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aWe have years of experience designing, building, securing and maintaining high-profile world-class servers and networks which see millions of visitors daily. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我是10:30开始上床睡觉 [translate] 
ai know you're independent, you can make it on your on 我知道您是独立的,您能做它在您 [translate] 
aI am the least able to see that after the 90 is more than I am old 我最少能看,在90是更多比之后我是老 [translate] 
aInternal disciplinary action, termination of employment as well as going through court proceedings 内部处分,就业的终止并且审阅审判程序 [translate] 
a除了英语,其他方面我也会监督 Except English, other aspects I also can supervise [translate] 
aKatie [translate] 
a打字听不清楚 The typing listens not clearly [translate] 
a我的兴趣爱好 My interest hobby [translate] 
a消灭所有的坏人 Eliminates all unprincipled people [translate] 
adisposure disposure [translate] 
a"I didn't come back sooner,"he expiained,"because I imagineed you must be bored to death with people thanking you." “我快没有回来, “他expiained, “因为我imagineed您必须乏味到死亡与感谢您的人”。 [translate] 
a尽管一出生就被分开 Although a birth is separated [translate] 
a小J的屋 Small J room [translate] 
a省会 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a希望下次能为你服务! The hope will next time be able to serve for you! [translate] 
ayou don't mind 您不介意 [translate] 
a不能触碰博物馆的展品 Cannot move the museum the exhibit article [translate] 
aWe identify the most prominent research topics in service marketing by applying a PCA to the citation data. 我们在服务行销鉴别最突出的研究题目通过申请PCA于引证数据。 [translate] 
aPic Post [translate] 
a西索 West rope [translate] 
aa purely documentary form of self-representation 自已表示法的一个纯粹新闻纪录片的形式 [translate] 
a装出一副很不好吃的表情,可是没 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amicrosoft net framework 2.0 is required to run ati catalyst?download and install the software microsoft's website 要求微软净框架2.0跑ati催化剂?下载并且安装软件微软的网站 [translate] 
a对朋友他们的个性比外表更重要 Their individuality is more important than to the friend the semblance [translate] 
ai read the passage on page7 我在page7读了段落
aAfter Debris Filters automatically to run, 在残骸自动地过滤跑以后, [translate] 
a这个季节是春天,今天是星期日,我们打算去种树,我们做出租车。我们是高兴的 This season is the spring, today is Sunday, we planned plants trees, we make rent a car.We are happy [translate] 
a准备材料 Preparation material [translate] 
a染色品种的 Dyeing variety [translate] 
ato turn off report,press 'menu'#04. 要关闭报告,按‘menu'#04。 [translate] 
a我们教室需要修理 Our classroom needs to repair [translate] 
aWhat is SecureDoc Disk Encryption? 什么是SecureDoc盘加密? [translate] 
a她没有许多时间带他的狗散步 She does not have many time to bring his dog to take a walk [translate] 
a两个轮子 Two wheels [translate] 
a在上床睡觉的时候,我忽然想到了与爸爸一起做过的事情,忍不住哭了,不过,后来就睡着了。 Was going to bed sleeps, I suddenly had thought has handled the matter together with the daddy, could not bear has cried, but, afterwards fell asleep. [translate] 
a你小学没毕业 Your elementary school has not graduated [translate] 
a腾退办公室 Vacates buildings and return them to the original owners the office [translate] 
aRestrain the appetite,fast slimmlng Natural plant extract free ofany side_effect 克制胃口,快速的slimmlng自然植物萃取物自由ofany side_effect [translate] 
aTrellis frames can be seen clearly in the lower right hand corner. 格子框架在更低的右手角落能清楚地看。 [translate] 
aThe reality is cruel, in the solitude of forging, maybe you will live better, do not need to care about some things, has become a fixed end. 现实是残暴的,在孑然锻件,您更将好可能居住,不需要对有些事关心,成为了一个固定的末端。 [translate] 
aPeople get along well there.Trees and geass cover 40 percent of the city.People ride streetcars and there aren't many cars,so the air is clean. 人们很好得到那里。树和geass报道城市的40%。人们乘坐路面电车,并且没有许多汽车,因此空气是干净的。 [translate] 
a8.完成和接受上级领导计划内的任务旨意; [translate] 
a当我们见面的时候 When we meet [translate] 
aKill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕。 [translate] 
aGo gradually gradual 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a若无其事 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a窗前的黄花,是否依然蓄满了南宋王朝女词人的思念?风过花飘散,犹如灵魂散落于诗的行间。你不得而知,院中的玉兰 [translate] 
aTom邀请我明天参加他的生日聚会,但Mike 很忙,周一要复习考试,周二要去纽约,并在那呆两天,周四要上钢琴课,周五要去看望爷爷,所以他不能参加生日聚会 Tom will invite me to attend his birthday meeting tomorrow, but Mike will be very busy, will have the examination for additional training on Monday, will have to go to New York on Tuesday, and in that dull two days, will want on the piano class on Thursday, will have to go on Friday to see grandfath [translate] 
aIn the d_____后面添什么 Behind In the d_____ adds any [translate] 
a所有参赛作品时长卜超过15分钟 When all participative work the long divination surpasses 15 minutes [translate] 
a提审 Bringing [translate] 
a令每个人都吃惊的是,他独自一个人去全球旅行了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou're not here when i need you. 您这里不在我需要您。 [translate] 
aPursue breakthroughs in my life 追求突破在我的生活中 [translate] 
aSecureDoc is a highly certified, government-grade AES-256 bit Encryption solution (FIPS 140-2 Level 2, CC EAL 4 certified) that allows organization to increase the ROI on their IT security spend by taking advantage of single or multiple factor authentication and managing hardware based security technologies entering th 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahandy-billy 得心应手铁罐 [translate]