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Whose are the books on the desk?




Whose are the books on the desk?


Whose are the books on the desk?


Whose are the books on the desk?
adraft class 草稿类 [translate] 
a生态旅游景区 Eco-tourism scenic area [translate] 
a我们不允许在这儿吸烟,换句话说。你不准在这里抽烟 We do not permit in here smoking, in other words.You do not permit in here to smoke [translate] 
aBryant 布耐恩特 [translate] 
a通常用于就地显示的仪表、按钮(包括ESD按钮)、指示灯等均应集中安装在现场操作盘上。 Usually uses in the measuring appliance, the button which demonstrated (including the ESD button), the indicating lamp and so on should concentrate installs on the scene control panel. [translate] 
awe apologize for the 我们为道歉 [translate] 
adepartment of chinese philology and translation 中国文字学和翻译的部门 [translate] 
aBlessed be my grandpa come on alright 保佑是我的祖父行进展 [translate] 
a总重量 総重量 [translate] 
ain hotel in London not nice really noisy and dirty 在旅馆里在伦敦不好真正地喧闹和肮脏 [translate] 
a将试件置于冲击机支架处 Puts in the attack plane support place the test sample [translate] 
aname will only be usdd when notifying iphone and windows phone contacts other smartphones will ignore this setting 名字只将是usdd,当通知iphone时,并且窗口给其他smartphones将忽略这个设置的联络打电话 [translate] 
a要提高我们的英语水平,关键是多读、多写、多听、多说。此外,尽可能多背熟一些好文章也十分重要。如果你脑子里没有储存大量好的英语文章,你就不能用英语自由地表达自己的思想。一边学一边总结经验也很有帮助,因为这样做,我们就能搞明白哪种学习方法是更有效的,能够产生最理想的效果。只要我们坚持努力学习,到时候我们就会完成掌握英语的任务。 Must raise our English proficiency, the key is reads, writes, listens, to say.In addition, knows by heart some good articles extremely to be also important [translate] 
a持续不断的 Continues unceasingly [translate] 
a详尽准确的系统信息检测 Exhaustive accurate system information examination [translate] 
aKui KO 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe better it is 越好的它是 [translate] 
aGina is my good friend. Gina是我的好朋友。 [translate] 
a那么我也和你一起去 Then I also and you go together [translate] 
a•The card expiration date you entered is past its expiration date •您进入的信用卡到期日是通过它的有效期 [translate] 
a左岸 Left bank [translate] 
a我会带你一起游览市区 I can lead you to tour together the urban district [translate] 
aThe first part of the 20th century 20世纪的第一个部分 [translate] 
amaster degree 硕士学位 [translate] 
a都在干嘛啊 All is doing [translate] 
a3 of you live with your father-in-law, right? 3您与您的公公,权利居住? [translate] 
aBorja González Borja González [translate] 
a发短信是最好的交流方式,因为在所有的交流方式里,它的费用是最低的,而且快捷方便。打电话也是人们最常用的交流方式之一,它们拉近了人与人之的距离,使得信息传递速度大为提高。 Sends the short note is the best exchange way, because in all exchange way, its expense is lowest, moreover quickly convenient.Telephones also is one of people most commonly used exchange ways, they have pulled closer the human and the human the distance, causes the information transmission speed is [translate] 
a人们的身体素质正在下降 People's physical quality is dropping [translate] 
a让员工全面了解顾客满意度与忠诚度的重要性, Let the staff understand the customer degree of satisfaction and the loyalty importance comprehensively, [translate] 
a巨伤 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你爸爸长的什么样 Your daddy's long any type [translate] 
aكانغ شين يي كانغشينيي [translate] 
a诽谤 Slander [translate] 
aSmall virtuous 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBT was mailing one million pieces a week, with considerable personalization BT邮寄一百万个片断每星期,以可观的个人化 [translate] 
aInspection standards for repaired or re-beveled pipe 检查标准为被修理的或再成斜面的管子 [translate] 
a这个母亲正看护着她熟睡的孩子 This mother is nursing the child who she sleeps soundly [translate] 
a也许是该断的时候了 Perhaps is the time which should break [translate] 
a你可以用许多方式解决这个问题 You may use many ways to solve this problem [translate] 
a设计连续回交定向转育方案 The design continual backcross direction detection extension nurtures the plan [translate] 
a我最大希望就是你能考个好大学,好好学习,开心度过每一天。 My most high hope is you can gain admission to a good university, studies well, passed happy every one day. [translate] 
a一年有四个季节,它们是春夏秋冬 A year has four seasons, they are the spring, summer, fall, and winter
a我们就这些方案与市议会发生了争执 We have had the dispute on these plans and the town council [translate] 
a电子设计大赛三等奖 Electronic design big game third prize [translate] 
adoes it matter if can't finish the job on time 如果不能完成工作准时,它事关 [translate] 
athe Products shall be at [customer]’s risk whilst in LF Logistics’ possession or control except as described in Sections 10.2 and 10.3. [customer] agrees to carry appropriate insurance in respect of such risk. 产品在[顾客)’ s风险,在LF后勤学’财产或控制除了如所描述在部分10.2和10.3。 [顾客)同意关于这样风险运载适当的保险。 [translate] 
aPLEASE NOTE: Properties will be charged for transactions that have been submitted on previous VCS sheets. I.e. if the same VCS form is submitted twice, each transaction on the form will be charged twice. PLEASE NOTE: Properties will be charged for transactions that have been submitted on previous VCS sheets. I.e. if the same VCS form is submitted twice, each transaction on the form will be charged twice. [translate] 
aBrief Introduction of Harbin No.2 vocational middle school,Heilongjiang province,P.R.C. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awe need urgent to dispose 15K pcca on hold due to cg issue production still screen the parts 我们在举行需要迫切配置15K pcca由于cg问题生产仍然筛选零件 [translate] 
a负责总部和分公司之间日常信息传送 Is responsible for between the headquarters and the subsidiary company the daily information transmission [translate] 
a我听说本周四有一场篮球比赛 I heard this Thursday has a basketball game [translate] 
awe hereby certify that the above mentioned goods are of chinese origin 我们特此证明上述的物品是中国起源 [translate] 
a糖醋菠萝肉 Sweet and sour pineapple meat [translate] 
aPersuasive 令人信服 [translate] 
aPerhaps is the time which should break 或许是应该打破的时间 [translate] 
aWhose are the books on the desk? Whose are the books on the desk? [translate]