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I in mechanical maintenance group headed duties of
aBecause of my password expiration,I can't logon company mailbox this days.I am sorry to have caused you this trouble, but this things will clear up soon. 由于我的密码失效,我不可能登录公司邮箱这几天。我抱歉带给您这麻烦,但这事很快将清理。 [translate] 
aI will wait for you my baby 我将等待您我的婴孩 [translate] 
athis year jim and his brother was not return for christmas 今年吉姆和他的兄弟为圣诞节不是回归 [translate] 
a工厂的报价是你目标价格的两倍 The factory quoted price is your goal price two times [translate] 
a 二、严格质量管理,争创名牌工程  Second, the strict quality control, the struggle creates the name brand project [translate] 
a征求同伴的意见 Solicits companion's suggestions [translate] 
asonstige technische lieferbe 其他技术跑继承 [translate] 
ai can't bear to see the poor old men 我不可能负担看可怜的老人 [translate] 
a舒缓学习和工作带来的紧张 The affable study and the work brings anxiety [translate] 
a深圳农村商业银行西乡支行 Shenzhen Countryside Commercial bank Sisiang Sub-branch [translate] 
a卖方应于设备运抵最终用户之日起7日内,对设备安装、调试完毕 The seller should transport to in end-user date of 7th in the equipment, to the equipment setup, the debugging finished [translate] 
a滑触线 滑触线 [translate] 
aAmerica sells almost a fifth of its exports to developing Asia countries, Japan a massive 44%, but Europe only 7%. 美国几乎卖它的出口五分之一到开发亚洲国家,日本一巨型44%,但欧洲仅7%。 [translate] 
a勾稽关系 Cancels checks the relations [translate] 
ahe's especially famous for hie play , teahouse 他为hie戏剧,茶馆是特别著名的 [translate] 
amns240320 mns240320 [translate] 
a汽车大量消耗石油资源并排放尾气 The automobile massive consumption oil resource puts the exhaust abreast in row [translate] 
a请您帮我把头发松开好吗? Asks you to help me to loosen the hair? [translate] 
a拒绝做某事 Refuses to make something [translate] 
a上课请不要迟到 Attends class please do not have to be late [translate] 
asoin anti-rides et fermete 反皱痕关心和刚硬 [translate] 
a哈哈哈哈,不好意思,我出去一下。 Ha ha ha ha, embarrassed, I exit. [translate] 
a网络帮助人们交流 The network helps the people to exchange [translate] 
afakeyou fakeyou [translate] 
a工程造价的有效控制是以合理确定为基础,有效控制为核心,它是贯穿干建设工程全过程的控制。在投资决策阶段、设计阶段和实施阶段,把建设工程造价控制在批准的造价限额以内,随时纠正发生的偏差,以保证管理目标的实现,以求合理使用人力、物力、财力,取得较好的投资效益和社会效益。要有效地控制工程造价,应从组织、技术、经济、合同与信息管理等多方面采取措施,其中,技术与经济相结合是控制工程造价最为有效的手段。要通过技术比较、经济分析和效果评价,正确处理技术先进与经济合理两者之间的对立统一关系,力求在技术先进条件下的经济合理,在经济合理基础上的技术先进,把控制工程造价观念渗透到设计和施工措施中去。 [translate] 
athis valentine is for girl who stoie my heart】 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a爱,一段普普通通的爱,是我要的那种爱。也许不会很精彩,也许不会轰轰烈烈。但至少也没有那么伤一世痛一生的遗憾啊。普普通通的爱才会长久!如果有一段爱情,曾经爱得很精彩,爱得很是轰轰烈烈,最后还是散了..又如何?还不如普普通通平平凡凡地去爱一个人,一爱就是一辈子!~谁有能否定那种爱不精彩不轰轰烈烈呢?只是换了种方法诠释而已... [translate] 
a同意,公民的素质提高也代表这个国家的整体素质 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhen you discover the thing that makes you truly happy ,it is easier for you to move on and live a full life . 当您发现事牌子您真实地愉快,它对您是容易能移动和居住整个人生。 [translate] 
aleaning from the errors you are made in the past exam is an effective way leaning from the errors you are made in the past exam is an effective way [translate] 
a他们有太多的作业,没有很多时间看电视 They have too many works, the very much time have not watched the television [translate] 
aname two animals that move very slowly 非常慢慢地移动的名字二动物 [translate] 
a10-32UNF-THRU 10 32UNF通过 [translate] 
a接著,把水果混合在一起 Then, mixes in the fruit together [translate] 
a英语水平提高的很快 English proficiency enhances very quick [translate] 
a施舍的爱 Bestowment love [translate] 
a掌握为人处事的学问 Grasping bear oneself knowledge [translate] 
aServer Rice 服务器米 [translate] 
awhere is your book 那里您的书 [translate] 
aLaufe 奔跑 [translate] 
aearned media 被赢得的媒介 [translate] 
a云南寿康星贸易有限公司 Yunnan long-lived Kang star trade limited company [translate] 
aDrew a present for birthday 画了一个礼物为生日 [translate] 
a所有参赛作品时长卜超过15分钟 When all participative work the long divination surpasses 15 minutes [translate] 
a过多的车辆 Excessively many vehicles [translate] 
a这个吉他可能是李平的。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在她们的印象中 In them impression [translate] 
a"Apple has lost a visionary (有远见的) and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being," the company said in a statement. "Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built and this spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple." 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a标准英语 Standard English [translate] 
a至今我犹深刻的记得我们在一起时的情景 今まで深遠な私はまだ時間場面の私達を一緒に覚えている [translate] 
abecause she pass him a cup of water 因为她通过他一杯水 [translate] 
a8.完成和接受上级领导计划内的任务旨意; [translate] 
a材料: Material: [translate] 
a5.对所有机械维修组员提供业余技术培训及技术支持,提高组员技能自我解决问题的能力; [translate] 
a左右张望 About looks around [translate] 
a3.负责实施机械设备的定期保养及维修计划,对已实施的维护内容及时进行效果、设备状态的情况反馈; [translate] 
a本人在机械维修组担任组长主要职责: [translate]