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Difficult to clean up some minor dust




Minor dust is difficult to clean up


Some minor dust is very difficult to clean up


Some small dusts are very difficult to clean up
anäringsministe 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a贫富差距的进一步拉大使政府部门感到忧虑不安 Gap between rich and poor further enlarging makes the government department to feel anxious restless [translate] 
aThis rainy season 这雨季 [translate] 
athey are playing the snow. 他们播放雪。 [translate] 
a旅游咨询:0919-3183831 Traveling consultation: 0919-3183831 [translate] 
a他几乎没有说一句话 He has not spoken a speech nearly [translate] 
aArchives office 归档办公室 [translate] 
a三、 不要随便打断记者的提问,也不要以各种动作、表情和语言对记者表示不满。即使记者的提问带有很强的偏见或带有挑衅性,也不能激动发怒。这时应表现也一定的涵养,以平静的话语和确凿的事理给予纠正和反驳。 Third, do not have to break reporter's inquiry casually, also do not have by each kind of movement, the expression and the language expresses the disaffection to reporter.Even if reporter's inquiry has the very strong prejudice or has the provocation, also cannot get angry excitedly.By now should di [translate] 
adon’t main them and let’s them go on 不扼要他们并且我们他们继续 [translate] 
a饮食与文化密切相关,不同的民族和国家孕育了不同的饮食文化,所以饮食文化具有浓郁的民族性和多样性的特点。中国与英美等西方国家对饮食的观念、宴会礼仪、烹饪方式以 及菜式命名等方面都存在着显著的差异。 The diet and the cultural close correlation, the different nationality and the country has bred the different diet culture, therefore the diet culture has the rich national characteristic and the multiple characteristics.Western countries and so on China and Britain and America to aspects and so on [translate] 
a发货人:青岛昊坤达物流有限公司 Consignor: The Qingdao Hao Yin principle reaches the physical distribution limited company [translate] 
awithdrawing the appointment of an authorised recipient 撤出一个授权接收者的任命 [translate] 
ayou have to select an output channel 您必须选择输出通道 [translate] 
aMany people watched the boys to climb the mountain at that time. 许多人观看男孩那时攀登山。 [translate] 
a-No,they aren't -没有,他们不是 [translate] 
aAEROSIL AEROSIL [translate] 
a我觉得美国是一个非常自由的国家,并且科技发达,我希望在那里学到更多的知识,而且我听说那里的人待人十分热情友好,我很向往。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWu Peng accepted the offer 吴・彭接受了提议 [translate] 
a20分钟的片子故事很紧凑,台词不多却句句精辟 20 minute flat and thin piece stories are very compact, the lines are not many the sentence sentence to be actually penetrating [translate] 
aA process of coating a postage stamp with an invisible phosphorus additive that glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. 涂邮票的过程用发光,当暴露在紫外光时的一个无形的磷添加剂。 [translate] 
awas pure 是纯净的 [translate] 
a我决不允许你这样对你妈妈说话 [translate] 
a不想让别人给你幸福 Does not want to let others give you to be happy [translate] 
a这样你会获得更多的朋友 Like this you can obtain more friends [translate] 
a淡写是粑粑 ある薄くケーキが書く [translate] 
aBDBS004 .925 Sterling Silver Swarovski Pearl 5.5" 6" 6.5" 7" Length Adjustable Bracelet With Lobster Clasp BDBS004 .925纯银Swarovski珍珠5.5 " 6 " 6.5 " 7 "长度可调整的镯子用龙虾钩子 [translate] 
aslippery road proceed with caution 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a野外烧烤· The open country bakes · [translate] 
a我想到了,魔鬼,女巫,南瓜头,你呢 I have thought, devil, sorceress, pumpkin head, you [translate] 
a教室在课堂讲授指示后,学生不仅要消化理解课堂上学习的内容,而且还要大量阅读相关方面的书籍和文献资料。 The classroom teaches the instruction after the classroom, not only the student must digest the content which in the understanding classroom studies, moreover also must read the correlation aspect massively the books and the literature material. [translate] 
aI'll be there whenever you call [translate] 
afinancial year 财政年度 [translate] 
apour peaux intolerantes apaisantr 为不宽容的皮肤apaisantr [translate] 
aDon't let others have you .. thought you always be mine 不要让其他有您。 认为您总是我的 [translate] 
athe piece for the right corner is missing 片断为右角是缺掉的 [translate] 
a这两个男孩穿不同的衣服 These two boys put on the different clothes [translate] 
a他的书比我的书多 His book are more than mine book [translate] 
a有很多策略可以促进经济平衡贸易发展 Has very many strategies to be possible to promote the economic equilibrium trade development [translate] 
a他们希望我生活的幸福、,快乐 They hoped I live happiness, joyful [translate] 
ais a novel written by Irvine Welsh.The novel is about people facing the real life after graduation,even the rock youths have to participate in job interviews in uniforms. 是尔湾Welsh.The小说写的小说是关于面对真实的人在毕业以后,甚而岩石青年时期必须参加工作面试在制服。 [translate] 
a他不敢在这河里游泳 He does not dare in this river to swim [translate] 
a液压打桩锤 Hydraulic pressure pile hammer [translate] 
a艰苦的学习环境 Difficult learning environment [translate] 
awhich of the following is the closest to the speaker`s message?gave a reason for your choice. 最接近是哪个以下报告人`s消息?给了您的选择的一个原因。 [translate] 
a施工机械 Construction machinery [translate] 
a激烈 Intense [translate] 
asuch intervals compared to males when using the production technique (Bindra & Waksberg, 1956). [translate] 
a祝自己生日快乐和最好的祝福 Wishes oneself birthday joyful and the most best blessing [translate] 
alet's take the books to the classroom 我们采取书对教室 [translate] 
aI'm still waiting here for you 我这里仍然等您 [translate] 
asoem movies ar very bloddy and scary 有些电影ar非常bloddy和可怕 [translate] 
a谁能祝我幸福? Who can wish me to be happy? [translate] 
aone of the key factors necessary for farmers to try new methods the economic situation of their crop 其中一个关键系数必要为农夫尝试新的方法他们的庄稼的经济形势 [translate] 
a但我无聊的时候我才会想起你 But I am bored I only then can remember you [translate] 
a你曾经在乎过我么? You have cared about me? [translate] 
aEach blob region from image labeling includes the coordinate information of the calibration points. 每个一滴区域从图象标记包括分度点的同等的信息。 [translate] 
a一些微小的灰尘很难清理 Some small dusts are very difficult to clean up [translate]