can't let you do anything for me no longer 抱歉,我不可能让您不再做任何东西为我 [translate] 
a出现这个问题的原因我想是因为人类过度使用资源和政府政策问题吧。我相信只要人人都给这些老人更多的关爱,世界将会更加美好。 Has this problem the reason I to want to be because the humanity uses the resources and the government policy question excessively.I believed so long as everybody all give these old person more showing loving concern, the world will be able to be happier.
aAntarctic Circle 南极圈 [translate] 
aAction:首先,面对自己亟需成长指导,及团队中新人和老人不熟的问题,我积极组织跑步小组,每天晚上10点积极组织家人们出来跑步,期间家人们就成长性问题,心里的困惑,今后的方向进行了多次的沟通,增强了我的自信心,并且我主动教家人们保健操,每天十点四十跑完步的时候,你就会看见一批人在操场上做操,我得认真与不懈得到了跑步小组家人们的认可,他们开始觉得,我是一个靠谱的人! Action: First, urgently must grow the instruction facing oneself, and in the team the new person and the old person not ripe question, I organize to jog positively the group, every evening 10 o'clock organizes the family members to come out positively jogs, the period family members on the expanding [translate] 
aSIC Silian SQE Name SIC Silian SQE名字 [translate] 
a每位同学都希望自己具有良好的人际关系 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a铭牌 Data plate [translate] 
aHow Can I do That? 我怎么可以做那? [translate] 
a今天的表现太完美了,我真为你骄傲 Today performance too has been perfect, I am really arrogant for you [translate] 
a我们很高兴地告知贵方,上述由“红星”号轮船运来的货物已经安全抵达我方。 We inform the expensive side very happily, above the cargo which the steamboat ships in by “the red star” already is safe arrives at us. [translate] 
a당신을 사랑하는 설명하지는 않는다는 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI works in a factory I工作在工厂 [translate] 
aThe Note is issued with the benefit of and subject to the terms and conditions attached hereto which shall form an integral part of this Certificate. 笔记发布与将形成这份证明的整体部分至此附上的和受期限和条件支配的好处。 [translate] 
aFig. 3. Experimental platform 。 3. 实验性平台 [translate] 
aacclimatization 风土化 [translate] 
a总有一款适合你 Always some section suits you [translate] 
a肩宽 裤长 裤档 The shoulder wide trousers are long Trousers files [translate] 
atwelve years old 十二年 [translate] 
aACEx™ [translate] 
ahead and shoulders 首肩 [translate] 
a照明设施 Illumination facility [translate] 
aif i go crazy will you still call me 如果我变疯狂意志仍然您告诉我 [translate] 
a以至于我非常想念祖父母 I think of the paternal grandparents extremely [translate] 
a这些伤痛让中国人永远铭记在心 These grief let the Chinese forever engrave on mind [translate] 
aI,for me,an far from ready to online course for my learning 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBig Tits In Uniform ? Brooke Banner (Welcum My Geisha) July 28th 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我很害怕来开这个世界 My very fear opens this world [translate] 
aDon't say you love me when I am sad! 不要说您爱我,当我是哀伤的时! [translate] 
a很丢脸 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atruthfully this has been easily the best thing to ever happen to me 真实地这容易地是发生的最佳的事在我身上 [translate] 
aNanjing Innovation Center will be a living lab for learning and testing 南京创新中心将是一个生存实验室为学会和测试 [translate] 
a2011年十月27日 On October 27, 2011 [translate] 
a社会主义新农村建设中出现的问题及研究对策 In the socialism new rural reconstruction appears question and research countermeasure [translate] 
a我也会伤心难过 I also can sad sad [translate] 
a她们指出 They pointed out [translate] 
a我们要有充足的睡眠 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a评估表 Appraises the table [translate] 
alook at this man what is he doing 看这个人什么是他做 [translate] 
aAlibaba Group Trade Alert Alibaba小组贸易戒备 [translate] 
abottork bottork [translate] 
aIt it easier enough for me 它它足够容易对我 [translate] 
a我相信你会在这次的比赛中表现得很出色 I believed you can display very much in this time competition splendidly [translate] 
aLook,this is his photo. he istall 看,这是他的相片。 他istall [translate] 
awhen you travel in hong kong,you must know that the traffic goes on the left 当您在香港时旅行,您必须知道交通在左边去 [translate] 
aI won't be a momment 我不会是momment [translate] 
a  在Windows操作系统中还有一类文件也相当重要,这就是扩展名为DLL的动态链接库文件,这些文件从性质上来讲是属于共享类文件,也就是说,一个DLL文件可能会有多个软件在运行时需要调用它。如果我们在删除一个应用软件的时候,该软件的反安装程序会记录它曾经安装过的文件并准备将其逐一删去,这时候就容易出现被删掉的动态链接库文件同时还会被其它软件用到的情形,如果丢失的链接库文件是比较重要的核心链接文件的话,那么系统就会死机,甚至崩溃。我们可用工具软件如“超级兔仔”对无用的DLL文件进行删除,这样会避免误删除。 [translate] 
aI think Qingdao is the best place for you and your family to go on vacation .Qingdao is a very beautiful city . You can do a lot of exercise there, such as hiking along the coast .It will become a more attractive place in summer. We can help you book an inexpensive room with three beds. Many local people there run that 我认为青岛是最佳的地方为了您和您的家庭能去休假。青岛是一个非常美丽的城市。 您能做很多锻炼那里,例如远足沿海。它在夏天将成为一个更加有吸引力的地方。 我们可以帮助您预定一间低廉屋子与三张床。 那里许多地方人跑那% [translate] 
a  【BIOS升级失败】 [translate]