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USB Debugging muste beenabled
a熟饭了吗? Cooked rice? [translate] 
aEnzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay 酵素连接的免疫吸附剂分析用试样 [translate] 
a调动大家积极性 Arouses everybody enthusiasm [translate] 
a有时候我很神经大条的 Sometimes my very nerve big strip [translate] 
a船舶稳性 Ships stability [translate] 
ainvauld file name invauld文件名字 [translate] 
aUrged by Sai, Hikaru begins playing Go despite an initial lack of interest in the game. He begins by simply executing the moves Sai dictates to him, but Sai tells him to try to understand each move. In a Go salon, Hikaru defeats Akira Toya twice, a boy his age who plays Go at professional level, by following Sai's inst 由Sai敦促, Hikaru在比赛上%E [translate] 
a我心中的印记 In my heart mark [translate] 
aEliane Eliane [translate] 
ai will become healthy 我将变得健康 [translate] 
aif you wouldn't come back to Beijing in the futhure, 如果您在futhure不会回来到北京, [translate] 
a这是对中央政策的落实与深化 This is to the central policy realization and the deepening [translate] 
aThey Apparated, as he knew from the cracks nearby and the wrenching, whirling sensation in his stomach. When they landed, he could smell, even muffled through the sack, the strong scents of night-blooming flowers. The fingers of his captors ran over his head and shoulders, then yanked the sack away. [translate] 
a商场的东西要相对的比网上超市更贵 The market thing wants the supermarket to be more expensive than relatively the net on [translate] 
a不管过去现在还是将来 No matter past present or future [translate] 
athat is nothing...I will come back soon..waiting for me. 那是没什么…我很快将回来。.waiting for我。 [translate] 
adouche soin 阵雨关心 [translate] 
aB) a canyon B)峡谷 [translate] 
a现今法规已经规定不能酒后驾驶,但作为一名民警还是知法犯法,试问作为一个民警应该是所有公民的榜样,居然还能做出这样的行为而且导致有人死亡,这是何等的罪恶?对于国家选人用人方面是否要更加谨慎呢?这样才能保证人民都能少一份担忧吧 Nowadays the laws and regulations already after stipulated cannot the liquor drive, but took a police violates the law knowingly, asked an achievement police should be all citizen's example, also can make such behavior unexpectedly moreover to cause some people to die, this is the what kind evil? El [translate] 
a亚洲护士 Asian nurses [translate] 
a• • [translate] 
aThe greatness of a people is no more determined by their number then the greatness of a man is determined by his height 人民的伟大没有取决于他们的数字一个人伟大然后取决于他的高度 [translate] 
a(1)受自然条件影响较大,内河航道和某些港口受季节影响较大,冬季结冰,枯水期水位变低,难以保证全年通航。而空运具有高速直达性,因为空中较少受自然地理条件限制,航线一般来取两点间的最短距离。 (1) receives the natural condition influence to be big, the inland river route and certain harbors are been big the season influence, the winter ices up, the dry season water level changes low, guaranteed with difficulty% [translate] 
a我希望我的计划能提高我的成绩 I hoped my plan can enhance my result [translate] 
a一段灵魂的距离 A section of soul distance [translate] 
a才华横溢的 Scintillation [translate] 
aThe relationship between input and output of tilt sensor is arcsine, which is a typical nonlinear relationship. This nonlinear problem will seriously restrict the tilt measurement precision and the range of tilt sensor. Therefore, nonlinear compensation [translate] 
a如果想学好日语 日本語を学びたいと思えば [translate] 
a一个大鼻 A big nose [translate] 
a例如,去外国留学 For example, goes to the foreign abroad study [translate] 
a一个人的思想也可以借助音乐的形式来表达 A person's thought also may draw support from music the form to express
aDISLIKE 反感 [translate] 
a开断额定转移电流 Opens breaks the fixed shift electric current [translate] 
a有人买运输里程很短的商品 Some people buy the transport mileage very short commodity [translate] 
a所以,她是我最喜欢的一位老师 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
apolitical and social institution 政治和社会制度 [translate] 
akill in a plane crash 杀害在飞机失事 [translate] 
agerman shepherd 德国牧羊人 [translate] 
a图书馆距离火车站约2千米 The library is away from the train station approximately 2 kilometers [translate] 
a她经常帮母亲做家务 She helps the mother to do the housework frequently [translate] 
a面对学习中的困难,我们应该正确对待。我们要轻松的学习英语,每天只要多读多听。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中国已经发展很多了 China already developed are very many [translate] 
a和短头发 With short hair [translate] 
aSuri was a little upset with all the photographers waiting for her in New York City, NY. Suri是小的翻倒与等待她在纽约, NY的所有摄影师。 [translate] 
a 为动员广大群众,特别是黑人奴隶参加到北方军队中来,瓦解和战胜南方奴隶主的反叛,林肯在1862年先后颁布了《宅地法》 和《解放黑人奴隶宣言》  In order to mobilize the general populations, specially the black slave participates in north in the army south, disintegrated and defeats slave-owner's rebelling against, Lincoln has promulgated "Dwelling Law" successively in 1862 and "Liberates Black Slave Manifesto" [translate] 
aClinical Supplies 临床供应 [translate] 
a(Press space if you are sure.) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDoyouhaveanytennisrackets Doyouhaveanytennisrackets [translate] 
a六年前我们相遇,我们都承认那是缘分,六年后,我们分开,那是真正友情背后的故事,愿你们在以后的日子里开心、快乐,坚强F4兄弟情深! Six years ago we meet, we all acknowledged that is a fate, after six years, we separate, that is behind the true friendship story, is willing you to be happy in later day, to be joyful, strong Brother F4 the sentiment is deep! [translate] 
a主席颁奖时赞美获奖者为人类做出了巨大的贡献 President when promulgation praised the prize-winner to make the tremendous contribution for the humanity [translate] 
aI can be what you want me to be ded 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a疼,不过还可以走路 Sore, but also may walk [translate] 
a这本书很值得读,我建议你也买一本。 This book is worth reading very much, I suggested you also buy one. [translate] 
acluster 群 [translate] 
a最后,祝所有同学学业有成 Finally, wishes all schoolmates the studies to have [translate] 
ahere rests layla 这里休息layla [translate] 
aUSB Debugging muste beenabled USB Debugging muste beenabled [translate]