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ahe was told by the secretary [Ernest Tipson of the British and Foreign Bible Society for Malaya],does not as a rule give interviews an hour before or after his sermons." 他由秘书[英国和外国圣经社会的Ernest Tipson告诉为Malaya],不在他的布道前后概括来说给采访1小时。“ [translate] 
a7-8:30pm 7-8 :30pm [translate] 
aThe book fair is getting closer with delivery next week Friday. Unfortunately this also happens to be a PD day. The school is open and our librarian is there so the only complication is the kids not be in school…I believe I will be coming with my two boys and some electronic entertainment if I don’t find a playdate. [translate] 
a他的名字叫 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAWS 2011 chigaco 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我回很高兴我没有放弃练钢琴 I return am very happy I not to give up practice the piano [translate] 
ahideme hideme [translate] 
a爸爸那天给我买的书我至今没读它 The daddy that day the book which buys to me I until now has not read it [translate] 
a她有追求真相的嗅觉 She has the pursue truth sense of smell
akolben eingefahren 被带来的活塞 [translate] 
a在平台边缘上的小鼠可以选择往右跳也可以选择往左跳 May choose in the platform edge mouse toward jumps right also may choose toward jumps left [translate] 
a广告及经营 Advertisement and management [translate] 
aA) beyond A)以远 [translate] 
a分子量 Molecular weight [translate] 
a最小值 Minimum value [translate] 
ahe dinks his sweater is at but it's in his schoolbag 他dinks他的毛线衣是在,但它在他的schoolbag [translate] 
a--- Could I speak to Don Watkins, please?--- ________ --- 我可能与唐Watkins谈话,请?--- ________ [translate] 
agerous gerous [translate] 
a当我们在学习和生活上有困难时,我们可以寻求老师帮助! When we have the difficulty when the study and the life, we may seek teacher to help! [translate] 
aFill the spaces 填装空间 [translate] 
aThe case, for example, with which people can change from working in the day to working at night is a question of growing importance in industry where automation calls insistently for round-the-clock working of machines. 案件,例如,人们能从工作改变在天到工作在晚上是成长的重要性的问题在产业,自动化迫切要求机器日夜不停的工作。 [translate] 
a3. How many accounts do you have, and what are the Spark IDs or Emails of the accounts? [translate] 
a住在那里会使人容易变懒惰 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a5、是的,一只塑料袋5毛钱,但它造成的污染可能是5毛钱的50倍; [translate] 
a我们应该让一中的学生参与更多的相关活动。让一中人走出佳木斯,走出黑龙江省,走出中国,走向世界,在世界各国面前展示我们一中的风采 We should let the student participate in more correlation.Let a person go out Kiamusu, goes out Heilongjiang Province, goes out China, moves towards the world, demonstrates we in front of the various countries the elegant demeanor [translate] 
awhen u have time 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a当然,如果我有更多的钱,我也会选择比TT更好的车 Certainly, if I have more money, I also can choose compared to a TT better vehicle [translate] 
a无所谓寂寞,无所谓孤独 Does not matter lonely, does not matter lonely [translate] 
a想到好友以前说过的一句话,“靠天,靠地,还不如靠自己。”是的,人要靠自己。 Thought good friend before had said a speech, “depends on the day, depends on, the might as well depends on oneself.” Is, the human must depend on oneself. [translate] 
ayou are mine 您是我的
aone apple a day ,keeps the doctor away. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a钟山县位于广西东部偏北,地处东经110°58′30″~110°26′40″,北纬24°17′00″~24°46′20″。东临贺州市平桂管理区,南与昭平县毗邻,西、西北和北部分别与平乐县、恭城瑶族自治县、富川瑶族自治县接壤,处于我国西南和华南经济区的接合部,具有“面向粤港澳,背靠大西南”,承东启西,东引西联的区位优势。区域面积1472平方公里,辖10个镇和2个瑶族乡,113个行政村(871个自然村),总人口42.33万人,其中农业人口37.8万人。全县耕地面积38.0千公顷,森林面积84992.85公顷,森林覆盖率57.18%,国道323线,桂梧高速公路、贵广铁路、永贺高速公路横贯县境,是西南地区东进粤港澳最捷的出海通道,自古有“两粤 [translate] 
a房屋被冲塌 The house is burst [translate] 
a亚洲国家的人没有其他国家人开放 Asian country human other countries have not been open [translate] 
ais a novel written by Irvine Welsh.The novel is about people facing the real life after graduation,even the rock youths have to participate in job interviews wearing uniforms. 是尔湾Welsh.The小说写的小说是关于面对真实的人在毕业以后,甚而岩石青年时期必须参加穿制服的工作面试。 [translate] 
a它激励了我做事要有毅力 It had driven I work must have the will [translate] 
amultiplying 倍增 [translate] 
athis table is strong and durable 这张桌是强和耐久的 [translate] 
aShannon Keith 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aVues: 8431 - Poids: 79Mo - Durée: 7mnElle va se faire défoncer par son mec [translate] 
a18-20 yo Amateurs Anal Asian Arab Extreme Facials Squirting Fetish Big Tits Hentai Lesbian Mature Orgy P.O.V. Transsexual French Videos 18-20 yo爱好者后门亚洲阿拉伯极端Facials喷的迷信大山雀Hentai女同性恋的成熟喧闹的宴会P.O.V。 Transsexual法国录影 [translate] 
athere was a knock at the door and Sergeant Smith burst in 有敲在门,并且史密斯军士破裂了 [translate] 
aPredicting and controlling sand production are critical components of choosing the right completions program and optimizing production. The Schlumberger Geomechanics group uses skilled interpretation to select the right sand management solution, to guide development decisions, to enable appropriate completions planning 预言的和控制沙子生产是选择正确的完成节目和优选生产重要组分。 Schlumberger Geomechanics小组使用熟练的解释选择正确的沙子管理解答,引导发展决定,使能适当的完成计划和优选未来水库管理 [translate] 
a爸假装严肃面对女儿:中国食物有 The father disguises to enforce facing the daughter: Chinese food has [translate] 
athe brand consumers draw inferences 品牌消费者凹道推断 [translate] 
athrought dedication 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a测绘科学与技术 Mapping science and technology [translate] 
a一项新能源的研究 A new energy research [translate] 
a应付手续费及佣金 Manipulation handling charge and commission [translate] 
aA group of doctors from the American Academy of Pediatrics say that teenagers can suffer from "Facebook deperssion"if they are crazy about the social networking site. 一个小组医生从小儿科言的美国学院少年能遭受“Facebook deperssion ",如果他们对社会网络站点是疯狂的。 [translate] 
a如果都是很大的目标,给自己慢慢的细化,直至可行。 If all is the very big goal, for oneself slowly refinement, until feasible. [translate] 
athe brand has some of the values of the promoting personality. 品牌有某些促进的个性的价值。 [translate] 
a默默的爱只为你,聂 Silently love only for you, Nie [translate] 
a你从互联网上看到的信息可能是不真实的 You saw from the Internet the information is possibly not real [translate] 
a`辈子 `lifetime [translate] 
aYou will make it for us to have the picnic this weekend 您将做它为了我们能有野餐这个周末 [translate] 
ayou are something to me 您是某事对我 [translate]