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aetobicoke etobicoke [translate] 
a很晚了 , 累了 ,不知道什么时候睡了,也不知道什么时候醒了。 Very late, has been tired, did not know when has rested, also did not know when awoke. [translate] 
aDream- 梦想 [translate] 
athe system of numbers 系统数字 [translate] 
aCreate New Content 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a经济增长与就业之间的关系 Between economical growth and employment relations [translate] 
aDecide whether the following statements are true(t) or false(f)according to 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在新年节日 In new year holiday [translate] 
a礼业 Ritual industry [translate] 
abut i need you in my life this time! 但我在我的生活中需要您这次! [translate] 
a可以认为链路质量正常 May think the link quality is normal [translate] 
a通过多年的学校学习,使我掌握了船舶动力装置和船舶电力设备的知识。以及轮机系统的维修保养和各种车钳焊金工工艺的基本技术。熟悉相关海船运输安全方面的公约和法律法规。具有操纵船舶动力装置的初步能力。 Through many year school study, caused me to grasp the ships power unit and the ships power equipment knowledge.As well as turbine system service maintenance and each kind of Che Qianhan metalwork craft basic technology.Familiar correlation sea boat transportation security aspect joint pledge and le [translate] 
aIf these dreams Male Ren advertisment, to live out the n1 noble temperament . 如果这些梦想马累Ren广告,居住n1贵族气质。 [translate] 
aIn Figure 在图 [translate] 
aDO YOU KNOW 您知道 [translate] 
aIsolation of dye-decolourizing bacteria 洗染脱色的细菌的隔离 [translate] 
a城市生活有 The city life has [translate] 
a一伙志愿者和会计师毕业于附近的远距离学习 Group volunteers and accountant graduate from nearby long-distance range study [translate] 
a就很难充分发挥其学习的积极主动性 On very difficult to display its study fully the positive initiative [translate] 
a露西正在进行节食,因为她想变得苗条一些 Lucy is carrying on diets, because she wants to become slender somewhat [translate] 
a在一起的日子 In together day [translate] 
a周围其它名胜也重新开放 Periphery other scenic spots also open
a鼓舞于 Inspiration in [translate] 
aIn the d_____后面添什么 Behind In the d_____ adds any [translate] 
a我很小的时候,爸爸妈妈和街坊邻居就常问我,长大想干啥?年过半百的爷爷更加关心小孙女,常说道:孙女的未来一定要有个好职业,而那时天真的我总是胸有成竹的说:我是天使,我是未来的白衣天使。 [translate] 
a理解电工技术和电子技术的分析方法、运算及应用 Understands the electrician technology and the electronic technology analysis method, the operation and the application [translate] 
a论斯堪的纳维亚风格形成的原因 Reason forms which by Scandinavia style [translate] 
a碳酸盐岩中重金属元素的富集 In carbonate rocks heavy metal element concentrating [translate] 
aThink you do not deserve our superiors 'own commit a mistake all right' other people as long as something that is big mistake the; hate 认为自己犯差错所有权利’其他人,只要某事是大差错的您不该当我们的优胜者‘; 怨恨 [translate] 
ais this you? 这您? [translate] 
a站军姿,走正步跑步 The station military bearing, walks the parade step to jog [translate] 
a作为初学者,我具备出色的学习能力并且乐于学习、敢于创新,不断追求卓越; And as the beginner, I have the splendid learning capability to be glad the study, dare to innovate, pursues unceasingly remarkably; [translate] 
aits toy type thing heee 它的玩具类型事heee [translate] 
a我已经得到过很多女孩,她们都是不同的国家, I have already obtained very many girls, they all were the different country, [translate] 
ashine alive 亮光活 [translate] 
aCool cakeヅlove hate COOL cake [zu) love hate [translate] 
aI will be thinking of you, and then continue to love you 我认为您,然后继续爱您 [translate] 
a能源短缺,交通拥堵,增加犯罪,环境恶化,各种危机风险增加等现象 The energy is short, the transportation supports stops up, the increase crime, the environment worsens, phenomena and so on each kind of crisis risk increase [translate] 
a治愈阳痿 治療の性の無力 [translate] 
aThe spatial relationship checked by the filter. 空间关系由过滤器检查了。 [translate] 
a少数股东损益 Minority shareholder profit and loss [translate] 
aFor a compliment 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aClever demon 聪明的邪魔 [translate] 
a玩意 Gadget [translate] 
a你的女神 Your goddess [translate] 
ashe is also forty and her husband is forty-two 她也是四十,并且她的丈夫是四十二 [translate] 
a我给你换一份新的 I trade one newly to you [translate] 
aWhat the English chess and do the Chinese chess have differently 什么英国棋和做中国棋不同地有 [translate] 
a装出一副很不好吃的表情,可是没 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a建立企业管理信息系统是当今社会的重要趋势。对企业而言,全面开发和应用计算机管理信息系统就是不能回避的问题。本文通过对企业管理的分析,说明企业管理的核心是对企业信息的管理。文章从是上个世纪六十年代计算机技术在企业管理中的初步应用说起,详细分析了作为计算机信息管理系统与企业管理逐渐密切融合的全部历史过程。在计算机网络技术及供应链管理出现以后,文章进一步分析了计算机信息管理对企业的发展和升华所具有的巨大意义。尤其是虚拟生产和虚拟企业对企业本身的提升作用,指出了建设网络信息系统,把企业的各个职能部门,以软件管理和网络互联方式进行功能模块化的整合集成,做成适合本企业的信息管理系统,对于开启网络经济的美好前景,打下坚实的基础。 [translate] 
a谢谢你,我的骑士 Thanks you, my knight [translate] 
a分为国家工作人员和准国家工作人员两部分 Divides into the country staff and the accurate country staff two parts [translate] 
a性器按摩 性器官のマッサージ [translate] 
awo de zhongwen bu hao 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a互联网能够更方便地沟通。 The Internet can communicate conveniently. [translate] 
aI should keep a list of phone numbers 我应该保留电话号码名单 [translate]