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aHand wind 手风 [translate] 
awith the holiday's coming,i just find the feeling of missing you becoming more and more keen。 当假日的来,我发现想念您的感觉变得越来越敏锐。 [translate] 
a知らん颜をして [translate] 
a总而言之,我认为多吃蔬菜时一个很好的选择。但是在此过程中,我们必须谨慎的挑选适合自己身体状况的蔬菜,才能使蔬菜的作用发挥到最大。 In brief, I thought eats when the vegetables a very good choice.But in this process, we must the discrete choice suit oneself body condition the vegetables, can enable the vegetables the function to display in a big way. [translate] 
a学部 部门 [translate] 
aok,let me hear you say what 好让我听见您说什么 [translate] 
a副科级 Vice-branch level [translate] 
aIf I don't answer the phone home, ring me at work. 如果我不回答电话家,敲响我在工作。 [translate] 
aEnter your email address in the format someone@example.com 输入您的电子邮件在格式someone@example.com [translate] 
a景德镇陶瓷凝聚着一代又一代陶瓷人的心血,陶瓷贯穿景德镇的历史,是景德镇文化的命脉 The Jingdezhen ceramics condense a generation of generation of ceramic person's painstaking care, the ceramics are passing through Jingdezhen's history, is the Jingdezhen culture life [translate] 
aWhat I need is just your trust 什么我需要是正义的您的信任 [translate] 
aSince the establishment of the Handmade Club was development and expansion, 因为手工制造俱乐部的创立是发展和扩展, [translate] 
a姓名:徐敏强 学号:2006200920 入学时间:2006.9 毕业时间2010.7 Name: Xu Minqiang Student number: 2006200920 matriculation time: 2006.9 Graduation time 2010.7 [translate] 
a我猜中了前头 却猜不透结果 I guessed front have not been fully correct in assumptions actually the result [translate] 
aDrag the tool cursor around the outer ring to change the color hue that gets displayed in the center shaded box 在外面圆环附近扯拽工具游标改变在中心被遮蔽的箱子得到显示的颜色颜色 [translate] 
aas was the case in geography and sociology. 象案件在地理和社会学方面。 [translate] 
aAnything is possible.Ijust ran my best,Bolt said after the relay 任何是可能的。Ijust跑了我最佳,螺栓在中转以后认为 [translate] 
ayanomami yanomami [translate] 
aI need a bag beer 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayours.... [translate] 
aPlease enter a strong password. Strong passwords contain 7-16 characters, do not include common words or names, and combine three of these character types: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols 请输入一个强的密码。 强的密码包含7-16个字符,不包括共同的词或名字,并且结合三这些性格类型: 大写字目、小写字母、数字或者标志 [translate] 
a他真是一只“馋猫”啊。 He really is one “the greedy cat”. [translate] 
a划出一道、属于我的符号 Delimits, belongs to my mark together [translate] 
ashutdown emergency 停工紧急状态 [translate] 
aOthers said it wanted to revenge 其他认为它想复仇 [translate] 
ai want to find a word to describe you. i think that word is night,so.good night 我想要发现词描述您。 我认为词是夜, so.good夜 [translate] 
a甚至产生消极的效果 Even produces the negative results [translate] 
a海底电缆 Submarine cable [translate] 
aA class of mail consisting of mailable matter that is not required to be mailed as First-Class Mail or is not mailed as Periodicals 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIf you are available 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aModern multimedia has abundant expression, so it can not be restricted by time and space. Multimedia can use lights, sounds, colors and shapes to represent optical, time, and kinetic features from all angles. Multimedia can change the things which refer to the teaching materials between big and small, between quick and 现代多媒体有丰富的表示,因此它不可能在时间和空间以前制约。 多媒体可能使用光、声音、颜色和形状代表光学,时间和运动特点从所有角度。 多媒体可能改变提到教材在大和小之间的事,之间快并且减慢,在近之间和并且在真正和真正之间。 老师能使用多媒体激起学生’兴趣关于客观现象和狡猾的过程。 老师能以这个方法使学生仔细地观察内容。 从外层空间向海洋,从古老年龄到现代,从自然到社会,从中国到世界许多事可以由多媒体显示。 多媒体可以用于社会教育,学校教育,家庭教育,集体教育,单一教育,体育,等等。 [translate] 
acan understand Gigao. I request you to wait till Monday, and you will get the package by then. If you do not get the package, contact us again. We'll create the replacement with free two day shipping.23:19:23 能了解Gigao。 星期一和您那时,将得到包裹我请求您等待。 如果您没得到包裹,再与我们联系。 我们将创造替换与自由2天的shipping.23 :19 :23 [translate] 
aIndividualidual Individualidual [translate] 
a积极乐观向上的句子(英文) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aChildhood is colorful~~~~ 童年是colorful~~~~ [translate] 
a大规模风电并网 Large-scale wind electricity incorporation [translate] 
aIf you do not receive another email from us within 24 hours, there may be a problem with your order. In that case, contact us by reply to this email. 如果您从我们不接受另一电子邮件在24个小时之内,也许有一个问题以您的顺序。 在那个案件,由给这电子邮件的回复与我们联系。 [translate] 
a我有许多朋友,其中之一是 Simon.He 是我最好的朋友。 I have many friends, one of them is Simon.He is I best friend. [translate] 
ayup i wanna same relation with some one but do not know when i will get a good girl yup i wanna same relation with some one but do not know when i will get a good girl [translate] 
aGoodjop Goodjop [translate] 
a我在运动。。。。俞加 I in movement.。。。Yu Jia [translate] 
a小乞丐 Young beggar [translate] 
aWe apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing and appreciate your patience while we be dealing with it. Please be assured, that we always do our utmost to provide you the best viewing experience possible as fast as we can. [translate] 
ai will find my way 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a一直在深圳还是其他地方 Continuously in Shenzhen other places [translate] 
a我先下线了 I first winding [translate] 
ai dont understand ? 我不了解? [translate] 
a迎宾员 Welcomes guests [translate] 
a业务收入增长缓慢; The service income growth is slow; [translate] 
aUnrestion Unrestion [translate] 
a在家里吃的晚餐吗 At home eats supper [translate] 
aLike burnt barbecude maet. 喜欢被烧的barbecude maet。 [translate] 
aCan I meet with you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI said I was practicing the more gamma 我说我实践更多伽玛 [translate] 
a以后每个工作日的第一班,首先应取出一条胶片在同样标准下进行暗室处理。然后将其密度值与基准密度值进行比较,如果变化量超过0.1,则该溶液作废。 Later each working day first class, first will be supposed to take out a film to carry on darkroom processing under the similar standard.Then carries on its density value and the datum density value the comparison, if the change quantity surpasses 0.1, then this solution becomes invalid. [translate] 
a没钱上学,更别提买新衣服了 Does not have the money to go to school, do not raise buys the new clothes [translate] 
azinester zinester [translate]