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I now, Cook will cook your copy?


I now, Cook will cook your copy?


I now, Cook will cook your copy?


I now cook meals to cook for you?


I cook a meal now must boil your share?
a我真想知道我们何时可以离开这儿。 I really want to know when we can leave here. [translate] 
a希望在2012有一个美满幸福的婚姻,恋爱的终点是幸福的殿堂。 The hope in 2012 has a happy marriage, the love end point is the happy palace. [translate] 
aCould you please tell me when we set out 当我们开始了,可能您请告诉我 [translate] 
athe only constant is change 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aRESISTANT TO 抗性 [translate] 
abook stack 书架 [translate] 
aWhat keeps you up so early in the morning?? 什么保留那么清早您? ? [translate] 
aFrom XXX with gratitude… 从XXX以谢意… [translate] 
aAs one of the famous commercial banks in the world, with branches overseas widely, SMBC is engaged in providing our customers with superior banking products and services by the international view and strategy. Since 1982, the first representative office was established in Beijing, the development in China of SMBC has b [translate] 
awhat rhymes with tease?see if you can figure out what crop rhymes with tease 什麼押韻以戲弄?看見您是否能推測什麼莊稼押韻與戲弄 [translate] 
aTravel sick - Liquid pig testicles 旅行病残-液体猪睾丸 [translate] 
aI was genuinely angry 我真正地恼怒 [translate] 
a校庆 School anniversary [translate] 
a她可能会到哪里去了呢?她也可能正在寻找回家的路,她也可能遇到好心人,被送到警察局 Where has she possibly been able to arrive to go? She also possible to be seeking the road which goes home, she also possibly runs into the person of good intention, is delivered the police station [translate] 
aКакой поток Хан, ты не пропустить нас? 什么流程是khan,您没有让通过我们? [translate] 
asafest 最安全 [translate] 
aIf you select "Our Nameservers" the correct values will be set automatically. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aselect the poperating system you are using or plan to install 选择您使用或计划安装的poperating的系统 [translate] 
a一定的欠缺 Certain being short of [translate] 
aThank you very much for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation for me.l've appreciated you help all the more since i learned how busy you would be at the end of term.i am enclosing a stamped envelope addressed to the graduate school of the university so that you can just drop you letter in mail.i will let you kno 谢谢同意写推荐书对me.l've的赞赏了您更加帮助得,因为我学会了多么繁忙您会是在附寄一个印邮票的信封的term.i上午的结尾被写地址对大学的研究生院,以便您能投下您信件在mail.i将告诉您立即,如果我得到奖学金。 [translate] 
a发生故障 Breaks down [translate] 
acount.How many 计数。多少 [translate] 
awhat bad weather it is! 什么恶劣天气它是! [translate] 
aThe population of big cities the size of the benefits and density benefit, prompting the population of big cities scale to continue expansion, leading to large cities population and the population density with growth, this makes big cities of the population scale benefit and population density benefit further improved. 大城市的人口好处和密度好处的大小,提示大城市标度的人口继续扩展,带领大都市人口和人口密度以成长,这做被改进的大城市人口标度好处和人口密度好处进一步。 这样刺激循环,做连续的扩展大城市。 [translate] 
a痛的感覺證明了愛的深淺. The pain feeling had proven loves depth. [translate] 
a百瑞斯塔之家 Family of the hundred Swiss Si tower [translate] 
ayou have three 您有三 [translate] 
a任何时候 我都相信你 Any time I all believe you [translate] 
a败家 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe is friendly to the buyers and the food in this shop is cheap 他是友好的对买家,并且食物在这家商店是便宜的 [translate] 
a晚上十一点至十二点是最佳的养肝时间 Evening 11 is best raises the liver time to 12 [translate] 
aIsaac Asimov (1920-1992): Russian-born American author and biochemist, widely known for his first-rate works of science fiction for the layperson. He published about 500 volumes. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我爸爸正在考虑找一份新工作 My daddy was considering looks for a new work [translate] 
aHer question is who puts the tomato on my chair and makes my trousers dirty 她的问题是谁在我的椅子上把蕃茄放并且使我的长裤肮脏 [translate] 
a天道酬勤 Sun reward attendance [translate] 
aYou are the most charming rainbow in my life. 您是最迷人的彩虹在我的生活中。 [translate] 
a复印件和正本有同等效力 The copy and the principal edition have the same level potency [translate] 
aexchanging emails 交换电子邮件 [translate] 
a她们一直谈到天黑 They always talk about darkness [translate] 
ain peanut 在花生 [translate] 
a我和我姐姐正在家里唱歌 I and in my elder sister family is singing [translate] 
aStarpoint Starpoint [translate] 
a想说爱你不容易 [translate] 
a操作地区 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a纵使你已不再爱我,我也永远守护你 もはや私を愛しないのに、私はまた永久に保護する [translate] 
a谁能告诉我刘艺和我共同关注的问题是什么? Who can tell me Liu Yi and my together matter of concern is what? [translate] 
a你们知道这是什么吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a电脑软件 Computer software [translate] 
aAlone operation 单独操作 [translate] 
awe crazy are not worth for the certificate 我们疯狂不是价值为证明 [translate] 
a等等,我去拿点糖果来 I take a candy [translate] 
aThere is something different about retail banking in that it oils the wheels of the economy, ensuring that payments are made between employers and workers, customers and shops. Furthermore, the experience of 1930s bank failures persuaded authorities round the world to insure deposits. This is a subsidy to the banks in 有事不同关于零售业因为它上油经济的轮子,保证付款付在雇主之间和工作者、顾客和商店。 此外, 30年代银行倒闭的经验说服当局围绕世界保险储蓄。 这是补贴对%E [translate] 
aIf you thought I would wait for you 如果您认为我会等待您 [translate] 
a通过这个事情 Through this matter [translate] 
awork as an administrative management. 工作作为一个行政管理。 [translate] 
aand walked the rest of the way. 并且走方式的其余。 [translate] 
a我现在煮饭要煮你的份吗? I cook a meal now must boil your share? [translate]