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afucker do let me hurt do die 笨蛋让我伤害死 [translate] 
a同学们来到医院看望老师,带来一些水果,希望老师尽快康复 Schoolmates arrive the hospital to see teacher, brings some fruits, hoped teacher is restored to health as soon as possible [translate] 
a你不想聊就不聊了 You do not want to chat did not chat [translate] 
aTHe sweater in all colors are on sale in our store 毛线衣在所有颜色在销售中在我们的商店 [translate] 
a商务套房怎么翻译 How does the commercial anteroom translate [translate] 
a努力,努力,努力 Effort, effort and effort [translate] 
aI don't think Jason's serious about going to Africa,is he? 我不考虑贾森的严肃去非洲,是? [translate] 
aDid the window was broken by him yesterday 做了窗口由他昨天是残破的 [translate] 
aWhich one of the following statements about population density is a correct one ? A.Population density refers to the spread of people over an area. B.Population density varies a result of difference in population size and area of land. 哪个以下声明关于人口密度是一正确一个? A.Population密度提到人传播在区域。 B.Population密度变化区别的土地结果在人口大小上的和区域。 [translate] 
aa separate healthful development among persons on a vigorous activity program 分开的健康发展在人之中在一个苍劲的活动节目 [translate] 
a吊 灯 Hanging lamp [translate] 
a简述 Summary [translate] 
awhat r u talking about? 什么r u谈论? [translate] 
a叶儿耙 Ye Erba [translate] 
aDETERMINE 确定 [translate] 
a[Space] Use equipment. [translate] 
aThey have invested much time and effort to establish exactly the executive's demands for sitting apart form the tourists 他们投资了时间和努力确切地建立对坐的单独的形式的执行委员的需求游人 [translate] 
a面朝大海、春したい明日からは、幸せな人です 表面早晨海洋,它是愉快的人从反弹我们希望做的明天 [translate] 
a未来五年将会是化妆品发展的黄金时段 Future five years could be the cosmetics development prime times [translate] 
a二、投资方为外国公司 Second, throws the capital for the foreign corporation [translate] 
a我写了细节 I have written the detail [translate] 
alove is hard to get into,but harder to get out of 爱是坚硬进入,但艰苦出去 [translate] 
a我居然有三张 I have three unexpectedly [translate] 
a你的工作如何? Your work how? [translate] 
a我明天就要去上班了 I will have tomorrow to go to go to work
a混合气体进入病人呼吸回路,经吸气控制阀和鼻面罩实施呼吸操作。 The gaseous mixture enters the patient to breathe the return route, after inspiration control valve and nose face guard implementation breath operation. [translate] 
aPossess Bachelor degree in HVAC Systems 拥有学士学位在HVAC系统 [translate] 
a钟栋 我等你 Clock I wait for you [translate] 
a为了自己真正的兴趣而改变自己的人生轨迹,永远都不晚。 Changes own for own true interest life path, forever all is not late. [translate] 
aYou're my love. 您是我的爱。 [translate] 
a开发投资 Development investment [translate] 
a家长已经开始担心西方的电影和电视节目对孩子们的不良影响 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aexcept myself. During this period of my life, 除了我自己。 在我的生活的这个期间, [translate] 
athe exploration of the universe has led to the creation of new kind of toys 宇宙的探险导致了新的种类的创作玩具 [translate] 
a恩赫 우아 헤르쯔 [translate] 
a我们关系十分要好,经常在一起吃饭玩耍,互相帮助,我们都感觉到很开心。 We relate are friends with extremely, together is eating meal frequently plays, helps mutually, we all feel very happy. [translate] 
a你在看什么电影 You are watching any movie [translate] 
a垃圾处理方法;资源化;生物转化;生物反应器;焚烧 Garbage disposal method; Converting into resources; Biotransformation; Biological reactor; Burning down [translate] 
amy name is Idrees 我的名字是Idrees [translate] 
aPls call me or send SMS to my Mobile Phone at Pls告诉我或送SMS到我的移动电话在 [translate] 
ayou are about to erase all data on this disk! 您将删掉关于这张盘的所有数据! [translate] 
a小羊羔 Small lamb [translate] 
aFor Information Contact: 为信息联络: [translate] 
aMaybe some of you didn't understand well this movie, because of its 3 parts, showed as flashbacks. These 3 moments are: - Summertime in Pornichet, when they meet and love. - After a year and half living together in Nantes, Mathieu doesn't go to a psychiatric himself. He tries to suicide taking something, and Cedric bri [translate] 
asurvice survice [translate] 
apossble posssble [translate] 
aNobody can go back and start a new biging,but everyone can start now and make a new ending. 没人能回去和开始一新biging,但大家能现在开始和做一个新的结尾。 [translate] 
a因为她每天放学都帮一些学生补课 Because she is on vacation from school every day all helps some students to make up for a missed lesson
aThe lady I have mentioned is from GongShu District, a primary English researcher, single, with a lovely girl, who is of 13. She wants to know you when our two districts have a get-together in Jan.(They gave an invitation last year). But she plans to consider her partner when her daughter is 18. Too many years! I send y [translate] 
a迎宾 Welcoming guests [translate] 
aillumination conditions are always affected by the 照明情况总是受的影响的 [translate] 
a所以你必须代替我很好的照顾你自己,不然我会伤心的 Therefore you must replace me to look after you very well, otherwise I can sad [translate] 
acoordinates and the correspondence under the existence 座标和书信在存在之下 [translate] 
a(一)体内贮铁不足 (1) in vivo stores the iron to be insufficient [translate] 
aprocedure in digital imaging measurement systems.Fig. [translate] 
a我最想发明出一瓶彩虹汽水,它包含着世界上各种味道,你的身体会感觉出不同的味道,手臂会感觉到树莓的味道,手指会感觉到西瓜的味道,这一定非常有趣! I most want to invent a bottle of rainbow soft drink, it is containing in the world each kind of flavor, your body can feel leaves the different flavor, the arm can feel the raspberry the flavor, the finger can feel the watermelon the flavor, this is certainly extremely interesting! [translate] 
ayou sure are a pervert 您肯定是堕落者 [translate]