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aSee through love see through you 把爱进行下去把您进行下去 [translate] 
a晚上学习太晚,不吃早饭可以多睡一会儿 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
avehicle dealer 车经销商 [translate] 
a我没车,没钱,没房,没钻戒,但我有一颗陪你到老的心, 等到你老了,我依然背着你,我给你当拐杖, 等你没牙了,我就嚼碎了喂给你, 我一定等你死后我在死,要不把你一个人留在这世界上,没人照顾,我做鬼也不放心。 I do not have the vehicle, does not have the money, does not have the room, does not have the diamond ring, but I have one to accompany you to the old heart, when you have been old, I still carry you, I am giving you when the walking stick, waited for you not to have the tooth, I chewed have fed for [translate] 
aPC CardBus Slot 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他所犯的全是拼写错误 Il viole tout est l'erreur d'épellation [translate] 
a组成的一种松散的国家联合 Composition one kind of loose national union [translate] 
a健康素养 Healthy accomplishment [translate] 
atimely 实时性 [translate] 
a爱有天意 Likes having the divine intervention [translate] 
a2008年6月初,黄海南海等海域出现大面积赤潮,初步断定是浒苔属藻类造成的。但是具体的是哪种藻类用传统方法难以确定,于是我们选定一段保守序列,对藻类从分子水平鉴定,已达到区分各种海藻的目的。 In at the beginning of June, 2008, sea areas and so on Yellow Sea South China Sea appear the big area red tide, concluded initially is the enteromorpha is the algae to create.But concrete is which kind of algae determined with difficulty with the traditional method, therefore we designated section o [translate] 
a如果不增加销量,就必须降低产量 If does not increase the sales volume, must reduce the output [translate] 
a工作认真,做事踏实,责任心强,注重团队合作,交流能力和学习能力强。 Works earnestly, works steadfastly, sense of responsibility, attention team cooperation, exchange ability and learning capability. [translate] 
a听到有人质疑他的才能,肖恩觉得受了奇耻大辱 Hears some people to question his ability, the shone thought the great shame [translate] 
amy secretary said that she has made an 我的秘书说她做了 [translate] 
a他压力很大,因为他的口语没有提高。 His pressure is very big, because his spoken language has not enhanced. [translate] 
a半杯酸奶 Half cup of yogurt [translate] 
adermatologist's formula 皮肤病学家的惯例 [translate] 
a:After you completely know when, I don't care, don't say sorry : After you completely know when, I don't care, don't say sorry [translate] 
a双手放在背后——愤怒,不欣赏,不同意防御或攻击    Behind both hands place - - angry, does not appreciate, does not agree with the defense or the attack    [translate] 
aSquirt Alert 喷戒备 [translate] 
aArchive 档案 [translate] 
a我总是六点钟就起床,九点钟睡觉,每天都要学习,只有在星期天才能玩,我喜欢去购物,和同学去烧烤 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aacces lesbiennes 访问女同性恋者 [translate] 
aoff ,clothes,jump ,into , 衣裳,跳跃,入, [translate] 
aмне приходят иероглифы 对我来象形文字 [translate] 
apost FX 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
anext lives this life 下生活这生活 [translate] 
a切换其它城市 切换其它城市 [translate] 
aLearn how to read. The secret of good reading is to be an active reader—one who continually asks questions that lead to a full understanding of the writer's message. [translate] 
aMy parents will move back into town in a year or 我的父母在一年将移动回到镇或 [translate] 
a这件事会影响到我们的友谊么 This matter can affect ours friendship [translate] 
a对不起妈妈,曾经的我是那么的不懂事,惹你生气,熟不知你心里压抑了很久很久,而我这做女儿的却什么也不知道。 Is unfair to mother, once I was such am not sensible, annoy you to be angry, ripe did not know in your heart has constrained very for a long time very long, but my this was the daughter any not to know actually. [translate] 
aThe call girls 应召女郎 [translate] 
acong hoa xahoi chu nghia viet nam 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agel nettoyant purifiant 清洗的结冰的净化 [translate] 
a刺儿头 Thorn head [translate] 
a举止 Manner [translate] 
a迎宾部主管 Welcomes guests a manager [translate] 
aHistoric film 历史的影片 [translate] 
a瓶子里有很多牛奶 In the jar has very many milks [translate] 
afast format will reduce installation time byverifying only system areas.use fast format 快速的格式将减少byverifying仅系统areas.use的安装时间快速地格式化 [translate] 
awe must stress that these payment terms are very important to us. 我们必须注重这些付款期限是非常重要对我们。 [translate] 
aspread a variety of diseases 传播各种各样的疾病 [translate] 
aA stitch in time saves nine . A stitch in time saves nine. [translate] 
a金黄色 Golden yellow [translate] 
a已经都忘了吧? All has already forgotten? [translate] 
art defatigant rt defatigant [translate] 
aeven before 以前 [translate] 
apress alt-c to continue the installation which will resylt in anincorrect hard capacity,or press any other key to abort the installation 按altc继续在anincorrect坚硬容量将resylt的设施,或者按其他键放弃设施 [translate] 
a新经济时代,商誉在企业中的地位越来越重要,因此受到越来越多的重视,但商誉的确认与计量则成为会计核算中的一大难题。商誉是企业在长期的生产经营中逐步积累形成的各种优越条件和无形资源(如掌握先进技术、生产诀窍,拥有得天独厚的地理位置,拥有良好的信誉而获得了顾客的信任,或由于组织得当、生产经营效益高等原因而形成的无形价值),这些优越条件和无形资源预期会给企带来超额经济利益。商誉包括自创商誉和合并商誉,合并商誉又称外购商誉。由于自创商誉的确认与计量比较困难,一般只把外购商与进行确认与计量入账。因此有人对会计信息的失真性提出了质疑,使得会计界不得不重新确定一些新的会计确认标准及会计计量基础。这为我们解决包括自创商誉的确认与计量问题提供了现实的理 [translate] 
a我要我自己的,祝你梦想成真,晚安 I want me, wishes you to vainly hope for really, good night [translate] 
aThere are several factors that have slowed the adoption of these products including initial costs,changing of cultural practices,increased management and maintenance,disposal of the product and the stability of their own market. 有减慢了这些产品收养包括最初成本的几个因素,改变文化实践,增加的管理和产品的维护、处置和他们自己的市场的稳定。 [translate] 
afirming serum 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a推向成功 Pushes to successfully [translate] 
a睿智 睿智 [translate] 
a始源 처음 근원 [translate]