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a咋可疑了!! Has been how suspicious!! [translate] 
a你是我的美丽女孩 You are my beautiful girl [translate] 
aabove or other software widgets on th [translate] 
a现在我在一家民营企业做采购员的工作 Now I do purchaser's work in a private enterprise [translate] 
a开味蹄筋 Opens the taste tendons [translate] 
a我明白了 不好意思 I have understood embarrassedly [translate] 
aThat s it Just be a man and listen to me   You can be the best and you have to believe 那s它是一个人并且听我   您可以最佳,并且您必须相信 [translate] 
a当地时间10月31日,第14届英国独立电影奖(BIFAs)公布了提名名单,史蒂夫·麦奎因与迈克尔·法斯宾德的二度合作《羞耻》,全明星阵容的《锅匠,裁缝,士兵,间谍》以及帕迪·康斯戴恩的导演处女作《暴龙》分别获得7项提名。 [translate] 
a他们 They [translate] 
aIt is his wife which left him without saying goodbye 它是留下他,无需说再见的他的妻子 [translate] 
a由于franaca休假,9月份未能盘点库存,库存使用数为估算。 As a result of the franaca leave of absence, in September has not been able to inventory the stock, the stock use number for estimates. [translate] 
a近年来,世界各国经济高速发展,自然资源大量耗费和废弃物质的大量排放,生存环境的日益恶化,面对资源枯竭,环境污染,金融危机的挑战,明智的企业正相继转向低碳发展策略,低碳化浪潮,使得中国企业已难以置身事外。发展低碳经济需要的不仅仅是政府政策的鼓励,更需要企业的率先推行。企业内部的管理也是必不可少的一部分。因此,企业实行低碳经济的发展策略势在必行。 In recent years, the various countries economy high speed development, the natural resource massively consumed and abandons material the massive emissionses, the survival environment daily worsening, facing the resources depletion, the environmental pollution, the financial crisis challenge, the unw [translate] 
aripe wheat 成熟麦子 [translate] 
a容易受的不良的影响 Easy to receive not good influence [translate] 
a交谈 Conversation [translate] 
a尽管他们的问题会使他们苦恼 Although their question can cause them to be worried [translate] 
aGive me a big hug, and your happy smiles please [translate] 
a我妈妈说有时间叫你去我们哪里玩 나의 어머니는 놀기 위하여 우리에 갈 당신이라고 불리는 시간을 어디에 있는지 말했다 [translate] 
a这家餐馆不大,里面有三十个座位 This restaurant is not big, inside has 30 seats [translate] 
adance wonderful 舞蹈美妙 [translate] 
ai be lleve that you will have some new friends very soon. do not worry too much. i看作为您非常很快将有一些新的朋友。 不要担心太多。 [translate] 
a• How is it currently promoted 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe underlined word "leave" here means 在下面划线的词“事假”这里意味 [translate] 
aWith Subscribe & Save, you receive a discount off Amazon's everyday low price, free standard shipping, and the convenience of automatic deliveries. There are no commitments, obligations, or fees and you can cancel a subscription at any time. 与订阅&除之外,您接受折扣亚马孙的每天低价,自由标准运输和自动交付便利。 没有承诺,义务,或者费和您可能任何时候取消捐款。 [translate] 
a接下来说说无锡的美食 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aFaithful to you is faithful to love 忠实对您是忠实的爱 [translate] 
aWeb Installer 网安置者 [translate] 
atom hardly spoke a word 汤姆几乎不讲了词 [translate] 
arestoring system 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aactually i can see you are a great girl 我能实际上看您是一个了不起的女孩 [translate] 
a婚姻不只是两个人的事 Not only marriage two person's matters [translate] 
a会晤 Meeting [translate] 
ai want to marry you i want to marry you [translate] 
aif ypu happen to be near topeopel that are speaking good english 如果ypu偶然是讲好英语的近的topeopel [translate] 
a没有钱去过节 Does not have the money to celebrate a holiday [translate] 
aWe specialize in re-drawing those difficult blurry bitmapped images into beautiful vector drawings ready for printing. 我们专门研究重画那些困难的模糊的被数位复制的图象入美丽传染媒介图画印刷准备。 [translate] 
a不关我的事 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a呵呵,你神经错乱,滚 Ha-ha, your insanity, rolls [translate] 
a因为昨晚睡得很晚 Because last night rested very much late [translate] 
aPeople think Heilong jiang is very cold in winter 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aur name bb? ur命名B到B ? [translate] 
a这两个定单 查询快递号显示派送中 但是我没有收到商品 But these two order form inquiry express number demonstration faction delivers me not to receive the commodity [translate] 
a不幸坠崖身亡 Unfortunate falls the cliff to die [translate] 
a湖附近的那个绿色的建筑是我的小学 Nearby the lake that green construction is my elementary school [translate] 
aThis is usually a temporary issue and occurs when updates are being installed, your browser session has expired or you are opening site from a cached record. [translate] 
a失业保险是指劳动者由于非本人原因暂时失去工作,致使工资收入中断而失去维持生计来源,并在重新寻找新的就业机会时,从国家或社会获得物质帮助以保障其基本生活的一种社会保险制度。 The unemployment insurance refers to the worker because must myself reason temporarily loses the work, the cause wage income interrupt loses the maintenance livelihood to originate, and when is seeking the new employment opportunity, obtains the material help from the country or the society to safeg [translate] 
awe won″t see each other again 我们赢取了″ t互相再看 [translate] 
a以后每个工作日的第一班,首先应取出一条胶片在同样标准下进行暗室处理。然后将其密度值与基准密度值进行比较,如果变化量超过0.1,则该溶液作废。 Later each working day first class, first will be supposed to take out a film to carry on darkroom processing under the similar standard.Then carries on its density value and the datum density value the comparison, if the change quantity surpasses 0.1, then this solution becomes invalid. [translate] 
askin lotion 皮肤化妆水 [translate] 
ai shoud do 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPrinciple of Subrogation 取代的原则 [translate] 
athe later history of the Apple 苹果计算机公司的最新历史 [translate] 
a阻止..吹进 Impediment. Insufflating [translate] 
a你有很多的亲人吗?在家里吃的吗 You have very many family members? At home eats [translate] 
aEither the dean or the principal ______ the meeting 教务长或主要______会议 [translate] 
ai dont understand ? 我不了解? [translate] 
aMentions to indicate 表明的提及 [translate]