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networked platforms
ahow are you getting along with mike 怎么是与话筒相处的您 [translate] 
a多情さの古来より暇な恨み、 多感觉从古老时期消遣时间怜惜, [translate] 
aYou found me standing,among the crowded street in rainy days,and you were just standing ,as people were running trying to avoid the rain. 您在雨天找到我站立,在拥挤街道之中,并且您是正义身分,因为人们跑设法避免雨。 [translate] 
aWe fulfilled each game. And I am very happy to be the first member of them. All of these give me a wonderful time. I consider it as the most important one 我们履行了每场比赛。 并且我是非常愉快是第一名成员的他们。 所有这些给我美妙的时光。 我它把最重要一个 [translate] 
asay goodbey to my first love.bestwish to you. if i can see you in the nesttime.i think i can smeily 言goodbey对我的第一love.bestwish对您。 如果我能看您在nesttime.i认为我能smeily [translate] 
aMiley Cyrus-The Climb Miley Cyrus-The攀登 [translate] 
a那么,大学生就业难在哪里呢?原因是多方面的,但毕业生本身的问题也不能忽视。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a产量领先 The output is in the lead [translate] 
apartnership is held liable for any wrongful act or omission which is acted by partners in the ordinary course of the partnership business. 合作举行对由伙伴在合作事务的普通的路线行动的所有不正当行为或遗漏负责。 [translate] 
a你的自行车怎么了 你的自行车怎么了 [translate] 
aGod's Angel 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aover there hundred years ago shah jehan built the taj mahal as a tomb for hie wife 一百年前shah jehan在那建立了taj mahal作为一个坟茔为hie妻子 [translate] 
asign in with the game center 签到与游戏中心 [translate] 
aWhen other people say you are beautiful, I would say that they have good taste. Meaning that they have good eyes to see such a beauty. 当其他人言您美好时,我说他们有好口味。 意味他们有好眼睛看这样秀丽。 [translate] 
a整个国家的人都被这则令人震惊的消息震惊了 Entire national people all by this then the shocking news shocked [translate] 
a你怎么还不睡觉啊? Don't you how sleep? [translate] 
a确定新的学习生活目标 Determines the new study life goal [translate] 
a蒜子烧牛蛙 Garlic sub-fever bullfrog [translate] 
a暑假旅游的意义很大 Summer vacation travels the significance is very big [translate] 
a销售技术支持工程师 The sales technique supports engineer [translate] 
a3. Compare the U. S. A. university system with the English educational system in Shantou University. You will need to research and brainstorm on your own to create aspects for comparison. 3. 比较U。 S. A. 学院体系与英国教育系统在Shantou大学。 您将需要独自研究和群策群力创造方面为比较。 [translate] 
aArtificial short plush 人为短的长毛绒 [translate] 
aexist 存在 [translate] 
ais among the most beautiful of birds 是在最美丽鸟之中 [translate] 
aI am here waiting for you 我这里等待您 [translate] 
a未来癌症可以被治愈。 Future cancer might cure. [translate] 
a痛苦的事 Painful matter [translate] 
a他想住在房子里又大又明亮的 He wants to live in the house greatly bright [translate] 
ais supported by archaeological evidence 支持考古学的证据 [translate] 
aDC Blocking Voltage DC闭塞电压 [translate] 
ayou've looked really upset lately 您看了晚了真正地弄翻 [translate] 
anot mentioned 没提及 [translate] 
a只有通过自己不懈的努力,才会有成功。 Only then through the oneself unremitting endeavor, only then can have successful. [translate] 
a- Pick a seat- avoid disappointment, pre-book the seat you want. [translate] 
a食品的种类日渐繁多 Food type is many day after day [translate] 
a文明语 Article plain language [translate] 
awhen we meet them 当我们遇见他们 [translate] 
aI have to watch my son. Every time I go into his room,he always pretnds to be doing his homework 我必须观看我的儿子。 在我进入他的屋子时候,总他要做着他的家庭作业的pretnds [translate] 
a每周五下午我和我最好的朋友相遇在排球场 Every on Friday in the afternoon I and I best friend meets in the volleyball court [translate] 
aHurried out, wait too late, Hurries, under and so on without enough time, [translate] 
a挂钩 Suspension hook [translate] 
a我们都很开心,并决定下次暑假还去! We very are all happy, and decided the next time summer vacation will also go! [translate] 
a广告在现代生活中随处可见,弊益明显。好的广告会有正面的影响,它可以使商品促销;提供信息,扩大消费者选择面,降低价格;以及让消费者关注社会问题,给人以视觉享受,心情愉悦 The advertisement finds at everywhere in the modern life, the shortcoming profit is obvious.The good advertisement can have the positive influence, it may cause the commodity promotion; Provides the information, expands the consumer to choose the surface, reduces the price; As well as lets the consu [translate] 
a试验线路预期瞬态恢复电压 Experiments the line anticipated transient state to restore the voltage [translate] 
a总之,此规则和制度的最终目的都是为了保护人权,这种保护具有绝对性和至上性。 In brief, this rule and the system final goal all is for the protection of human right, this kind of protection has the absolute quality and supreme. [translate] 
a已离队 Left the ranks [translate] 
a食品安全问题成了消费者们最重视 最担忧的问题 The food security problem has become the question which the consumers most take most to worry [translate] 
aPlease check your login data, your 'Internet' settings or retry it later. 请检查您的注册数据,您的‘互联网’设置或以后再试它。 [translate] 
a1905年冼星海出生于中国澳门,后来到巴黎学习 In 1905 Xian Xinghai was born in the Chinese Aomen, afterwards arrived Paris to study [translate] 
aIhave been waiting for you 等待您的Ihave [translate] 
a总之,公司气氛和谐,没有不良之处。 In brief, the company atmosphere is harmonious, does not have not the good place. [translate] 
athere is a flower in the river 有一朵花在河 [translate] 
a日常急救知识 Daily first aid knowledge [translate] 
a你在骗我吗 You are deceiving me [translate] 
a这本书他已经借了三个月了 This book he has already borrowed for three months [translate] 
a王先生不仅是我们的老师,人而且还是我们的朋友。 Mr. not only Wang is our teacher, the human moreover our friend. [translate] 
a网络化平台 Network platform [translate]