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I suggested that he help her, but his expression that he did not want.




I suggested that he help her, but his expression suggests that he didn't want to.


I suggest that he helped her, but his facial expression indicates that he is not willing to do the same.


I suggested he helps her, but his expression indicated he does not want.
a"Actually, I enjoy everything about what I do. I suppose if I had to give something up, it would be..." “实际上,我享用一切关于什么我。 我假设我是否必须放弃某事,它会是… “ [translate] 
a孤独寂寞圣诞节 [translate] 
athe two farm workers became stars after siging the song at dinner with friends in a late August evening.A friend recorded their singing on a cellphone and put it on the Intennet. 二名农厂工人在siging歌曲以后在一个八月下旬晚上成为了星在晚餐与朋友。朋友在Intennet记录了他们唱歌在cellphone并且投入了它。 [translate] 
a你英语很好吗,但是缺少个“S”? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们也许很穷,但是我们不是要饭的。 We very are perhaps poor, but we are not beg for food. [translate] 
a薄荷 Peppermint [translate] 
amay I have an appointment with the headmaster 愿我有一个任命与校长 [translate] 
a联合国今天早上通过决议,世界各国同意放弃争斗,一起阻止世界末日的到来。以中华人民共和国,法兰西共和国,俄罗斯联邦,大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国及美利坚合众国为代表的197个国家全部签署了该协议。世界人民空前团结。 The United Nations this morning through the resolution, the various countries agreement giving up battle, together prevents the judgment day the arrival.Take the People's Republic of China, the Republic of France, the Russian federation, Great Britain and the Ireland united kingdom and the United St [translate] 
a宝贝,我一定不会舍弃你不会离开你的一定会好好对你的 The treasure, I cannot certainly discard you not to be able to leave you certainly to be able well to you
a如此丶单纯 Dot is so pure [translate] 
a我们要一直用英文讲话吗 We must use English to speak continuously [translate] 
a一个工作流程需两次脚踏完成。即工作开始一次,取管一次。 A work flow needs two foot pedals to complete.Namely the work starts one time, takes tube one time. [translate] 
a#gta_sa.set=gta_sa.set [translate] 
aif i go crazy will you still call me 如果我变疯狂意志仍然您告诉我 [translate] 
aextensively 广泛地 [translate] 
ait is 35 yuan 它是35元 [translate] 
aSome see tourism as a major force for economic improvement 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a带你走 Leads you to walk [translate] 
a我好像不认识你? I probably do not know you? [translate] 
aI can't forget you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAre there repair blocks available or a lead conditioner in use for repairing 'real' Coplanarity rejects? Score 0 if parts not repaired. 有没有修理阻拦可利用或主角调节剂在使用中为修理‘真正的’ Coplanarity废弃物? 比分0,如果没被修理的零件。 [translate] 
a为什么总是我? Why always I? [translate] 
aamonre amonre [translate] 
a这位科学家是了好多次,最后成功了 This scientist was many times, finally succeeded [translate] 
a许多像我这样年龄的孩子喜欢玩电脑游戏 许多像我这样年龄的孩子喜欢玩电脑游戏 [translate] 
a图4-3 序贯截尾方案图 Figure 4-3 sequential chopped diagram [translate] 
a昨天晚上直到12点他才回家,他妈妈极度担心 Yesterday evening only then went home until 12 o'clock him, his mother worried extremely [translate] 
a斯诺家居生活馆 Snow lives at home the life hall [translate] 
a他是一部很好看的电影 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aQ17 Q17 [translate] 
a我儿子是一名好学生 My son is a good student [translate] 
aAction:首先,面对自己亟需成长指导,及团队中新人和老人不熟的问题,我积极组织跑步小组,每天晚上10点积极组织家人们出来跑步,期间家人们就成长性问题,心里的困惑,今后的方向进行了多次的沟通,增强了我的自信心,并且我主动教家人们保健操,每天十点四十跑完步的时候,你就会看见一批人在操场上做操,我得认真与不懈得到了跑步小组家人们的认可,他们开始觉得,我是一个靠谱的人! Action: First, urgently must grow the instruction facing oneself, and in the team the new person and the old person not ripe question, I organize to jog positively the group, every evening 10 o'clock organizes the family members to come out positively jogs, the period family members on the expanding [translate] 
aAt waht point do i admit that no matter how much i want it or how hard i try ,it's just not working. At waht point do i admit that no matter how much i want it or how hard i try, it's just not working. [translate] 
a我们再一次停住时,它发现了,也停步不前,我们都觉得这狗太有趣了,把我们当它的主人了吧。 When we again anchor, it has discovered, also does not pause front, we all thought this dog too has been interesting, us works as it master. [translate] 
ac. the cause –fatality rate for this disease islower than women [translate] 
aNo-smoking!because-you-hate-it… 禁烟! 因为你恨它… [translate] 
aIt will be great 它将是伟大的 [translate] 
a爱需要勇气,信心和坚定 Likes needing the courage, the confidence and firm [translate] 
a我们家在上个星期六有了一次厦门之旅 Our family had travel of the Xiamen in Saturday [translate] 
aI need a box of crayons. 我需要一个箱子蜡笔。 [translate] 
a给他椅子怎么样 For him chair how [translate] 
atom的钢笔 tom fountain pen [translate] 
aBecause the citation–cocitation matrix is symmetric,we do not distinguish between the row or column score vector,and we obtain only one score vector (ξ⋅tm ). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPiano accompanist 钢琴伴奏者 [translate] 
ared bend redbend [translate] 
a就在十一年级,可谓是最后的时刻,他找到了一件今生想做的事 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a那段时间村民们经常受到一些不明身份的人的攻击 That period of time villagers receive some unclear statuses frequently human's attack [translate] 
a呵,那又能怎样 How can that [translate] 
a那就没办法了,你上飞机了? That did not have the means, on you airplane? [translate] 
aSorry I'm sorry for TOP Sorry I'm sorry for TOP [translate] 
aMy pencil is under the desk. 我的铅笔在书桌下。 [translate] 
ausercode usercode [translate] 
aCom.Tencent.AudioVideo Com.Tencent.AudioVideo [translate] 
a对学生来说具有环保知识非常重要 it's开头的 Has the environmental protection knowledge extremely important it's opening to the student [translate] 
a你能在星期三顺便到我家来一趟讨论科学报告吗 You can while convenient arrive my home on Wednesday to come a discussion science report [translate] 
aBut i do not know where i can go 但我不知道哪里我可以去 [translate] 
a我建议他帮助她,但他的表情表明他不愿意。 I suggested he helps her, but his expression indicated he does not want. [translate]