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atreat you unfairly 对待您不合理地 [translate] 
aThis section of the site requires the use of cookies. You will need to reconfigure your browser settings to accept cookies in order to participate to the survey. 站点的这个部分要求对曲奇饼的用途。 您将需要重新构造您的浏览器设定接受曲奇饼为了参与到勘测。 [translate] 
arun nineteen to the dozen 跑十九到十二 [translate] 
aPull line puppet 拉扯线木偶 [translate] 
asmoothing parameter 使参量光滑 [translate] 
a.-Shall we sit up here on the grass or down there near the water?A I’d rather stay here if you don’t mind. . -我们将坐直这里在草或下来那里在水附近?如果您不介意,我宁可会呆在这里。 [translate] 
aabout ten year ago,i stay at a hotel 关于10年前,我停留在旅馆 [translate] 
aSddSUpdate v1.0.0.2 sddsupdate V1。 0.0.2 [translate] 
a灭绝人性 Inhuman [translate] 
a我们能不能在一起? Can we in the same place? [translate] 
aSkills profile against detailed objectives? Were you able to match your existing skills and abilities against the requirements of your chosen next steps? Did you find this process difficult? Were you able to identify development priorities? 技能描出反对详细的宗旨? 您能匹配您现有的技能和能力反对您选上的以下步骤的要求? 您是否发现了这个过程困难? 您能辨认发展优先权? [translate] 
a救援人员为房屋毁坏的人建避难所。 The rescue group constructs the refuge shelter for the house destruction person. [translate] 
a‘Please, sir,’ Jones answered, ‘I can only answer your first question. I have not been listening.’ `请,先生’,琼斯被回答, `我可以只回答您的第一个问题。 我未听着’。 [translate] 
a成功总是伴随着孤独的 The success is always following lonely [translate] 
a他在周末做神魔 他有时候看电视 He makes the god evil spirit in the weekend Sometimes he watches the television [translate] 
a我英文很差 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLcc丶 off Lcc丶 on Lcc丶Lcc丶 [translate] 
amixed ensemble 混杂的合奏 [translate] 
aSometimes you need to look back, otherwise you will never know what you have lost in the way of forever searching 有时您需要看,否则您不会知道什么您丢失了用方式永远搜寻 [translate] 
a都是新的课堂 但这节课让我尤其印象深刻 But all is the new classroom this class lets my impression be especially profound [translate] 
aseductive comfort 诱人的舒适 [translate] 
a所以我认为在别人越到困难的时候,我们应该勇于帮助别人,绝不做冷漠的人 Therefore I thought more arrives in others is difficult, we should dare to help others, is not the indifferent person [translate] 
a火腿煎双蛋 The ham fries the double egg [translate] 
askipping a month assits analysis of mediumterm momentum effect separately from the influence of one-month reversal 分开地跳对中期动量作用的月assits分析与1个月的逆转的影响 [translate] 
a这是一个令人感到放松的夜晚。 This is one makes one feel the relaxation the night. [translate] 
a本周末我有太多家庭作业要做 This weekend I have the too many homework to have to do [translate] 
a– Hit it.' © The Blues Brothers. -击中它。‘©蓝色兄弟。 [translate] 
a用写信的方式或者是家庭会议 With the way which writes a letter or is the family conference [translate] 
a你的被子在哪? Your quilt in? [translate] 
a务必去看多利画廊的这次画展 Looks at the multi-advantage decorated corridor by all means must this art exhibition [translate] 
aLucy's ruler is length than long Lucy的统治者比长期是长度 [translate] 
a大家相信这是他的真正意图 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhen you put yourself last on the priority list 当您最后在优先表投入了自己 [translate] 
a这个消息是我们很沮丧 This news is we is very depressed [translate] 
aWe, forever and ever [translate] 
a短头发 Short hair [translate] 
aYou can help me apply for a United States electronic mailbox do? 您可帮助我申请电子邮箱的美国? [translate] 
anothing is lmpossible 什么都不lmpossible [translate] 
a不要紧张,要冷静,做一些你知道关于病人知识的常识 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aUse of imatinib mesylate is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to imatinib. 对imatinib mesylate的用途在有过敏症的病人contraindicated对imatinib。 [translate] 
aThe young man wants to buy the elephant. 年轻人想要买大象。 [translate] 
ais your basketball team the in Nanjing 是您的蓝球队在南京 [translate] 
a傻老公 Silly husband [translate] 
aThe pledgor is fully aware that the company has entered into the copperation agreement pledgor知道充分地公司达成了协议copperation [translate] 
aDon,t love anything Don, t love anything [translate] 
a其汤肥而不腻,有油不见油。入口绵香厚醇、唇齿留香,余味悠长。其主菜以豆腐、时令青菜、猪血、扁粉条为主。配伍合理,营养丰富。 But its Tang Fei is not greasy, has the oil not to see the oil.The entrance wadding fragrant thick mellow, the lips and teeth keep the fragrance, the pleasant after-impression are long.Its piece de resistance by bean curd, season green vegetables, pig blood, flat starch noodles primarily.Blends reas [translate] 
a自恋、自苦、自负、自轻、自弃、自伤、自恨、自利、自私、自顾、自反、自欺加自杀,都是因为自己。自用、自在、自行、自助、自足、自信、自律、自爱、自得、自觉、自新、自卫、自由和自然,也都仍是出于自己。自己是什么?自己是谁?自己是自己的吗?——三毛《自己》 The narcissism, brings worry and misery on oneself, is proud lightly, from, from abandons, the self-inflicted injury, from hates, the self-interest, selfishly, from to give a thought to, examining oneself, to deceive self adds the suicide, all is because of own.Uses for oneself, comfortable, volunta [translate] 
ajust caII me and I make your day. 正义caII我和我做您的天。 [translate] 
a大野狼追到老二家门前停了下来,心想:你们以为木头房子就能难住我吗?它用力向大门撞去。“哗啦”一声,木头房子被撞倒了。 [translate] 
aLeft side found the alley 左边发现了胡同 [translate] 
a功能强大,扩展性能强,第三方软件支持多。 The function is formidable, expansion performance, the third party software supports many. [translate] 
aPhD graduate degree PhD硕士学位 [translate] 
a拼图玩具 Jigsaw puzzle [translate] 
a法国革命时期出现的吕布兰法制碱,标志着化学工业的诞生。到19世纪70年代,制碱、硫酸、化肥、煤化工等都已有了相当的规模,化学工业在19世纪出现了许多杰出的成就。 The French revolution time appears the Leblanc process system alkali, symbolizes the chemical industry birth.To the 19th century 70's, makes the alkali, the sulfuric acid, the chemical fertilizer, the coal chemical industry and so on all had the suitable scale, the chemical industry appeared many ou [translate] 
a幸福是相对的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请举一个例子 Please cite an example [translate] 
ait's getting late 它晚了得到 [translate]