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when you are down and out, remember to keep your head up !




when you are down and out, remember to keep your head up !


When you are down and out, remember to keep your head up!


when you are down and out, remember to keep your head up!
a认真地考虑费用 Considers the expense earnestly [translate] 
aat this time.off my im mature 17ears old.to meet my adult world 18years old. 在这time.off我的im成熟17ears old.to集会我的成人世界18years老。 [translate] 
a担任光电有限责任公司的人事行政工作近两年 The assumption photoelectricity limited liability company's personnel administration works in the recent two years [translate] 
a然后集中分析现代企业财务管理存在的问题并提出改进建议 Then the centralism analysis modern enterprise financial control existence question and puts forward the improvement proposal [translate] 
aI WILL available 我意志可利用 [translate] 
a国家强制学英语 The country forces study English [translate] 
a但是现在,我绝对不放弃任何机会,还我一个公道, But the present, I do not give up any opportunity absolutely, but also my justice, [translate] 
aOn occasion 一个场合 [translate] 
a新消防设备材料的出厂证明的合格证明 [translate] 
aagnes.b官网 agnes.b official net [translate] 
athe concomitant use 伴随用途 [translate] 
aAs per Shirley’s email, balance qty of 11,418 has been scrapped. 根据Shirley的电子邮件,平衡qty 11,418被废弃了。 [translate] 
a安福路298弄2号5D座 The Anfu road 298 makes 2 5D places [translate] 
aradiography compared with cone-beam 造影比较锥体射线 [translate] 
a除了我对你们的祝福和感谢的话, Except me to your blessing and thanks speech, [translate] 
aI am a actively and open-minded girl . 我活跃地是和虚心的女孩。 [translate] 
aeven though there are thirty days during she leave,from this now, one day as long and slow as one year 即使有三十天在她期间从此现在离开,一天一样长期并且减慢象一年 [translate] 
aYes,it does 是,它 [translate] 
a当我看到硬币的另一面,我感到难过 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awe put on our tent and began to sleep in it ,,but I really could't put out the heat in the tent. 我们在它投入了我们的帐篷并且开始睡觉,但I could't在帐篷真正地投入了热。 [translate] 
asensitive and secret aspect 敏感和秘密方面 [translate] 
a乌鲁木齐机场ADWR雷达速调管故障分析处理 Urumqi Airport ADWR radar klystron fault analysis processing [translate] 
a你永远是我心中唯一! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在某些方面,我们有一些共同点 In certain aspects, we have some common grounds [translate] 
ato the extent of 在程度上 [translate] 
a行动 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a世界第一只克隆猫cc当妈妈 World first clones cat cc to work as mother [translate] 
aI hoped you are happy, because I deeply have loved you。 我希望您是愉快的,因为我深深地爱您。 [translate] 
aI am tired… I am tired… [translate] 
a四、企业家社会责任形象识别模型 Fourth, entrepreneur society responsibility image recognition model [translate] 
a2年约定 2年约定 [translate] 
a切碎 Cutting to pieces [translate] 
a香草红酒炖羊膝 The vanilla red wine cooks Yang Xi [translate] 
ahe began with a prominent campaign to curtail smoking,the single leading killer of Americans,by banning it in restaurants and bars,and followed that with a campaign to get heart-damaging trans fats out of packaged and restaurant foods 他开始以一次突出的竞选通过取缔它削减抽烟,美国人唯一主导的凶手,在餐馆和酒吧,并且跟随那以竞选使心脏残损的trans油脂脱离被包装的和餐馆食物 [translate] 
a快乐工作民欢畅 The joyful work people are elated [translate] 
ahickory dickory dock 山胡桃dickory船坞 [translate] 
aApplicable for any hair,contain Various Vitamins,hydrolyzed protein and compound protection factor,instantly replenish nutrition,make hair smooth,naturaland bright,blance hair root and tips,formprotective membrane on hair surface,effectively imporove hair quality and make hair non greasy. 可适用为所有头发,包含各种各样的维生素、被水解的蛋白质和复合保护因素,立即重新补充营养,使头发光滑, naturaland明亮, blance头发根和技巧、formprotective膜在头发表面,有效地imporove头发质量并且使头发非油腻。 [translate] 
a向某人隐藏 To somebody hideaway [translate] 
a尽可能的步行或使用自行车 As far as possible walk or uses the bicycle [translate] 
a我之所以参加这个活动是因为我认为这是对自身能力的全方位的锻炼,因为辩论、游说、写作,制定策略,实现领导,等等,是对人从知识能力到性格思想的全面检验。 I the reason that participate in this activity am because I thought this is to own ability omni-directional exercise, because debated, the solicit, writing, the formulation strategy, the realization leadership, and so on, is to the human from the knowledge ability to the disposition thought comprehe [translate] 
a我希望下次會勇敢些 I will hope the next time to be able brave [translate] 
a标注 Labelling [translate] 
aMr gone’ real color 颜色先生去的’真正的 [translate] 
a我家离学校不远,所以我通常骑自行车上学 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aclose your eyes,*and see your self,*you are clearly visle!* 闭上您的眼睛, *and看您的自已, *you清楚地是visle! * [translate] 
a轻轻松松地解决 With ease solves [translate] 
aWork happily and people delighted 愉快工作和人们欢欣 [translate] 
aallegorical 寓言 [translate] 
a 协助处理大客户投诉,跟踪处理投诉结果,并进行客户满意度调查;  Assists to process the big customer suit, the track processing suit result, and carries on the customer degree of satisfaction investigation; [translate] 
awhen you drop by when you are in town 当您滴下由,当您在镇 [translate] 
aAre love, affection, patience, passion all bad? 所有爱,喜爱,耐心,激情坏? [translate] 
a我饿吗? I hungry? [translate] 
adad skates in a body pad 爸爸冰鞋在身体垫 [translate] 
a核桃派 Walnut faction [translate] 
amy plan for a yrip 我的计划为yrip [translate] 
a对不起 我不在打扰你了 也许我真配不上你 Perhaps was unfair to me not to disturb your me really not to can be joined to you [translate] 
awhen you are down and out, remember to keep your head up ! when you are down and out, remember to keep your head up! [translate]