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Change someone's views on ... ...


Change one SB to do sth Views


Change one SB to do sth Views


change a person's views the ......


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a土壤里的有害物质危害食品的安全 In soil deleterious substance harm food security [translate] 
a我们认为你一直是个好学生 We thought you always are a good student [translate] 
ai will kept going love you along 我意志被保留的去的爱您 [translate] 
aare you going 是您去 [translate] 
a在校期间我担任过社联宣传部副部长,在课余时间在各种私营小餐馆打工,学会了与人沟通交流,增加了生活经历! [translate] 
agel frais hydratant extra-matifiant a l'extrait pur de gingembre 新鲜的结冰的水合的额外matifiant A姜纯净的萃取物 [translate] 
afull of love,full of life,full of beauty 充分爱,精力充沛,充分秀丽 [translate] 
a有红枫叶吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这些照片使我回想起了我的学生时代 These pictures caused me to recollect my school days [translate] 
aIt's tricky to handle so many damaged stores 它是棘手的处理许多损坏的商店 [translate] 
a幼儿园常绿与落叶树种分析图 Kindergarten Chang Lv and fallen leaf tree seed analysis chart [translate] 
a放弃他的爱好 Gives up his hobby [translate] 
a出粗车 Leaves the roughing [translate] 
aex officio 根据职权 [translate] 
azebrano zebrano [translate] 
a我很爱我的爸爸,也很感激他为我做的一切 I love me very much the daddy, also is very grateful he all which does for me
aSo good night 那么晚上好 [translate] 
a东线的一期、二期工程和中线的一期工程,将于2010年以前完成 East line issue of, second phased projects and a median line issue of project, in 2010 before completes [translate] 
a只要和你在一起,都是幸福最晴天。 So long as with you in the same place, all is the happiness most cloudless day. [translate] 
a我是宝贝。你很难受吗?哈萨克语 I am the treasure.You very uncomfortable? Khazak language [translate] 
a他们往往用他们毕身的精力去系统地翻译一两位外国作家的著作 They often use their Bi Shen the energy to go systematically to translate 12 foreign writer's work [translate] 
aDISLIKE 反感 [translate] 
aA rich man named Richard Ellis had beed counting his money 一个富人说出Ellis有beed计数他的金钱的理查名字 [translate] 
a我们要保护我们的那些非物质文化遗产,比如我们的刺绣,我们的京剧 We must protect our these non-material cultural heritage, for instance our embroidery, our Peking opera [translate] 
aWarte mal,ich liebe dich. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a未检修 Has not overhauled [translate] 
a一袋米20元。一瓶牛奶10元。那就是总共30元。 Bag of rice 20 Yuan.Bottle of milk 10 Yuan.That is the altogether 30 Yuan. [translate] 
a房间需要大到可以容纳三个人 The room needs to be possible in a big way enough to hold three people [translate] 
a123 - Croation Series [translate] 
aLet's play tennis 我们打网球 [translate] 
a• • [translate] 
a我请了工人今天去公寓修理洗衣机。你今天在公寓里吗?他们大概中午的时候来。听说你的手受伤了我感到很难过。好些了吗?以后做饭的时候要小心一点。这一个月我过的很痛苦。我很难过听说你的手被烫伤。我刚刚发了短信给你,你看到了吗?好的,我会通知他们更改时间。你会做中餐吗?你真了不起!我不太会做饭。我只会做一点。在中国,中餐的原料要比西餐便宜。所以吃中餐比较省钱。我只会把米饭蒸熟,把菜放到锅里炒熟。但是我做饭不太好吃。我正在开会。我在讲课,不能接电话。我妈妈每天为我做饭。过一会儿你再来电话好吗?或者也可以发短信。指示灯灭了。她一个人呆在家里,我很不放心。不放心。烧开水,烧水。热水器现在工作得好一点吗? I ask the worker to go to the apartment repair washer today.You today in apartment? Their probably noon time comes.Heard your hand was injured I to feel very sad.Many? Later will prepare food time will have to be careful.This month I very painful.I heard very sad your hand is scalded.My have just se [translate] 
a月光 德语 Moonlight German [translate] 
a我的钱包在那里? My wallet in there? [translate] 
a晚饭后散步是个好主意 After the dinner takes a walk is a great idea [translate] 
aAmazing as it may seem, Wednesday night was a quiet night. There were no crowds. The policemen said nothing; even their horses were quiet. There were no shouts or people doing crazy things. In all those terrible hours I saw not one woman who cried, not one man who was excited. Before the fires, through the night, thous [translate] 
a谢谢你的字典。 Thanks your dictionary. [translate] 
aOk fine~ 好fine~ [translate] 
a还是表情能更好的表达意思 The expression can the better expression meaning [translate] 
aI began to get used to the days without you. 我开始习惯天,不用您。 [translate] 
a独自去见网友 Alone sees the net friend [translate] 
aThese may be the reason why the losses in red are larger than in blue in case of 100 V 这些也许是原因为什么损失在红色大于在蓝色在100 V的情况下 [translate] 
a请注意,付款是以保兑的.不可撤销的.允许分装的转船.见票既付的信用支付 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他问我是否收到他的来信 他问我是否收到他的来信 [translate] 
ai will cook breakfast also 我也将烹调早餐 [translate] 
a• Dormitory preventative maintenance procedures and records • 宿舍预防维修次序和纪录 [translate] 
aCreating Citizens in a Commercial Republic 创造公民在商业共和国 [translate] 
a没有及时回复你的信息 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你们当中谁也没有去过那儿,对吗? In the middle of you nobody has gone there, to? [translate] 
aYOU can sweep the person's feet away with your feet,or throw the person over your shoulder if you want to win someone 您能清扫外人的脚与您的脚,或者投掷人在您的肩膀,如果您想要赢取某人 [translate] 
a你去乘公共汽车每天的工作 你去乘公共汽车每天的工作 [translate] 
a猴子 马 大象等动物表演了精彩的节目 Animals and so on monkey chess pieces elephant have performed the splendid program [translate] 
achat later today ok ? 今天后闲谈ok ? [translate] 
a院子里有两个小孩在玩游戏 In the courtyard has two children to play the game [translate] 
a虽然我英语很差, Although my English is very bad, [translate] 
aonly paraphrases or synonyms of difficult words. 困难的词仅释义或同义词。 [translate] 
a改变某人对……的看法 Changes somebody to ......View [translate]