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aPlease issue a credit note for $10 请发布一封信用短信为$10 [translate] 
awate love wate爱 [translate] 
aOne sector [translate] 
a父母亲总是原谅我们的错误! The parents always forgive our mistake! [translate] 
aThis results in the dropping curve shown in Figure 2-3. Because it is very difficult to monitor the decreasing diameter, and because experiments have shown that there is little difference between the true maximum stress and that found from the peak of the apparent stress versus strain curve, the peak is accepted as the 这导致在上图显示的滴下的曲线2-3。 由于监测越来越少的直径是非常难的,并且,因为实验表示,有真实的最大重音之间的少许区别,并且从明显的重音的峰顶发现对张力曲线,峰顶被接受作为材料的最大拉伸强度。 [translate] 
aHUILE DE PHOQUE 油封 [translate] 
aListen to the music and trance 听到音乐并且迷住 [translate] 
a我是美国的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你曾经出过国吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agood good study day day up good good study day day up [translate] 
a后悔 Regret [translate] 
aSkip Trucks (Multi Lifts) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a一年后可能只是可能,如果一年后我还在,但那时候我已经陪不上你了 After a year is only possibly possible, after if a year I also in, but I already did not accompany you at that time [translate] 
a前天,我爸爸和我一起去河里钓鱼 Day before yesterday, my daddy and I went to in the river to fish together [translate] 
a我的眼里只有你,不管在哪里 In my eye only then you, no matter in where [translate] 
a金属具有许多优良的性能,这在前面已经讲到了 The metal has many fine performance, this already talked about in front [translate] 
a执行能力强 Carries out ability [translate] 
a可是有时候人特别多,几乎都没座位了。希望学校可以解决这个问题。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这就是原因。 This is a reason. [translate] 
a当你想要放弃的时候,想想当初为什么坚持走到这里? When you want gives up, thinks why initially persisted arrives here? [translate] 
a人是个奇怪的动物,有时候不知道自己想要的是什么! The human is a strange animal, sometimes did not know oneself wants is any! [translate] 
ahowever,the importantance of high quality logs has diminished as new concepts of wood use have been introduced. 然而,高质量日志importantance减少了作为新的概念木用途被介绍了。 [translate] 
a脱掉你的内裤 Takes off your underpants [translate] 
a北与深圳相接,西与澳门隔海相望,总面积1100多平方公里,人口600多万人 North docks with Shenzhen, west faces each other across the sea with Aomen, total area more than 1100 square kilometers, population more than 600 ten thousand people [translate] 
aFront panel select 面板精选 [translate] 
a我们要适当的锻炼自己的身体 We want to exercise own suitably body [translate] 
a2.在固定导轨孔原有基础上深度打穿,安装长度螺栓增强拉紧力,外加备母锁死; [translate] 
a西安电子科大学 Xi'an Electron Branch University [translate] 
aMixer都有EQ的调及旋钮(knob),在进行fade in╱fade out等Mixing(in the mix)的时 搅拌器都有EQ的调及旋钮(瘤),在进行逐渐消失in╱fade等混合的(在混合)的时 [translate] 
a我请了工人今天去公寓修理洗衣机。你今天在公寓里吗?他们大概中午的时候来。听说你的手受伤了我感到很难过。好些了吗?以后做饭的时候要小心一点。这一个月我过的很痛苦。我很难过听说你的手被烫伤。我刚刚发了短信给你,你看到了吗?好的,我会通知他们更改时间。你会做中餐吗?你真了不起!我不太会做饭。我只会做一点。在中国,中餐的原料要比西餐便宜。所以吃中餐比较省钱。我只会把米饭蒸熟,把菜放到锅里炒熟。但是我做的饭不太好吃。 I ask the worker to go to the apartment repair washer today.You today in apartment? Their probably noon time comes.He [translate] 
a那些是什么? What are these? [translate] 
awhere is her video tape 那里她的录像磁带 [translate] 
a对区域经济发展具有重要作用 Has the vital role to the region economy development [translate] 
aI can put hat on,but I can't put my coat on. 我可以穿上帽子,但我不可能穿上我的外套。 [translate] 
a校园文化形态可细分为知识形态、价值观形态和审美形态。 The campus culture shape may subdivide for the knowledge shape, the values shape and the esthetic shape. [translate] 
a为了生病请假 In order to fall ill asks for leave [translate] 
a产品性能工作原理,维修与更换注意事项。 Product performance principle of work, service and replacement matters needing attention. [translate] 
a我真的不知道这个问题的答案 I really do not know this question the answer [translate] 
afor this reason a strong EW branch and training school within a navy is vital to take real advantage of the electro-magnetic spectrum 为此一所强的EW分支和训练学校在海军之内是重要利用真正的电磁波频谱 [translate] 
a上牌量 On sign quantity [translate] 
alndividual lndividual [translate] 
a只有我们生活的好,父母才会放心。 Only then we live good, the parents only then can feel relieved. [translate] 
a意外割伤 The accident cuts [translate] 
a你在超市的时候能不能为我也买一些东西 You in supermarket time can also buy some things for me [translate] 
asingle destination, this routing strategy is optimal [1], [2]. 唯一目的地,这个发送战略是优选的[1), [2)。 [translate] 
a参加了报社培训活动 Participated in the newspaper office to train the activity [translate] 
a你通常用美味款待他们吗? You usually receive cordially them with the delicacy [translate] 
a阳光女孩会 Sunlight girl meeting [translate] 
ashall i write in english ?? 我在英国执行将写 [translate] 
atoday he could not have breakfast or lunch 今天他不可能吃早餐或午餐 [translate] 
a我没有叔叔阿姨 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWe are going there with our aunt and uncle 我们去那里与我们的伯母和伯父 [translate] 
a. maximum dates . 最大日期 [translate] 
ahurry off 匆匆离去 [translate] 
aSorry I can't go to your birthday party 抱歉我不可以去您的生日聚会 [translate] 
a逐渐地 Gradually [translate] 
atraining school within a navy 训练学校在海军之内 [translate]