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arelive the romance and excitement 再体验言情和兴奋 [translate] 
a感谢你,两年以来陪我一起成长。我希望,我们都握住手中的幸福。 Thanks you, since two years have accompanied me to grow together.I hoped that, we all grasp stop the happiness. [translate] 
aT ; oh?when does he plan to come then ? T; oh ?他何时计划然后来? [translate] 
a行人过马路应左右看,然后安全的穿过 The pedestrian street should control looked, then safe traversing [translate] 
a13.4.4 Cooperation with other service providers and consultants of the Client: [translate] 
a每一个人一生都有充足的时间 Each person life all has the sufficient time [translate] 
aよい皆私は江Yunhao、非常に幸福に知っている皆を、守るように後で頼む皆に非常にである! 好大家I按顺序河Yunhao,保护非常愉快地知道的每个人,在之后被要求上午非凡的每个人! [translate] 
apolyvinyl acetate emulsion 多乙酸乙烯酯乳化液 [translate] 
a如果你有机会去德国,你就会发现,德国人其实很爱与中国人交朋友,他们对中国的菜肴很感兴趣,同时对塞翁失马的寓言故事很感兴趣,这或许也是他们思维里的一个很有诱惑力的亮点 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a资信文件 Credit document [translate] 
a玉龙雪山 Jade dragon snowy mountain [translate] 
a你好,rose,很少上网吗? You are good, rose, very little accesses the net? [translate] 
a考虑是在干扰源上、传播途径中还是在受扰体上采取措施最为有效。 The consideration is in the noise source, the dissemination way in receives harasses on the body to take the measure to be most effective. [translate] 
a这是自1994年现行个人所得税法实施以来第3次提高个税免征额。2006年,免征额从每月800元提高到1600元;2008年,免征额从1600元提高到2000元。此次修法涉及的减税额是最大的一次。 This has been since 1994 the present individual income tax law implementation the 3rd enhancement tax exemption volume.In 2006, the exemption volume enhances from each month of 800 Yuan to 1600 Yuan; In 2008, the exemption volume enhances from 1600 Yuan to 2000 Yuan.This time repairs the law to invo [translate] 
aamonre amonre [translate] 
a尽管有些舍不得他们 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a为什么总是我? Why always I? [translate] 
a我一直有点拖沓这次的作业。眼看到10月30号了,距截稿时间只有三天。我只得强打起精神,漫无目的地开始在英文网站上搜索。一首首走马观花的看着、听着,突然一段熟悉的旋律进入我的耳里。天哪,这不和很多大型运动会上播放的一首歌很像么。那么的熟悉又那么的激情四射。我赶紧点击查看。哦原来这首歌名为(we will rock you),继而我也了解了唱这首歌的演唱者:皇后乐队。并饶有兴致地开始查找并收听了他们的作品,由此认识了这个摇滚乐队。 [translate] 
aLove sponge baby loves cherry blossoms 爱海绵婴孩爱樱花 [translate] 
a初级电压: Primary voltage: [translate] 
a带你走 Leads you to walk [translate] 
a洗完菜的水用来浇花 Washes the vegetable the water to use for to water flowers [translate] 
a我们国家以前被称为一个自行车国家 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait is 35 yuan 它是35元 [translate] 
a양소 绵羊贫乏 [translate] 
a错的时间,遇见对的人,是一声叹息 The wrong time, meets to the human, is a sigh [translate] 
a据报道,自从几年前竣工以来,在这个宏伟的剧院已经举办了不下百场演唱会 According to the report, has been completed since several years ago, already conducts in this grand theater has been below hundred concerts [translate] 
aThank you for the tea 谢谢茶 [translate] 
a• New employee offer letters • 新的雇员提议信件 [translate] 
ao on, make it happen, start communicating with stephen today by clicking on the 'Read Message' icon. o,在‘读的消息’像做它发生,开始今天沟通与斯蒂芬通过点击。 [translate] 
awill you act in my film 意志您在我的影片行动 [translate] 
a保护老虎的措施 Protection tiger's measure [translate] 
a当我回到家时我发现我的狗不见了 When I get the home I discovered I the dog disappears [translate] 
ait was not my will in fact 它实际上不是我的意志 [translate] 
a无论处于优势地位还是劣势地位 Regardless of has the advantage the status or the inferiority status [translate] 
aolluted dolluted [translate] 
a客气~ You leave polite ~ [translate] 
a铲子 Shovel [translate] 
adeionized 去离子 [translate] 
a你要交多少话费 You must pay how many speech expense [translate] 
aprimarily identify strengths in existing practices 主要辨認力量在現有的實踐 [translate] 
a中国人和美国人名字的叫法是不同的,这是由于两国的文化不同。 The Chinese and the American name is called the law is different, this is because both countries culture is different. [translate] 
a父母不应当剥夺我们的快乐 The parents do not have to deprive our joy [translate] 
a上海市中级口译 Shanghai intermediate interprets [translate] 
ahow much do they coast 多少他们沿岸航行 [translate] 
asurpass 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt‘s been on my mind 它在我的头脑s的` [translate] 
a2001年7月 In July, 2001 [translate] 
a详细介绍 Detailed introduction [translate] 
a中国的科学事业 China's scientific enterprise [translate] 
a没啊,我觉得你英文水平挺好的 I have not thought your English proficiency very well [translate] 
aThe general roadbed is referred to the part of 80cm depth under road surface. It’s used to bear the pressure from road surface and can be divided into top roadbed and bottom roadbed. 一般路基提到80cm深度的部分在路面下。 它曾经负担压力从路面,并且可以被划分成顶面路基和底部路基。 [translate] 
a更重要的是,人们经常使用白色塑料袋,给环境带来极大的危害 [translate] 
aI want some one who's afraid of losing me ! 我想要一些人谁害怕 失去我! [translate] 
a集合时间是早上七点半,一定要按时到达 The collection time is early morning seven and half, certainly must arrive on time [translate] 
aSo several hypotheses could be framed for combining into a single pattern the disparate archaeological phenomena observed in Europe at the close of the Bronze Stag 那么几个假说可能为结合被构筑入不同的考古学现象在欧洲观察在古铜色雄鹿结束的一个唯一样式 [translate] 
a11. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]