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adj. (Trad=有用, Pinyin=you3 yong4) useful
aThanks for your help to deliver the goods to our factory. But please noted that our purchase term with Damon is FOB, but now we are doing the FOB by ourselves now (for 2 shipments), please advise how are we going to settle the FOB fees, these should be deducted from our payment for the 2 shipments. 感谢您的帮助交付物品到我们的工厂。 但请注意到,我们的购买期限与Damon是FOB,但我们由我们自己现在现在做着FOB (为2发货),请劝告怎么是我们去安定FOB费,这些应该从我们的付款扣除为2发货。 [translate] 
athe messags you sent to 86 has been delivered successfully 您送到86成功地被交付了的messags [translate] 
aalthough he is very old he works 虽然他是非常老他非常艰苦工作 [translate] 
a老婆你在干什么 The wife you are doing any [translate] 
amajor ingeedients 主要ingeedients [translate] 
a我只能最后告诉你 I only can finally tell you [translate] 
alogon as administrator or contact your system administrator 登录作为管理员或与您的系统管理员联系 [translate] 
afinance income 财务收入 [translate] 
a--- Yes. It’s MrWang268@163.com. --- 是。 它是MrWang268@163.com。 [translate] 
ahog dog is one of the most popular American foods 肉猪狗是其中一最普遍的美国食物 [translate] 
a青蛙跳 The frog jumps [translate] 
asatchel sacoche [translate] 
apart of discharge will be reconfirmed upon shipment 一部分的放电将被再确认在发货 [translate] 
a检察官 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aexamining 审查 [translate] 
a美国学生和中国学生应该取长补短共同进步 The American students and the Chinese student should make up for one's deficiency by learning from others' strong points progress together
ahapp.y happ.y [translate] 
a我与他玩 I and he play [translate] 
a治愈阳痿 治療の性の無力 [translate] 
a空难中的黑匣子已经找到 In the air disaster flight recorder already found [translate] 
acf card petected error 锎拟订petected错误 [translate] 
a场效应管与晶体管的比较(1)场效应管是电压控制元件,而晶体管是电流控制元件。在只允许从信号源取较少电流的情况下,应选用场效应管;而在信号电压较低,又允许从信号源取较多电流的条件下,应选用晶体管。(2)场效应管是利用多数载流子导电,所以称之为单极型器件,而晶体管是即有多数载流子,也利用少数载流子导电。被称之为双极型器件。(3)有些场效应管的源极和漏极可以互换使用,栅压也可正可负,灵活性比晶体管好。 (4)场效应管能在很小电流和很低电压的条件下工作,而且它的制造工艺可以很方便地把很多场效应管集成在一块硅片上,因此场效应管在大规模集成电路中得到了广泛的应用。 The field effect tube and the transistor comparison (1) field effect [translate] 
aI can put hat on,but I can't put my coat on. 我可以穿上帽子,但我不可能穿上我的外套。 [translate] 
aexpensive place 昂贵的地方 [translate] 
a上海市中级口译 Shanghai intermediate interprets [translate] 
a引起你的头发脱落 Causes your hair to fall off [translate] 
a他们把婴儿留在家里整夜没人照顾。 They keep the baby in the family all night nobody attendance. [translate] 
aIn the words of emcee Simon Doonan, the Fashion Group International's 28th Annual Night of Stars at Cipriani Wall Street was about celebrating the "magic, bravado, and the positivity of great designers." After briefly paying tribute to such late fashion innovators as Franco Moschino and Perry Ellis, Doonan turned the a [translate] 
aA) Lipid bilayer fusion [translate] 
a周礼考工记 The Zhou rite tests the labor to record [translate] 
athis chemistry experiment is any complicated 这个化学实验是中的任一复杂的 [translate] 
a这是一次盛会让人收获很大 This is a grand meeting lets the human harvest very in a big way [translate] 
a北与深圳相接,西与澳门隔海相望,总面积1100多平方公里,人口600多万人 North docks with Shenzhen, west faces each other across the sea with Aomen, total area more than 1100 square kilometers, population more than 600 ten thousand people [translate] 
aя вас люблю! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ameet up with 碰见 [translate] 
acome and look,there are a lot of ants.what are they doing 来并且看,那里是很多ants.what是他们做 [translate] 
a家中有了变化,我没有立脚之地 In the family had the change, I have not had a footing the place [translate] 
alearn to accept what you can't change 学会接受什么您不可能改变 [translate] 
aFurthermore Lufthansa German Airlines makes advance payments in accordance with European Community law. Carriage is subject to applicable [translate] 
a露西正在进行节食,因为她想变得苗条一些 Lucy is carrying on diets, because she wants to become slender somewhat [translate] 
aSuzhou pan-sea-fire equipment co. , ltd. Suzhou平底锅海火设备co。 有限公司。 [translate] 
a晚饭后我很少躺在沙发上 After the dinner I very little lie down on the sofa [translate] 
a错的时间,遇见对的人,是一声叹息 The wrong time, meets to the human, is a sigh [translate] 
a西安电子科技大学通信工程学院 Xidian University Communication engineering Institute [translate] 
a浪费了自己的青春 Has wasted own youth [translate] 
a商业信誉 Commercial standing [translate] 
a纽约是我会想要去在我们的下次类旅行的地方 New York will be I can want in ours next time kind of travel place [translate] 
a大阿拉伯利比亚人民社会主义民众国 Arabic Libya people socialism populace country [translate] 
a我没做事 I have not worked [translate] 
aToo much pot boiler factory of qualified suppliers 具有资格的供应商的许多个罐锅炉厂 [translate] 
aSuzhou panseafire equipment co. , ltd. Suzhou panseafire设备co。 有限公司。 [translate] 
aвсевластия 无限的力量 [translate] 
acome and look 来并且看 [translate] 
a我妈妈经常告诉我世上没有什么能比健康更重要 My mother tells me in the world any not to be able frequently to be more important than the health [translate] 
a你不是问我how are you吗?我回答SO SO You do not held responsible my how are you? I reply SO SO [translate] 
aSmall spirit 小精神 [translate] 
a有用 Useful [translate]