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People are not all selfish




People are all selfish




Is the human all is selfish
a到去年年底为止,我们又建了三个博物馆 To end of last year up to, we has constructed three museums [translate] 
ait's fun and easy 它是乐趣和容易 [translate] 
a讲座是在广东科学协会举行的,由罗教授为我们解说有关食品安全的问题 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIf you play sports for a living,your job will sometimes be very dangerous,Many professional athletes get injured.And if you become rich,you will have a difficult time knowing who your real friends are. In fact,many famous people complain that they are not happy.They say they were happier before they became rich and fam If you play sports for a living, your job will sometimes be very dangerous, Many professional athletes get injured. And if you become rich, you will have a difficult time knowing who your real friends are. In fact, many famous people complain that they are not happy. They say they were happier befor [translate] 
a个税征收是出于公共目的 The tax collection stems from the public goal [translate] 
a人参总皂甙是从五加科植物人参的根、茎叶中提取精制而成,其富含十八种人参单体皂甙,溶于80°C的水,易溶解于乙醇。 The ginseng total soap glucoside is from five increases taxes the plant ginseng in the root, the stem leaf withdraws the purification to become, its richly including 18 kind of ginseng monomer soap glucoside, dissolves in 80°C the water, easy to dissolve in the ethyl alcohol. [translate] 
aLet's play football this afternoon 我们今天下午踢橄榄球 [translate] 
aopen late 后开始 [translate] 
a上海交大 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAs to employment levels and structures, there are also big differences among these three groups of countries. In general, total employment is very high in Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon welfare states (except New Zealand), and relatively low in Continental countries. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a教学方法与技巧(方法灵活多样、多媒体教学、板书清楚) Teaching method and skill (method nimble diverse, multimedia teaching, blackboard writing clear) [translate] 
a用船舶在波浪中受力计算的切片理论将5用30个角频率下的规则波进行测算,分别得到对应不同角频率下的波浪力和力矩的样本点 The stress computation slice theory 5 uses with the ships in the wave under 30 angular frequencies the regular waves to carry on the reckoning, separately obtains under the corresponding different angular frequency wave strength and the moment of force sample point [translate] 
a我希望你也能介绍你们那里的节日 I hoped you also can introduce you there holiday [translate] 
a我别无选择 只好接受他的邀请 I have no alternative have to accept his invitation [translate] 
alove my wife forever 永远爱我的妻子 [translate] 
aevery time you know into your eyes,never said goodbye ,never say before ,I only want to sleep,do you mind? 在您知道入您的眼睛时候,从未说再见,从未说前面,我是否只想要睡觉,您介意? [translate] 
anear fuii was teink tank near fuii was teink tank [translate] 
aMy science teacher is j 我的理科教员是jini [translate] 
a楼层总索引 Floor total index [translate] 
aafter the application of soil amendments including grape marc, animal manure and compost. 在土壤校正的应用以后包括葡萄果渣、肥料和天然肥料。 [translate] 
a爱是你我 [translate] 
aThe reality is cruel, in the solitude of forging, maybe you will live better, do not need to care about some things, has become a fixed end. 现实是残暴的,在孑然锻件,您更将好可能居住,不需要对有些事关心,成为了一个固定的末端。 [translate] 
a我想人之所以不同于其他生物,是因为人有自己的思想 I think the human the reason that to be different with other living thing, is because the human has own thought [translate] 
a在我眼里你是最美的 In my eye you are most beautiful [translate] 
aMr gone’ real color 颜色先生去的’真正的 [translate] 
a在周四和周五我要去新疆参加单色凌的演唱会 And I must go to the concert on Friday on Thursday which the Xinjiang participation single color insults [translate] 
a2000年6月8日,首张专辑《孙燕姿同名专辑》发行,获得台湾2000年度专辑销售总冠军。《我要的幸福》获得台湾2001年度专辑销售第一名,《风筝》获得第三名。《Start自选集》获台湾2002年度专辑销售亚军。2003年《The Moment》销量150万张,宣布暂别歌坛一年,成立个人音乐公司Make Music。2004年携《Stefanie》完美复出,全亚洲热卖220万张。 On June 8, 2000, the first special edition "Sun Yanzi Special edition Of the same name" distributed, obtains the Taiwan 2000 year special editions to sell the total champion."I Want Happiness" obtained the Taiwan 2001 year special editions to sell first, "Kite" obtained third."Start from Anthology" [translate] 
a舒缓放松 Affable relaxation [translate] 
a迎宾员 Welcomes guests [translate] 
a所以,她决定要找出真相 Therefore, she decided must discover the truth [translate] 
aFine love 美好的爱 [translate] 
a使自己陷入困境 Causes oneself to fall into the difficult position [translate] 
aEverybody good! I am your paternal aunt's granddaughter, my name is called Tan Yueai.You recently? Your paternal aunt the age has been big, wrote forgets the character not to be able to write, now is the granddaughter by me to write a letter on another's behalf.If I write am not good, please very much forgive! She rece 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!老虎 Tiger [translate] 
apartition with 320GB option 分开以320GB选择 [translate] 
awhat is your trouble 什么是您的麻烦 [translate] 
ai hear that you are now 我听见您是现在 [translate] 
a我疯了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThere are several factors that have slowed the adoption of these products including initial costs,changing of cultural practices,increased management and maintenance,disposal of the product and the stability of their own market. 有减慢了这些产品收养包括最初成本的几个因素,改变文化实践,增加的管理和产品的维护、处置和他们自己的市场的稳定。 [translate] 
aNobody can go back and start a new biging,but everyone can start now and make a new ending. 没人能回去和开始一新biging,但大家能现在开始和做一个新的结尾。 [translate] 
a相信你行 Believes your line [translate] 
a西索 West rope [translate] 
a因为他搬家了,他没有收到她的信 Because he moved, he has not received her letter [translate] 
a行动 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
anobody knows me i am cold! 没人知道我我是冷的! [translate] 
a在你的旁边 In yours side [translate] 
aIf you are available 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amy name is Idrees 我的名字是Idrees [translate] 
aMarrying you has screwed up my life. 与您结婚弄糟了我的生活。 [translate] 
a大家都饿了 Everybody was hungry [translate] 
aever before 以前 [translate] 
a李明在黑板上写了欢迎来我们班 Li Ming wrote on the blackboard has welcome our class [translate] 
a现在重新说明:导师邮箱: ellenhk@brandeis.edu 以后大家还是可以通过这个邮箱和导师联络,当然,大家也可以在QQ群上交流.群号:182655451 Now explained that,Teacher mailbox: ellenhk@brandeis.edu later everybody might contacts through this mailbox and teacher, certainly, everybody might also exchange on the QQ group. Group number: 182655451 [translate] 
aHistoric film 历史的影片 [translate] 
a最后还是希望大家能够积极的与导师交流沟通! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我说 ,你在看什么电影 I said that, you are watching any movie [translate] 
a人是不是都是自私的 Is the human all is selfish [translate]