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Maintain a diet balanced


Maintain a diet balanced


Maintain a diet balanced


The maintenance diet is balanced
amy mother cooks three meals for us every day 我的母亲烹调三饭食为我们每天 [translate] 
aRacecar LSHIFT + 3 Racecar LSHIFT + 3 [translate] 
a如果我是一名发明家,我会发明一种汽车。如果有人喝酒后要开车,那么这种车的神奇特点就显露出来了。驾驶这种车的人,只要喝了酒,不管用什么方法都别想让它动一动。如果你没酒后驾驶,这种车就能行驶。如果发现有车快要和它撞上的时候,它会启动自动躲避系统,带你安全的穿过那辆车。这样世界上就再也没有交通事故了。 If I am an inventor, I can invent one kind of automobile.If after some people drink want to drive, then this kind of vehicle mysterious characteristic revealed.Drives this kind of vehicle human, so long as drank, no matter all do not want to let it with any method move.If after you do not have the l [translate] 
aI love you and more 我爱你和更多 [translate] 
a现在人们开车去上班 Now the people drive go to work [translate] 
a东方电气 Eastern electricity [translate] 
aSuperconductivity in α-boron at Mbar pressure 超导性在α硼以Mbar压力 [translate] 
a清楚 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aToday, Beijing is building one of the largest, most modern subway systems in the world, benefiting from all the computer technology created in the West, in order to serve an exploding urban population. 今天,北京是楼一最大,多数现代地铁系统在世界上,受益于在西方创造的所有计算机科技,为了服务爆炸的城市人口。 [translate] 
a克服中式英语表达 Overcomes the Chinese type English expression [translate] 
adirection for change, and to let oneself drift 方向為變動,和讓自己漂移 [translate] 
a他们开会讨论了最近医学方面的一些进展 They held a meeting to discuss recent medicine aspect some progress [translate] 
a我们会在5-8天安全地把产品送到世界各地。 We can all deliver in 5-8 Tianan the product world each place. [translate] 
a是小学毕业 Is the elementary school graduation [translate] 
aCasual dating for people who are fun 偶然约会为是乐趣的人 [translate] 
a人类应尽自己最大的努力来防止这些污染,多多植树造林,不乱扔废弃物。 The humanity should own biggest prevent diligently these pollution, the very much afforestation, does not throw the reject. [translate] 
a假如你是班长,请根据下面的细节,写一个100字以内的通告: If you are class leader, please act according to following detail, writes in 100 characters the circular: [translate] 
a* Windows Vista Service Pack 2 [translate] 
a看些搞笑的节目对你是好的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a但返货部分的3200支于2011年1季度返还 But returns the goods part 3200 the 1st quarter to return in 2011 [translate] 
aStanislaw Lem - Martin Held Stanislaw Lem -马丁被拿着 [translate] 
a另外需要说明,如果其中的m个源信号并不充分稀疏,或者是不稀疏,此方法同样适合,但此时的混叠矩阵A将很难估计得到。 Moreover the need showed, if m source signal not full sparse, or is not sparse, this method suits similarly, but this time aliasing matrix A very will be difficult to estimate will obtain. [translate] 
a确信无疑地,你帮忙并使我拥有“幸运”成为可能 The confident undoubtedly, you help and enable me to have “luckily” possibly become [translate] 
aWith Commentary 以评论 [translate] 
a他们企图逃跑 They attempt to escape [translate] 
amaiden 国家 [translate] 
a爱的承诺,会在夜空中,成为辰星的嘱托,我的辰星,在哪? 帖当を、できたり、なる水星は夜の空で、私の水星依託するために、愛するか。 [translate] 
avery cold here 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a高档的五金,包包手腕带与包身衔接处采用高档的五金,手腕带可拆卸,使包包使用起来更方便。 The upscale hardware, the pocket skill belt uses the upscale hardware with the package of body engagement place, the skill belt is dismantable, causes the pocket to use conveniently. [translate] 
ashe is athlet than Mary 她比玛丽是athlet [translate] 
a中国是个漂亮的地方并且有许多景点 And China is an attractive place has many scenic spots [translate] 
ataste sth 口味sth [translate] 
a也使我非常的佩服你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我希望,我近期可以再去一次 I hoped that, I might again go to one time in the near future [translate] 
a你好!主任,现在黎老师情况怎么样了? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a最后,学习是为了什么?不就是为了以后更好的生活吗,但是如果你现在身体就完了的话,以后更好的生活又能怎样呢,你身体不好的话,学习还有什么用呢. Finally, is the study for what? Will not be for the later good life, but if you now body on, how later will the good life be able, your body not good speech, the study also to have any to use. [translate] 
a其汤肥而不腻,有油不见油。入口绵香厚醇、唇齿留香,余味悠长。其主菜以豆腐、时令青菜、猪血、扁粉条为主。配伍合理,营养丰富。 But its Tang Fei is not greasy, has the oil not to see the oil.The entrance wadding fragrant thick mellow, the lips and teeth keep the fragrance, the pleasant after-impression are long.Its piece de resistance by bean curd, season green vegetables, pig blood, flat starch noodles primarily.Blends reas [translate] 
aDian child Dian孩子 [translate] 
a傻老公 Silly husband [translate] 
afalling down 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afairly fundamental ways 相当根本方式 [translate] 
a一路走回来 A group walks [translate] 
a不要紧张,要冷静,做一些你知道关于病人知识的常识 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou can help me apply for a United States electronic mailbox do? 您可帮助我申请电子邮箱的美国? [translate] 
aWhat are your thoughts on the NEO brand in comparison to the other brands within the adidas Group portfolio, and what do you think of its future outlook in the China market? 什么是您的想法在新品牌与其他品牌比较在adidas小组股份单之内,并且你认为它的未来外型怎么样在中国市场上? [translate] 
aplease make sure whether all the “press button” set up already。 [translate] 
aselect Gender 选择性别 [translate] 
aexcept for the nurses conplaining about having to work 除了conplaining关于必须的护士工作 [translate] 
a年轻的时候做了很多错事,可年轻有错么? 年轻没有错,错在年轻! Young time has made very many wrong things, but has the mistake young? Young not wrong, wrong in young! [translate] 
aAMD VISION Engine control center AMD视觉发动机控制中心 [translate] 
aLucy and Lily are twins.They a few Lucy和百合是孪生。他们一些 [translate] 
afolaly folaly [translate] 
aYou are cold and nasty.You have no heart or soul,what a life. 您是冷和讨厌的。您没有心脏或灵魂,生活。 [translate] 
a美化 Beautification [translate] 
a在干嘛呢。 Is doing. [translate] 
a保持饮食平衡 The maintenance diet is balanced [translate]